Responding to Citizen Zone Defamation Show


Once again the LARPers on Defango’s channel have been lying through their teeth about me, necessitating a response in self-defense.

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As I have previously pointed out, the way this crew chooses to communicate seems very strange.

Among the lies told this time:

  • that I have an ex-wife. I am happily married to my first wife. For some reason these unmarried people always attack my marriage.
  • that my software was free. We sold it, that’s how we made money.
  • that I suffer from a mental illness. HIPAA violation, false.
  • that I suffer from a physical illness. HIPAA violation, false.

None of this is true. The only “evidence” they offer is a few excerpts from a statement of claim from a 2006 legal case from a woman I briefly dated that was never presented before the Court. They do not even have that document, just tabloid media reports from Rupert Murdoch-owned papers at the height of Murdoch’s News International hacking scandal. There seems to be no reason to discuss this frivolous lawsuit in 2020 other than to smear me with the Plaintiff’s unproven allegations – a tactic we have seen before from this gang. It was always a farcical case from the beginning and I won it a long time ago, I find it amusing that smear merchants determined to sling mud on me seem to think this will do the job like nobody has ever tried it before.

Some recent appearances on Defango’s channel “Citizen Zone” (weekly flagship shows named “Dank Memes Trading Company” and “LARPline”) seem designed to bully and gang-stalk me in relation to legal actions that the show’s characters are getting involved with In Real Life. I’m not sure if the role playing participants have truly thought through what their own involvement is going to look like if the legal actions they are seemingly trying to provoke were actually initiated. Do they think they would somehow not be parties to those matters? Perhaps some of these LARPers are seeking a fast-track to fame…”Notorious Internet Provocateurs”.

Meroz in the #GayOps Gang

Gabe Hoffman’s name has not appeared in a post here since February 2020, when I wrote Tackling The Leopard Misled in response to the doxxing of a Canadian man on the site Tracking the Leopard Meroz, written by quilt lady Jacquelyn Weaver.

In that post I shared Mr Hoffman’s public Tweet that Ms Weaver “found” the full Statement of Claim from his Canadian lawsuit against Zack McQuaid:

I asked Ms Weaver specifically how she obtained this document, which she published without redacting Personally Identifying Information such as Mr McQuaid’s home address. She refused to redact the address even after being informed that Mr McQuaid was in fear for his life as a result of her actions. As of the time of writing 5 months later, she has still not answered – or even allowed my question to be displayed in her comments.

Source: trackingmeroz

This strange situation has now been repeated, with Tracking Meroz publishing Mr Hoffman’s latest legal filing in Palm Beach County Court against Thomas Schoenberger.

The problem with this is that as I write this, July 20th 2020 (which is July 19th in the United States), this document does not show up on the web site of Palm Beach County Court’s electronic case management system:

The Court shows no filings in this case since the Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss was filed on June 13. Yet the document posted by Tracking Meroz is marked as having been filed July 17.

If it doesn’t show up on the eCaseView system until at least July 20, how was she able to download the document on July 17?

I ask the same question as before: how did Jacquelyn Weaver obtain this Court document relating to Mr Hoffman’s litigation?

I asked Thomas Schoenberger if he had sent the document to Ms Weaver and he said no, and also confirmed that he had not been formally served with it.

Legal Jeopardy?

Mr Hoffman’s attorney Dennis Klein of Kelley Kronenberg has been practising law for a while. He appears to have been at the University of Virginia Law School at the same time as former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, graduating in 1981 a couple of years earlier than her (’83).

I note in passing that Janet Napolitano was named as the head of the “Arizona Mafia” by NXIVM whistleblower Frank Parlato and in a Twitter thread by researcher Jenny Moore (aka “Task Force”) a few days before she was found dead on August 13, 2018 (see #govLARP).

Source: Jenny Moore Twitter JEM @SHF7

I have not been named in any of Mr Hoffman’s lawsuits as a Defendant. Why would I be? Despite the frequent claims by Defango & his extended gang of self-described LARPers, I have never knowingly posted anything false about Mr Hoffman. Most of what has been published about him here is his own statements. Last year Mr Hoffman said on the Defango show that his attorneys were now in formal communications with me. This turned out to be false, I have never received any communication from them of any kind. I have interacted directly with Mr Hoffman and his AnOpenSecret previously on Twitter, when they unblocked me to publish more lies about me, then blocked me again when I responded.

Mr Hoffman is welcome to comment here on any of our stories and provide his own evidence contradicting anything he objects to. To date, no such comment has been received.

I have been through this site multiple times looking for any content which could be defamatory against Mr Hoffman, and I’m unable to find anything that goes beyond reasonable and polite discourse about a self-proclaimed public figure – and defending myself from the many false statements this person and his associated large social media accounts have made about me.

Why would Mr Klein advise his client, who is active in at least 4 current defamation cases, to team up with multiple social media platforms to broadcast and embellish his claims, rather than letting the Court resolve them? Why would he advise that it is a good idea for Mr Hoffman to appear twice a week for hours at a time on a channel whose hosts openly state that their purpose is defamation?

Lest I be accused of defamation myself for describing Citizen Zone’s Friday night “Dank Memes Trading Company” as a defamation show, here are hosts Defango and Leppo doing exactly that:

There is no detectable trace of irony here, and indeed much of the content of the shows has been consistent with this description of it.

Latest False Allegations

On the Friday July 17 2020 episode of Dank Memes Trading Company, more than half an hour of the show was dedicated to talking about me. This was because my name and this site is briefly mentioned on Page 17 of Mr Hoffman’s latest court document in his legal pursuit of Thomas Schoenberger in Palm Beach County Court. Mr Hoffman has filed a Motion for Injunctive Relief in response to Mr Schoenberger’s Motion to Dismiss for Lack of Jurisdiction.


The small minor paragraphs mentioning me (and other content creators) in this document seem at odds with such a large amount of time dedicated to publicly smearing myself and my family. It feels like an attempt to pervert the course of justice by intimidating me into co-operating with their lawsuit against Mr Schoenberger.

This latest Plaintiff’s Motion for Injunctive Relief offers 2 clues, buried towards the end on Page 17:

This paragraph refers to two different posts here:

Isaac Kappy Investigation Part 5 – Most High With Eliahi

A858 vs the Cat Ladies Part 2 – Spooky Steven and the Game

Searching the first post for “Hoffman” yields only two hits on the page (the third is another post in the sidebar).

The wording about Mr Hoffman is factually accurate. Mr Hoffman himself said that he was responsible for getting Isaac Kappy’s Twitter account shut down. So how could anyone interpret this as defamatory?

Isaac Kappy’s Dead Man’s Switch

The associated paragraph in the Plaintiff’s Motion references “Isaac Kappy’s Dead Man’s Switch”. Kappy told us directly on video and in writing to his former friends Seth and Clare Green that he had created such a thing:

The claim was also widely publicized in international mainstream media including TMZ.

It is more than plausible that Cicada 3301, a group internationally renowned for containing cryptographic experts good at decoding puzzles, would be able to crack an encrypted file. Thomas Schoenberger is friends with Thomas Pain in the Ass of the Globalists Douglas Gabriel, a former NSA cryptographer and has demonstrated communications with intelligence community members like Robert David Steele and Bijan Kian, General Flynn’s former business partner. So it is also extremely plausible that he has access to such people in his network, even if you share the opinion of a handful of detractors who question the legitimacy of his connection to Cicada 3301.

There appears to have been some kind of confusion (either by accident or design) around the idea that “Z” broke a Keybase file, when in fact “Z” and “X” was the code that lead to this story of Eliahi Priest and Allison Cross.

Source: Thomas Schoenberger twitter account via Wayback Machine

There are a number of characters in this story that the “Z” moniker could be applied to including Zack McQuaid, “Z3301”, and Contact Zero, Eliahi Priest. If you read the actual article about this, it makes sense that it’s Priest, that Kappy could have that information and it could be related to why he spoke ill of Priest before his demise; it also makes sense that X = Cross. Instead military grade LARPers tried to muddy the waters around this really quite significant story, connected to British and Australian intelligence, NATO, the Prime Minister of Australia…into “Titus and Steve said Z3301 cracked a keybase file and he denied it and there was never a keybase file”.

There was some information about Eliahi Priest in this post which came from a source we called Mata Hari. She provided other information that checked out that we have not published. What we did share was published with caveats and redactions and disclaimers, I specifically said:

“All the redactions below have been added by me to preserve peoples’ anonymity. I have no way of knowing if any of this is true so therefore do not endorse [this information] in any way“.

From Isaac Kappy Investigation Part 5 – Most High With Eliahi:

It is difficult to see how this email from Mata Hari could be interpreted to be harmful to Mr Hoffman in any way. He is not even named! This Part 5 of the story is about Eliahi Priest. In the preceding Part 4 of this Kappy investigation, Isaac’s connection to former CIA director John Brennan was discussed; it is unclear whether “GH” refers to his replacement Gina Haspel, or somebody else. Regardless, this person is not accused of any crimes by Mata Hari. Glenn Herman? Kelly Giannini-Harris is someone who met Isaac twice in questionable circumstances and since his death has promoted herself as his best friend. She was married to a criminal biker who did serious time in Broward County, Florida for armed robbery and kidnapping. “Geo Harris” aka “Clownie” is another member of the Famalam with a criminal record who was the supposed keeper of Isaac Kappy’s encrypted files, which is a direct connection to the subject being discussed. There is also another John Brennan around this story (TromaGate) and yet another JB (James Brower, QAnon).

The source of Mata Hari’s information drop was confirmed as legitimate by the actual subject of the information, her ex-lover Eliahi Priest, in the chat of Titus Frost’s show:


Moving on to the second post, Mr Hoffman objects to the word RICO appearing in a Tweet by Mr Schoenberger, feeling that this is specifically directed towards him (despite several others being named in the Tweet).

Source: Twitter

As a show of good faith, and to demonstrate that I bear Mr Hoffman no malice and have no intention of publishing any false information about him, I have now redacted the word RICO from the post – no need to wait for any court determination of if this is a reference to him or defamatory in some way. It seems to be a word that gets thrown around a lot on the Internet but in reality has little to do with civil litigation in Palm Beach County Court. We don’t have it in New Zealand.

This appears to be the complete extent of anything being asked of me from the Plaintiff’s Motion for Injunctive Relief against Defendant Thomas Schoenberger. I have complied regardless of what happens in the case, even if the Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss is granted.

As a further show of good faith, I offer my suggestion that the constant mic problems experienced by Mr Hoffman on Defango’s late night shows may be related to waves crashing into the beach next to his house. Noise travels differently at night than during the day and is affected by the tide and moon phase. Turning automatic volume leveling off may fix the problem.

Defamation Down Under

A large amount of time on the Citizen Zone show was devoted to talking about Defamation law in New Zealand, where I live. There is no indication that Glenn Herman or LadyStephC have law degrees in their own countries, let alone a license to practice law in New Zealand. I at least did a year of Law School here when I was at University, and I have had plenty of legal experience in the 30 years since in this part of the world, the United States and elsewhere.

The statement was made by Glenn and breathily confirmed by alleged Australian StephC that defamation laws are very different in New Zealand to the United States, but the same as Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada. This is not the view of the New Zealand Law Society, but what would they know compared to some LARPers on YouTube?

They also stated that because I am a public figure in my home country (“national treasure” was the term they used at one point) I am definitely more vulnerable to a defamation suit there. This makes no sense. There is no test in defamation in New Zealand about if a person is a public figure, although there is a defense (stated here hypothetically and without prejudice for the purposes of scholarly research) of information in the public interest. The high-profile death of an actor from Thor, Terminator Salvation, Breaking Bad and Vanderpump Rules who had recently visited Australia was big news in New Zealand media. Since then the story has become even more newsworthy with the #MateGate pseudo-scandal starring Eliahi Priest, Isaac Kappy, QAnon and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. During the COVID-19 crisis, New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been widely praised in the international media and there are many Australians asking “why can’t we have her?”…meaning Scott Morrison is particularly topical here right now.

Here is some legal advice about defamation law in New Zealand from an actual barrister and solicitor, a partner of Big Three law firm Bell Gully Buddle Weir which was founded in 1840:

A key point about New Zealand defamation law is that the Plaintiff should produce witnesses who confirm that false statements influenced their professional dealings with the Plaintiff:

Have any Kiwis invested in Accipiter Capital Management, Accipiter Life Sciences Fund Offshore I & II (Cayman Islands), Candens Capital, or the various other commercial entities in Mr Hoffman’s corporate web? Have there been unexpected redemptions in any of the funds since Isaac Kappy died? Will those clients now testify that reading articles or Thomas Schoenberger sock puppet tweets was more important to their investment decisions than the TSLA stock price? That would be fascinating to discover.

Bringing In The Big Guns

This is by no means the first time Defango’s platform has been used to threaten lawsuits against me, although the actual legal basis for any of this is never stated. It’s just a soft smear, suggesting that I somehow broke some law somewhere but never being called to account for their continual failure to produce details, witnesses or evidence.

In this episode they are escalating the attacks to my family by spreading lies about my marriage. In Dave Acton’s recent fascinating interview on The John and Lee Show, right at the end he said that Jason Goodman had widened his defamation attacks against him to include innocent family members, in order to influence him to back off his lawsuit against Goodman in SDNY – the Epstein, Weinstein, Maxwell, Weiner court.

To be fair to Mr Hoffman, it appears to be mostly the other LARPers on the show like Chavez, Herman, StephC or The Tanya (allegedly Tanya Cornwell, wife of former Defango attorney Steven Biss) who are trying to goad him into yet another legal entanglement. They would take delight, Schadenfreude, in watching a fight that would cost both Hoffman and I a great deal of time and money while bringing no benefit to either of us – or society at large.

Of course, these characters openly admit they are on a role playing channel, so it may just be a case of pawns being used to attack without risking the Queen. “Propaganda ghouls” is how these people describe themselves, taking great pleasure in frequent acknowledgement of their “live chat psyop” and “gaslighting” their audience. We’ve already seen a fake fight this year with Defango ending his “love affair” with his “babe”, now brushed off like it never happened. Similar questionable spats have occurred between this crew and Jacquelyn Weaver, Esteban Trujillo de Gutierrez, Brett Trimble, Lestat, Adam Gingrich and Jack Posobiec.

Mr Herman says after I called him a “pedo enabler” (whatever that is), he called me a “cock sucker” and I blocked him. None of this is true, and I challenge Mr Herman to back up his statements with some proof. Here’s some evidence that he’s lying, you can do the search yourself from an account not blocked by him:

The only interaction I can recall with this guy that comes remotely close is this:

You will note that I never even named Mr Herman.

This is the now-deleted post I’m referring to in the thread above as “yep, that cell”.

It’s interesting to look back at this tweet from May 30 2019 and see how most of the people Lestat was tagging there as his MAGAco colleagues and friends at the time seem to have turned on each other.

I’ve made peace with many of the people Lestat named who objected to being associated with Defango’s Disinformation cell. I had good reason behind my opinion that some of the people in Defango’s network at the time of Kappy’s passing were ‘dark occultists”.

Isaac Mappy

A couple weeks back in an episode of “#LARPLINE” on the Defango troll channel, Glenn Herman said that his co-host Gabe Hoffman should sue me for using Isaac Kappy’s “Mossad Media Matrix” map in the story about Defango LARPing that he created QAnon.

There can be no argument that this Media Matrix image is defamatory to Mr Hoffman when he has posted it himself multiple times to his own Twitter timeline and that of his associated account, and even made fun of colleagues/friends for not being included in the map.

Here is Mr Hoffman denying any connections between Jeffrey Epstein and Mossad:

Mr Hoffman never filed any law suits against Isaac Kappy for any of the things he said about him. The problem went away. It seems that Isaac may have had a genuine reason for drawing the map:

Regular readers of this blog might want to consider the proximity of Jason Goodman, George Webb and InfoWars to the names listed above.

Defango described meeting with his Shadow Broker and Mr Hoffman in Florida over a lunch of grouper. At this meeting he claims that Mr Hoffman tried to recruit him for an operation that seems consistent with this Tweet.

Mr Hoffman has admitted to purchasing Mossad t-shirts as a “gag gift” for his friends Manuel Chavez III, Mindy Robinson and Mike Cernovich.

LARPing Into The Corridors of Power

Both Laura Loomer and “Team Mossad” MMA moll Mindy Robinson are running for Congress on the Republican ticket in 2020. Loomer is in Florida’s 21st Congressional District, ie Palm Beach (up against House Minority leader Lois Frankel, D); Mindy Robinson is in Nevada’s 3rd District, ie Las Vegas (against Susie Lee, D).

Will we soon have LARPers elected into Office? Are they America first, or another country first?

Robinson was recently in a bar brawl, which may have been some sort of LARP publicity stunt.

Zionism is not Judaism

The map Glenn & the gang were discussing on Defango’s LARPer show contains more names than those originally drawn by Isaac Kappy:

The point was repeated on the recent “LARPLINE” show that “some of these people aren’t even Jewish”. This is disingenuous, as there are Christian Zionists on the map with Israeli intelligence ties; for example Jack Posobiec, Steve Bannon, Jerome Corsi, George Webb, Larry Klayman.

The important point here is not “who is and isn’t Jewish”. This is about control of the narrative, not race or religion.

The point is foreign interference in our information stream and the infiltration of alt-media and political movements like #MAGA. Some try to expose it, some deny it and attack the exposers.

Guns For Hire

LARPLine co-host Glenn Herman calls himself “a pioneer in the field of computer integration”. I presume he means “systems integration”, a field that has been around since the 1970’s. Mr Herman’s LinkedIn resumé offers few clues to the nature of his “pioneering”. Though it claims “His experience in e-business design and integration spans both pre and post web”, the earliest work history he provides is from 1995 (post web) and he appears to have graduated from college in 1993 – begging the question, just what sort of pioneering integration was he doing in 93 and 94, and for whom? His web site claims that his work for Prodigy between 1995 and 1998 was “pre Web”, which is amusing as the World Wide Web was well underway by that time, while Prodigy was seen as an archaic dinosaur. It was bought by Carlos Slim after IBM and Sears burned through a billion dollars on it.

Mr Herman said on Dank Memes Trading Company that he doesn’t like me, which is perfectly fine – but does suggest an element of malice underpinning his actions. I’ve never met or spoken with the guy, but obviously making frequent appearances on Defango’s channel is in itself a bold statement about somebody’s character.

He stated that while employed with Prodigy in the 1990’s, he used my product HotDog when he was tasked to evaluate free HTML editors. This is another obvious lie, because my software was not free. We were running a business. The standard version was $29.95 and the Professional version started at $99.95.

I’m pretty sure we actually did end up doing an OEM licensing deal with Prodigy, but this was 25 years ago and I can’t show you a record now to confirm that. Prodigy did host a competing product ironically called “Hippie”:

Mr Herman claims to hold security clearances with multiple government agencies. Which makes all the Russian stuff on his Facebook page quite curious…

Source: Facebook

1985 is at the height of the Cold War, years before the Berlin Wall came down and the Westernization reforms of Yeltsin, Gorbachev and Putin made Moscow an easily accessible tourist destination. “Saint Petersburg” was still called Leningrad back then. Suzdal has been called “the world’s most Russian city”.

The late Michael Aquino said that most of the information behind MindWar and the Human Transformation Project (a big driver of both Burning Man and Transhumanism in the SF Bay Area) came from Russia, via the Esalen Institute (aka DARPA’s Occult Base):

Recently on Defango’s show Mr Herman said that he “knew for a fact” that alt-right operative Jack Posobiec was paid by Russia in Bitcoin to disseminate their propaganda. Posobiec did not deny the claim.

On LARPLine Mr Herman stated that his father was a “famous scientist”. The famous New York scientist Robert Herman only had daughters; perhaps it was NASA’s Jay Herman, who appears to have done work related to strategic atmospheric aerosol spraying, aka “chemtrails”.

In between LARPing on Defango’s channel and “IT consulting”, he works as an instructor at “Manhattan’s right wing safe space”, the Westside Rifle and Pistol Range, where Robert de Niro’s character Travis Bickle trained in Taxi Driver.

Taxi Driver - Internet Movie Firearms Database - Guns in Movies ...

Someone publicly bemoaning Obama’s radical homosexual agenda now finds himself as a regular bi-weekly guest on a bi-sexual Latinx’s defamation channel. #GayOps with gay operators…


Thank you for reading this far. A post like this on my personal blog is as much about clarifying my position on the public record to combat disinformation as it is about entertaining and informing the audience. I hope I managed to achieve that too.

I have not mentioned Mr Hoffman here since my responses months ago to lies about me promoted on his various platforms – see Response to Gabe Hoffman/An Open Secret False Allegations (Nov 2019), and An Open Secret Asks Why? Here’s Why (Dec 2019), Tackling the Leopard Misled (Feb 2020). I have never had any intention to defame him and harbor no malice towards him. Nor have I ever received any accusation from him that I have defamed him. We have never received any requests from Mr Hoffman or his attorneys to alter content reported on this site – just demands from behind a Twitter block to “disavow” people. He is welcome to leave a comment here about anything he disagrees with and provide evidence of his own.

As far as I can tell Mr Hoffman’s issue seems to have been about “promoting” (discussing) content from others which he alleges is incorrect or defamatory. I have tried to make some concessions here towards that in good faith, and the ball is now in his court to do the same with respect to the many false, derogatory and defamatory statements about me that remain posted on his social media platforms.

If Mr Hoffman, Mr Herman, Mr Chavez and their associates want to keep joining forces for hours on end to create videos that spread falsehoods about me, I may be forced to create more content in response in order to defend myself – without prejudice and with all rights reserved in all jurisdictions.

Don’t we all have better things to do? There is a global health crisis and economic crisis. People are dying in the hundreds of thousands, in many places the plague is continuing to get worse.

Imagine if all this energy put into LARPing and lawsuits could instead be put into peace and prosperity and health and happiness! For those who are suffering and less fortunate than us, as well as for ourselves and our loved ones.


Strange Connections Between Bill Gates, Jeffrey Epstein, Jason Goodman, Isaac Kappy


The Internet recently marked the one-year anniversary of Isaac Kappy’s mysterious death. See Part 1 2 3 4 5 6 and why I had to walk away.

I have indeed walked away from this investigation. During the global COVID Lockdown I’ve been working on something else which I can’t wait to tell you guys about. It’s nearly ready and is going to take up quite a bit of my time for the foreseeable future. People all around the world need help, this crisis is far from over. It is an attack on our health system, our economic system, our food and medicine supply, our civil society, our morale, our culture, our relationships.

I plan to continue with my hobbies, of which this blog is one and my YouTube channel Crypto Beast another. I will add to them when I can. Both are about sharing my historical research; follow me on Twitter @steveouttrim to see things I’m looking at closer to real time.

Sometimes things are going on upon the world’s stage that are just so obviously staged that one can’t help but think about it, look into it, and share one’s opinions about it. This is one of those times. So I took a brief break from my other project to share my thoughts on the latest developments.

Social Engineering on the Electronic Frontier

I’ve been studying social engineering on the Electronic Frontier for more than half my life. When I say studying I’m talking about from the front lines, not some 6-pack armchair observer vlogging from a village.

The LARPWars I have been writing about for years now (see LARPWars Parts 1 2 3 4 5 6) are heating up as we get closer to the election…as I predicted last year. [See my recent post Q Part 4 – #MuhDiscord Reveal – LARPers Gonna LARP]

The networks that we’ve been digging into since 2016 are now operating less covertly. Information operations are casting off any pretense to be something else and going full tilt on narrative shaping. Conspiracy theory is being weaponized, as simultaneously the evidence of a massive and unprecedented actual political conspiracy is being revealed by a reluctant mainstream media – dragged there kicking and screaming by events too big to ignore.

When will there be indictments? “The first indict [unseal] will trigger mass pop awakening. First arrest will verify action and confirm future direction“, said Q. I would argue that Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest on July 4 2019 fits that criteria…but Q posted that in December 2019.

As a supporter of the Pro-Trump #QAnon Information Warfare operation (aka psyop) from the beginning, I can see why it is needed now more than ever. Trump effectively used Twitter to bypass the “Mighty Wurlitzer” spin machine that is MockingBird media. Now Twitter and Facebook are trying to censor and “fact-check” the President and anyone who supports him.

#QAnon has come under unprecedented MainStream Media attack, just like #PizzaGate. We see the same players involved in both attacks. We’ve seen the various waves of infiltration with this peaceful movement which encourages people to do their own research, and how it turned ugly with “#QSlayers” and their talk of patsies and bounties, gun murders in New York…et cetera.

This story will cover all of that and more. I’m going to talk about:

  • my history with Bill Gates
  • Jason Goodman’s “viral vaccine video” with Alan Dershowitz
  • InfoWars

.Me and Bill Gates

I’m suspicious of Bill Gates’ role in the current global crisis, which miraculously was breaking out at the exact same time his foundation was running a simulation about #coronavirus at Johns Hopkins University. My suspicions stem from my own research, which you can follow at this Twitter thread…

…but also from my own direct experiences competing against him as rival tech CEOs when the Internet was launched in the Nineties. He was Goliath to our David, but we were able to succeed despite his efforts to crush us. I will share some of those stories here, before we get into the latest developments and strange connections behind the scenes of the alt-media.

Gates of Hell

As a kid growing up in the era of personal computers, I used to idolize Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Two young guys who dropped out of the system and became millionaires in their twenties – footsteps I aspired to follow in.

I used Microsoft’s Visual Basic to write the first couple of versions of my web authoring tool HotDog, which made that dream come true for me.

I taught myself to program using the GW-BASIC language. I always thought of it as “Gates, William”; the guy that actually wrote it was called “Greg Whitten” but even he’s not sure if Gates named it after himself.

You can hear me in this 1996 video speaking about competing directly against Microsoft. Ours was the superior product…

Our users could tolerate a few bugs in the first versions of our software because we were very responsive to our customers. Our lean development model meant that we could use the Internet to get minor improvements out very quickly. These days it’s called “agile” development, but that didn’t come until much later; back then we were making it up as we went. Necessity is the mother of invention. We take for granted now that a new update to Zoom can be available every time we use it, we just click and it upgrades and restarts without having to leave the app. None of this existed back then, we had to create it ourselves from scratch. I built the App Store twelve years before Steve Jobs did, in-app purchases we called “snaglets”.

In 1995 I was part of the Microsoft Developer Program, which included Beta versions of their new Windows 95 Operating System. Every time they fixed some bugs and had a new version, they burned multiple CD-ROMs and FedExed them out to 35,000 developers around the world. Sometimes I would get more than one package a day from them. By the time you’d installed it, another one would arrive. They ended up shipping Windows 95 with 36,000+ known bugs. They eclipsed this record when they shipped Windows 2000 with 63,000+ bugs. They were still fixing bugs in DOS in 2014 and 2018.

We had to switch to another language (Borland Delphi) as Microsoft’s software was too buggy and our product was immensely popular, a smash hit. When our product failed due to their bugs, our users would blame us.

When I announced this switch in the IT section of the local media, Microsoft’s head of developer relations for the region called me up to threaten me personally, mafia style: “you know we can make it very difficult for you in the United States”. He wanted me to retract and withdraw my statements to the press, re-write the code for the new release, and offered no upside in return. Only bullying. I remember thinking at the time that it was like the mafia except even they offer you “plata o plomo”, you can choose silver if you don’t want the lead.

I don’t like bullies, even if it’s Bill Gates. I told them to fuck off and hung up. In less than a week a pending deal with a Top 5 Internet Service Provider in the U.S. was suddenly canceled, out of the blue at a final stage and with no reason given. The deal was so crucial to the year-end results of our publicly traded company that this was very nearly a death blow to a tiny Australian startup with 100 people. As software developers who used their tools to create the #3 most popular program on the Internet, you’d think Microsoft would want to promote us as an example in their “developer relations”, not threaten and try to destroy us.

Fortunately I was able to salvage the deal, stick to the code that worked, and compete like Hell against Hell itself: directly with Microsoft. Their product was given away for free with Microsoft Office, which was a bundle where you got Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Access and a bunch of other stuff – including Front Page, their web authoring tool they bought from Vermeer for $130 million.

We were told in 1999 at an Internet conference by Front Page’s product manager that we were the #2 in the web-authoring market after them. Our software was only free for 30 days, then you had to pay. $29.95 for the consumer version, the Professional one was $99.95 and we kept nudging that up as we added more features. Theirs was given away free in the most popular business product of all time. To get to that #2 spot we had to beat everybody else, which included some of the biggest companies of the time like IBM, Symantec (Norton), Adobe, Netscape. We couldn’t even afford to buy the market data, which Microsoft probably spent hundreds of thousands on. We took their word for it but wondered how many of their “users” actually used the product.

I was at Microsoft’s headquarters in 1995. Their sprawling campus is in Redmond, Washington, just outside of Seattle. While there I met a special forces/military intelligence guy who sold a video platform to them for $400 million. He was pretty cool but he complained about having to work there as an employee in a cubicle for 2 years as part of the acquisition as “incarceration”. A few of the guys who worked for me went on to work for Microsoft, and I believe the culture today is a long time past the Gates/Ballmer era, a different beast. At least, I thought that until they released a new ad with Marina Abramovic on Good Friday 2020 and images surfaced of Gates’ wife wearing an upside-down cross.

Twitter research thread on Marina Abramovic’s objections to being called a “Satanist” here:

I’ve never been invited to Bill Gates’s house, the world’s original smart home, but I’ve spoken to a few people who’ve been there. One reported the disconcerting feeling of dining in a room where the walls were ultra hi-definition views of a Brazilian rainforest…then the next minute it would change and you’d be in the middle of Times Square. This doesn’t sound so remarkable in 2020, there are probably nightclubs and amusement parks you can go to for experiences like this; but back in the 90’s there was nothing like this in the world.

My own smart home, built after my first retirement in 2000, was a tenth the size, and probably a thousandth the budget. We sure had some fun there, and the technology we created is still ahead of its time.

A recent thread reminiscing on some aspects of that journey:

In December 1995 I had traveled from Melbourne (Australia) to Redmond WA for a developer conference which turned out to be quite a famous moment in Microsoft’s history. Gates had pooh-poohed the Internet, saying it would never amount to much. At this conference he announced Microsoft would employ their “embrace and extend” strategy (likened to the Borg from Star Trek) to the Internet. It came out in their anti-trust trial that Gates had actually sent a memo about the “Internet Tidal Wave” to senior execs on May 26 1995; the December developer conference was their public announcement.

A strategy “pivot” is something common for Silicon Valley struggling start-ups to do; but in 1995 Microsoft was a company at its peak, a Behemoth. Their launch of “Windows 95” featured $12 million paid to the Rolling Stones to use the song “Start Me Up!” to promote the START button – ironically (perhaps Satanically?) the part of the interface you had to click if you wanted to actually STOP the computer. Microsoft and their partners spent more than $500 million on advertising, more than had ever been spent to launch a product of any type in history.

Pivoting for a company this size was unprecedented, but over the course of less than a year Microsoft went from “the Internet is meaningless” to “the Internet is everything”. We were competing with their flagship Internet product. They ended up bundling “Spyglass”, the browser technology behind everything on the DARPA weapon called the Internet, with the Windows operating system. They were ordered to break their “Internet Explorer” apart as a separate app in an Antitrust suit they supposedly lost. Unlike other companies prosecuted in bygone eras for Antitrust, Microsoft did not have to actually break its business up to avoid exploiting their monopoly. Instead, they were allowed to protect their monopoly.

I experienced this abuse of power first-hand. They put code into Internet Explorer – and therefore into Windows itself – that warned people against installing our software. It said something along the lines of “WARNING! Malicious code has been detected in this software which may cause your system to be corrupted and you may lose all your data. Would you like to continue? OK/Cancel” . The initial reaction of most people to seeing a message like this when installing something they’d just downloaded from the Internet for free would be “Cancel”. Who wants malicious code or to risk losing all their data? We were able to prove that we were being unfairly targeted by this: if we changed the file name from hotdog.exe to blank.exe, there was no error message. This means there was not any detection of “malicious” code going on; they were detecting the name of our product, which according to Microsoft was their biggest competitor.

The Stuxnet virus has been revealed as a cyber-weapon developed by a foreign country and the US military under the code name OLYMPIC GAMES. It used 4 “zero-day” exploits in Microsoft’s Windows Operating System – suggesting that holes get deliberately put in the OS for military weapons to later exploit. This is not the only example of this, nor are Microsoft the only big tech company working hand in glove with military/intelligence.

Around 2000 I was asked to be the keynote speaker at a conference in New Zealand. The conference organizer told me they’d spoken to Gates and specifically asked him about me. Straight away he said “oh yeah, the HotDog guy”. So he knew who I was, but I’ve never met him. I did meet Yahoo! founder Jerry Yang and SUN founder Scott McNealy, both of whom were super-cool. I never met Jobs or Woz but I met Mike Markkula, Apple’s first investor and CEO. He invited me into his smart home, which was impressive and lovely. I also met Richard Branson and Donald Trump. All these people were polite, gracious, interesting, charming, positive. I was always thrilled that anyone like this would even give me the time of day, let alone chat with me for a long time. Hollywood celebrities can be stuck-up assholes, some of them are really cool and down to earth; but it has been consistent in my life that entrepreneurs want to help other entrepreneurs.

My view of Bill Gates is that he is a ruthless competitor, prepared to fight dirty and with no hesitation to crush and destroy those weaker than himself. But he can be beaten. If I could do it when I was in my twenties and just starting out, We The People with the full power of #truth can definitely do it now.

Fingerprints and Ghosts

I bring this all up to say that my life on the front lines of the Internet is well established. It’s historical fact, you can look it up. Public companies making announcements to stock markets, journalists doing in-person interviews with me, speeches to thousands of people, lectures at Universities, TV and radio appearances, newspaper front pages, even tabloid gossip. A life leaves fingerprints.

Jason Goodman’s career in Hollywood since the early 90’s is much more mysterious. See Insane in the Ukraine Part 3 – Sheep Dipping the Truther? 20 years in Hollywood before his first IMDB entry…doing what?

Goodman’s recent “viral vaccine video” with Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyer Alan Dershowitz, promoted heavily by Alex Jones, raises more questions than it answers. Is Bill Gates the mastermind behind Jeffrey Epstein? To me, this question is an enormous red herring, a logical fallacy, a disinformation distraction.

The specter of mandatory vaccinations fired up the alt-right, just in time for “white AntiFa” to set cities on fire.

“I Have Become Something of a Public Figure Myself”

Despite all the cross-platform media attention – even Fox News – for over 2 weeks, Jason’s original clip only has around 50,000 views as I write this.

Dersh felt “ambushed”, a “victim” of “anti-Semitic anti-vaxxers”:

After the interview, Jason sent Dersh a groveling email then followed up with a phone call.

When Dersh was rude to Goodman on the call and hung up, he was suddenly magically transformed into one of the dreaded “social engineers” that we hear so much about on Jason’s channel – and “a liar, a coward” to boot!

Jason whines that Dershowitz did not actually name him in Del Bigtree’s interview, then he says accusingly “you told Del that his questions were thoughtful, that implies mine were not”. Dersh hung up on him, punctuating that point – thus clearly implying that he thought Jason’s questions were not thoughtful. Jason then says that he is going to argue with Alan Dershowitz about vaccines before the Supreme Court.

Dershowitz did a follow-up interview with Minister’s son Del Bigtree, producer of the excellent movie Vaxxed. Del then went on Jason’s show to discuss it.

Del Bigtree’s Dad is another colorful character. Source: Unity of Boulder

Alex Jones, Alan Dershowitz, Jason Goodman

The Dersh/J.Go interview was propelled to virality through a few social media accounts and Alex Jones’ InfoWars platform. Jason did not actually promote it much on his own channel, in fact the InfoWars interviews are not available there.

When he spoke to Jason Goodman, Alex Jones revealed about Epstein/Dershowitz “I’m told to ‘leave this alone’ so I do”. This confirms what has previously been said about Alex, that he is part of a bigger operation and not necessarily calling all the shots about who is on his show and what narratives get promoted on his platform. He can usually spin any guest back into his overarching narratives and be the dominating force in any interview, which gives the illusion of control. Alex Jones definitely deserves credit for building the machine from his cable access TV days to the juggernaut it is now, able to get Presidents elected…but it seems to have taken on a life of its own, bigger now than any one person.

I can’t emphasize enough how important this clip is. “I am just a small part of something much bigger than myself”. Steve Pieczenik had been on InfoWars many times since 9/11, an event that contained elements seemingly based on one of the books he co-wrote with Tom Clancy. He never showed his face…until 2016. The story he tells in this video is the narrative of #QAnon also. He specifically mentions Weiner, Epstein and the Lolita Express – which ended up being where Jeffrey was arrested.

Jason Goodman and George Webb named their Port of Charleston LARP “Clear and Present Danger” after a Clancy/Pieczenik novel. It contained elements that Jerome Corsi had written about in his 2005 book “Atomic Iran” and narratives relating to South Carolina that Lindsay Graham had previously promoted on the Alex Jones show.

The impression I got was that Alex had to have Jason Goodman on his show to talk about topics that Jones had previously been told to stay away from. It seems like it was all part of the mission, and Alex is a loyal officer in the Info War. That’s an observation, not a criticism.

Why was Jason chosen to deliver this message from Dershowitz? The 81-year old Harvard Professor Emeritus charges a lot of money for his time, defending clients like Donald Trump, Julian Assange and Harvey Weinstein…so why give Jason so much of it?

Is Goodman being groomed as the new “go to guy” for Deep State scandals? A smooth fixer who can be relied on to muddy the waters, divert the narrative in directions away from the core? He talked about Dershowitz as “obsolete”, scoffing at his understanding of the law. Dershowitz has been a Harvard Law professor since he was 28, the youngest ever in that field. I’m no Dersh fan, but let’s look at this objectively. Is there anyone else who even questions his understanding of the law – let alone claiming their own to be superior despite no law degree, having experience only as the Defendant in multiple cases?

Alex Jones has clashed horns with Alan Dershowitz before. Arguably Alex’s greatest ever moment of Discordian culture jamming was his live interview on CNN with Piers Morgan – a previous winner of The Apprentice who recently dropped off the list of 47 people President Trump follows on Twitter. Alex went on a rant about the second amendment and gun control that went viral, he made himself look foolish knowing that the system wanted to promote that narrative and therefore would propel it.

For Alex this was a win – he promoted his brand globally and picked up many new followers. Dershowitz used it as an opportunity to attack Jones.

MEGA Omissions

Alex pushed Jason pretty hard to “put a finger on who runs all this”. Jason didn’t bite with anything specific, saying “it’s a James Bond style criminal organization” then listing Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos and George Soros with their combined net worth of $400 billion as the masterminds.

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were spying on behalf of Bill Gates? Really? That’s your theory, Jason and Alex?

There was one name conspicuous by its absence in all Jason’s recent Dersh/Epstein related exposure: the MEGA Group. How could any legitimate researcher into the Epstein case not bring this up even once when discussing the matter for hours? MEGA is connective tissue between Epstein, NXIVM and Pizzagate.

Genesis of an Info War Attack

The Phoenix Enigma and Sheriff Joe

A few weeks ago the researchers at connected some dots between frequent Jason Goodman guest Larry Klayman and Arizona’s infamous “Sheriff Joe” relating to failure to investigate cases of child abuse.

On the recent “Isaac Kappy Tribute” stream people wondered about the investigation The Phoenix Enigma had claimed he would be taking to the appropriate authorities. He specifically said his intention was to take whatever his findings were to Sheriff Joe.

Their stream of disinformation, starring self-admitted criminals and witches, was disrupted when Pirate Admiral Titus Frost started spitting truth in the chat:

This happened on Monday, May 13, 2020 – the one year anniversary of Isaac Kappy’s death.

On May 16, just a few days after Titus’s chat comments and Tweet calling out Dershowitz’ ties to Cernovich and Kappy’s Matrix – Alan Dershowitz is on Jason Goodman’s show for almost 45 minutes, the story is blown up all over InfoWars, then Jason is given two long guest slots and promoted as a “new regular guest”.

[Updated version. Names in red not added by Isaac Kappy]

Jason Goodman became very upset that a video clip from his interview with Dersh was shared by Lift the Veil and Infowars without showing his “tipping the scales of justice” logo. InfoWars seems to have played the clip from Nathan’s tweet, not Jason’s YouTube video.

I find it interesting that Jason seems to be promoting a hashtag I haven’t seen before, “#DeadEp”. This campaign would seem to be designed to subtly reinforce the message that Epstein actually is dead, even though the one set of photos we have seen by Larry Celona at the New York Post have been challenged publicly and vocally by, you guessed it, one angry little New Yorker named Jason Goodman.

Dershowitz’s controversial claim on Crowdsource The Truth that the Constitution empowered the government to perform mandatory vaccinations triggered Alex Jones, who tells us that he fires projectiles of truth and compared Dershowitz and Bill Gates to Hitler:

Jason’s Dersh interview even made it to Fox News’ flagship show Tucker Carlson Tonight. They too wanted to distance the controversial content created by Dersh from the controversy-ridden platform he chose to provide it on.

Jason was then rewarded with a 30-minute spot on the Alex Jones channel, on David Knight’s show:

Epstein was funding COVID research? And Epstein was connected to Bill Gates…therefore we can blame Epstein for the #Plandemic? This sounds like another lame attempt to spin the narrative away from the MEGA Group and the nation they support. I’m not buying it.

The Big Kahuna for J.Go

Alex followed David’s interview up with almost an hour of air time for “Jason Goldman” on the main show.

Alex Jones praised Jason Goodman effusively, saying “Where has he been all my life?” and “You judge a tree by its fruits, you have done amazing work.” Alex told us he wants to have Jason back on as a regular guest. Is that because he recognizes him as an operative…or because he doesn’t?

The segment starts at 1:34:27 below and runs to around 2:16:00. Alex Jones gave about as much airtime to “Jason Goldman” on his channel as Goodman did to Dersh on his.

Jason Goodman falsely stated on this show that Robert Maxwell and Rupert Murdoch were friends. They were in fact bitter enemies, their rivalry has been well documented. Once again we see that Jason’s process of “crowdsourcing truth” doesn’t include even a simple Google search…or, deliberate disinformation is being disseminated in the direction of specific targets.

Goodman also stated that he didn’t believe Epstein was actually dead, which makes his promotion of the #DeadEp hashtag even stranger. If you want your own hashtag to respond to the immensely popular #EpsteinDidntKillHimself, why not #EpsteinsNotDead? #DeadEp seems to lead people in the complete opposite direction of what Jason himself believes…so, why?

Full-Spectrum Information Warfare

InfoWar is all about propaganda. “There’s a war on for your mind” references Michael Aquino’s MindWar.

Growing up in a military family, I always had an interest in warfare and strategy. This intersected with computers around the area of information warfare. In my business career I have applied tactics of irregular warfare to building brands and communities online. “Guerilla marketing” is a more common term to describe this, but in fact guerilla tactics are not the only tactics of asymmetrical info-war. “Full spectrum dominance” is the doctrine of modern warfare.

See Latest Weapon in the InfoWar – Data Maps

I have been an Alex Jones fan since well before the Y2K debacle and I’ve enjoyed watching the evolution of his operation over the decades. When he launched his monthly subscription “” video service in 2004, I was a paying subscriber from day one. I’ve bought the coffee and the supplements and the t-shirts to support the mission.

Alex makes no secret that he is waging information war and culture jamming. I’ve learned a great deal from the guy. Is it State-sponsored propaganda? If so, which State? Or is it the Hydra, the Deep State, the transnational Secret Societies that pull the strings of the puppet politicians?

We dug into this in CryptoBeast #14, with the incomparable David Livingstone:

…and further digging into the “alt-right” in Q Part II – Alexsandr Qgin and the Qouncil for National Policy and CFR vs CNP.

Also see Matthew North and Adam Green’s investigation:

and Josh Reeves’ excellent The Spellcasters (well worth purchasing):

Wizard Powers

Bill Gates calls himself a “minor wizard”. His associations with Epstein create a double meaning there that is quite disturbing. See New York Times Bill Gates Met With Epstein Many Times, Despite His Past

Owen Benjamin talks a lot about his training in the Ancient Art of Wizardry. Alex Jones is most definitely a wizard, one of the most powerful ones in the world. He seems to be a good one, on Team Trump who is the greatest of all wizards…but what team is he really playing for? Epstein is CFR, like the Clintons and Rothschilds; acceptable targets for Jason Goodman to bash on the CNP’s InfoWar weaponized propaganda platform (see CNP v CFR and Q Part 2: Aleksandr Qgin and the Council on National Policy).

NXIVM was an Epstein-like compromise, espionage and child trafficking operation, funded with at least $150 million from the Bronfmans. They had a number of mind control-related patents including one on Determining Luciferian Tendencies.

Alex Jones shared a lawyer with the Bronfmans (MEGA Group, NXIVM), Roger Stone was a lobbyist for NXIVM, Jason Goodman is the only YouTube “journalist” known to have attended a NXIVM seminar.

Alex Jones was pictured with Charlie Sheen and had him on his show after it was known publicly that his ex-wife Denise Richards accused him in court documents of having child pornography on his computer. Sheen was recently accused of abusing Corey Haim.

Jones was busted on-air with kinky porn on his smartphone. For the allegations about Jason Goodman’s proclivities, see documents on the record in multiple of his court cases.

Sheen sounds pretty wasted in this 2011 interview where Alex praises him for being “at the top of his game” and Charlie threatens to “murder violently” which Alex hastily deflects with “in the InfoWar”:

Engineered To Go Viral?

Was this whole Dersh/J/Go/AJ LARP something purely organic? Or was it a carefully planned “active measures” information operation…perhaps a “trial run” to test the idea of forced vaccinations amongst the “Alex Jones YouTube conspiracy theory crowd”?

I’ve often wondered if Alex Jones is used to “soften the public up” for things that the military/intelligence complex has coming down the pike. Things like government drones operating in domestic airspace, posse comitatus being rescinded, the Patriot Act, FEMA camps, National Guard enforcing checkpoints and no-travel zones, metal detectors in sports arenas and shopping malls. As a 20-year+ follower, I can recall many occasions where Alex said “I’m gonna tell you what’s coming, what’s in their plans” and then that did indeed come true a few years later.

Austin Powers

The Institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert Politics, which I consider to be an excellent research site, has done an in-depth look at Alex Jones and his family connections. To be fair to Alex, he has disclosed much of this to his audience himself.

This chart came from the Internet FWIW, it does seem to fit with many of the stories Alex has told about his family over the years.

This 1998 interview Libertarians on TV with 24-year old Alex when he was one of about 20 rising stars of the Austin cable-access TV scene is very interesting. He mentions his little sister being Korean, her name is Marley. The chart above shows Verna Grayce Chao as his cousin. Was adopting Asian children just a regular thing for this family?

Both Alex and David Knight played clips of Jason’s on their show without showing his logo. So did Tucker Carlson – another probable Information Operative, since his Dad ran Voice of America which is the primary State-sponsored propaganda outlet of the US.

Lift the Veil, who cropped the logo out of Jason’s clip first and got more than a quarter million views on his viral tweet, was broadcasting from Austin, Texas – coincidentally the same place as InfoWars, Stratfor and the Army’s 344th Psychological Operations Company and 17th PsyOps battalion.

[As this story is being published, LTV has just left Austin to return to California]

Alex Jones’ intern Molly Maroney was formerly of Stratfor. She has been accused of being a double agent for a certain foreign country.

Back even before my days of the Internet, the Illuminati BBS was launched in Austin in 1986. [See A Brief History of the Illuminati BBS] This was the same time that Burning Man and the Internet were launched [see our Shadow History series]. The Illuminati BBS was owned by Steve Jackson Games, who also produced the infamous Illuminati card game. When the Secret Service raided the Illuminati Bulletin Board System, this became one of the major cases that established John Perry Barlow’s Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Nathan Stolpman aka Lift the Veil has some fans within the InfoWars operation, I suspect that is how Alex got to see the Dersh clip in the first place and why it was shown without Jason’s logo. They just showed him the video from Nathan’s twitter post and Alex or one of his team said “put that on air”.

The questions remain: why was Jason so upset by his logo being removed, when his face was shown? Why did Jason get so much airtime on InfoWars, and why in all this discussion of Epstein and Dershowitz was there no mention of the MEGA Group?

Austin’s 17th PSYOP Battalion psyop tanks
Austin’s InfoWars psyop tank

InfoWars got their armored vehicle just in time for this election’s summer of civil unrest.

in 2006 Alex Jones appeared with Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder, Woody Harrelson and Robert Downey Jr in Austin Film Society founder Richard Linklater’s dystopian sci-fi flick A Scanner Darkly, based on a Philip K Dick story. It’s worth noting that Woody Harrelson’s dad was a CIA hitman from Texas and Winona Ryder’s dad Michael Horowitz is the curator of CIA/FBI operative Timothy Leary’s archive [see my Epstein twitter thread for all the many connections around this].

In this movie Alex’s character drives around town broadcasting from a vehicle with twin mounted loudspeakers. Life imitating art? Or an operation signaling their plans years in advance?

LARP Warriors with Info War Missions

Mandatory vaccinations! As if “rape trees” wasn’t bad enough…now we have “rape needles”!

Alex is outraged, we’re all outraged, but how outraged are we really? “Grab yer guns” level? Or just “how dare They” level? Thanks to this operation #DeadEp launched by Alan Dershowitz on Jason Goodman’s channel and propelled by InfoWars, The Powers That Shouldn’t Be now have some metrics. Can they change the conversation from child trafficking to vaccinations? Can they change the boogeyman from the MEGA Group to Bill Gates and Rupert Murdoch? Can they convince us that irrespective of whether he killed himself, Epstein is dead?

130 children of Jeffrey Epstein have now come forward with lawsuits. This is eerily reminiscent of the story told in Shadow Billionaire, where DHL founder Larry Hillblom lived on a remote island, was a serial pedophile with a predilection for young girls, was involved in logistics with the government, and died mysteriously with more than 40 children pursuing his trusts. Hillblom founded DHL in 1969 as a student at UC Berkeley – where Timothy Leary and the Unabomber Ted kaczynski both were young professors.

The conversations Jason Goodman has been having for this Dershowitz story are mostly about vaccines, which he is now talking about like he thinks he is an expert (as with the law). Nanotechnology, RNA, 5G. Goodman accused “Lift the Veil” of showing clips about vaccines to cover up the bombshell Epstein revelations in his interview, but he never explains what he thinks those were. There’s an occasional mention of Epstein but only in relation to widely known aspects of the story. They’re talking about old stuff, Bill Clinton and Mena, Arkansas – well outside the statute of limitations. Do they really think In-n-Out Burger conspiracy theories are more relevant than Ghislaine Maxwell’s TerraMar Foundation wanting to issue passports?

Does Jason keep bashing In-n-Out Burger because they print Bible verses on their wrappers?

The conversation is conspicuously not about the ongoing operations conducted by the MEGA Group for more than 30 years and most likely continuing today.

Billionaire Bond Villains are Behind Epstein?

At one point in the interview, Alex asks Jason Goodman who he thinks is behind Epstein’s activities. Rather than the MEGA Group, Goodman says it is billionaires LARPing as James Bond villains, specifically naming Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet and George Soros. Jason also names Rupert Murdoch as being connected to Epstein because he owns the New York Post, which for some reason Jason accuses of covering up the Epstein story even though they have written more about it than any other publication.

The connections between Epstein’s pedo ring and the MEGA Group are very real. Look at the superb journalism of Whitney Webb. Why hasn’t she been on Jason’s channel? Why hasn’t Whitney been on InfoWars?

Why did Alex share with us that he wasn’t allowed to talk about Epstein and Dershowitz on his own show – yet Jason Goodman is suddenly given multiple spots and huge airtime to do just that?

Dershowitz flatly denied any knowledge of any intelligence agency connections to Epstein. Goodman doesn’t press him on this, and later on InfoWars he downplays it, saying “5 eyes…it’s all one big group”.

You can read about the mix-ups between tail numbers of Epstein’s aircraft, Dyncorp (a mercenary company frequently linked to child sex trafficking and early stars of George Webb’s “investigation”), and intelligence agencies at Steemit. The Lolita Express flight logs document Epstein’s aircraft landing many times at military bases. This plane was equipped with rear “air stairs” that can be open in flight for special operations paratroopers or disposal of bodies at sea [See When the CIA Proved a Boeing 727 Can Do Airdrops].

The 727-31 aircraft, tag number N908JE, has also been repainted on the outside from it's early silver and black color (pictured). Today it's all white with thin stripes
Image: Daily Mail

Jeffrey Epstein has been linked to Dyncorp human trafficking in Serbia, where Marina Abramovic hails from. He purchased his former pilot Nadia Marcinko from the Balkans from her father when she was 14. “Gulfstream Girl” Nadia had to change her stage name after a lawsuit. She is running an aviation business “Aviloop” out of an apartment owned by Jeffrey Epstein’s brother Mark [See Women With New Identities Run Firms From Epstein-linked Property, the Guardian 2015]

r/Epstein - Do you think we'll ever hear again from Nada Marcinkova aka Nadia Marcinko?

Epstein’s other pilot, Captain “Big Dawg” Larry Visoski , was featured in the Daily Mail, July 2019 along with Jeffrey’s $80 million fleet of aircraft:

Posing with his employer's $80 million fleet of aircraft, this is Jeffrey Epstein's long-time personal pilot Larry Visoski and the man many believe could hold the key to the billionaire's sordid lifestyle
This comes as DailyMailTV can reveal a series of new photos taken of the upgraded interior of the 50-year-old 727 jetliner. Victims have since claimed Epstein had a large bed installed on the jet where guests had group sex with young girls, fulfilling their warped fantasies
Epstein’s luxury aircraft was built in ’69 and got a refit in 2014
The FBI has identified dozens of alleged young abuse victims over the years and one claimed she was abused in 'international airspace on Epstein's private planes'. It's alleged Epstein used the plane to shuttle underage girls between his residences in New York and Palm Beach
The luxury aircraft built in 1969 has been modernized and boasts plush furnishing and recessed lighting in these exclusive shots. Our photos also show a circular shaped lounge filled with beige comfy chairs (pictured)
In a deposition taken during a slew of civil cases against his boss Visoski has admitted that he regularly flew high-profile figures for the mogul, including former President Bill Clinton, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, former Colombian President Andres Pastrana Arango, Clinton, and Hollywood actors Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker
The luxury commercial jet has once again come into prominence following the arrest of Epstein on two charges of child sex trafficking
In one room that looks like an office, an Apple laptop computer and Apple iPad sit on the desk and the room has a red velvet chairs and a sofa
According to FAA records the 727 was registered to JEGE INC, Epstein's Delaware firm, in 2018 and the registration appears active. However, a recent report claimed court filings showed that Epstein sold the aircraft weeks before his July 6 arrest

Epstein also had a $6 million Bell 430 helicopter and a Gulfstream IV – both painted black.

For shorter hops Visoski pilots a sleek jet black Bell 430 executive helicopter - a four-bladed, twin-engined, nine-seat aircraft marketed as a high-speed corporate chopper capable of speeds up to 257km/h. The Bell 430s are sold for around $6million
In the $80 million collection is a jet black Gulfstream IV - a gleaming $3.7 million twinjet private jet. He also poses in front of an impressive blue G550, an uber luxurious business jet that can cost a whopping $60 million new. Pictured: The Gulfstream and G550
Gulfstream IV, Left. According to a deposition by Jeffrey Epstein’s brother Mark, Donald Trump flew on this aircraft once in the 1990s

Images: Daily Mail

Satan’s Legions

Epstein’s own personal logo had a pitchfork made from the letters JE:

From 2005 raid of Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion

…and the brand for his Zorro Ranch in New Mexico had a pitchfork in the tail


The “Temple” on Epstein’s Little St James island had owl and Pan statues, a labyrinth, a sundial with stones, and other occult elements. His Zorro ranch also had a labyrinth:

Source: Twitter
Jeffrey Epstein's Little St. James Island: What We Know

Here’s Ghislaine Maxwell showing off one of the paintings in her house, which is covered with pedo symbols (per FBI wikileaks document):

Source: Twitter

…it’s reminiscent of Marina Abramovic posing with Lord Jacob Rothschild in front of the painting “Satan summoning his legions”

Source: Twitter

Epstein allegedly threatened journalist Vicky Ward – who has been photographed with Ghislaine subsequent to Epstein’s first imprisonment – that he would use a witchdoctor to put a curse on her and her unborn children. Ward has been photographed with Ghislaine Maxwell and Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter disputes her version of events.

The Devil’s Advocate

Out of the blue Jason had what appeared to be a huge fight with Jerome Corsi and his attorney Larry Klayman, two of the biggest voices on his show. Dr Corsi was formerly the InfoWars Washington bureau chief, but had a large falling out with Alex and appears to have betrayed Roger Stone over WikiLeaks.

This couldn’t all be staged, could it? Get everyone fired up about the vaccines, but not looking at where all this stuff is coming from, who’s truly behind it: the MEGA Group. It wasn’t mentioned a single time in any of Jason’s recent interviews, which in itself says everything you need to know about this story.

The timing of Jason’s fight with Corsi sure turned out to be convenient for his big viral break with the Dersh story on InfoWars two weeks later. If he was still publicly close to Dr Corsi (who recruited Jason and George in the Harvard Club) this may have discouraged Alex from picking up the #DeadEp op.

Suddenly Jason is lecturing one of the most prominent attorneys in the United States for more than 50 years about the law? A guy who went to film school for 5 years (allegedly) lecturing a Harvard professor who just successfully defended the President from impeachment? Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyer is on Jason’s show, creating a viral incident to take the tale in a new direction...#SoundsLegit.

Dershowitz has been called “The Devil’s Advocate”.

Image: Barry Blitt, the New Yorker

Did you know that Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein and Julian Assange had the same lawyer? Yes, Alan Dershowitz. Here we have yet another Wikileaks connection.

The Pentagon Papers was exposed as a limited hangout by Fletcher Prouty in his must-read book The Secret Team. Some suspect that WikiLeaks may be the same sort of operation, as they have never exposed anything damaging to a certain small country.

Dersh has defended both Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein. He also defended OJ Simpson, property magnate Leona Helmsley and junk bond king Michael Milken (pardoned by Trump), Claus von Bulow (the Glenn Close/Jeremy Irons movie Reversal of Fortune was adapted from Dersh’s book), rapist Mike Tyson and CIA Torture. He has endorsed Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and denounced President Trump even though he was part of the legal team (without making money) who defended him successfully from impeachment. He is a fierce advocate for a certain small country.

Source: YouTube

SDNY – the Pink Umbrella and the Black Cube

I first heard about the Goodman/Dershowitz story when it was covered at

Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, and Anthony Weiner have all been prosecuted in the Southern District of New York. See also my coverage of NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, linked to NXIVM and the Clintons. Jason Goodman is also the Defendant in a Court Case in the Southern District of New York. By his own admission Goodman has used the Internet to transmit content that would “make Weiner blush”, and he once even lived in the same apartment building as Weiner. Hopefully not the one where a woman was found dead in the garbage chute.

Young Weiner, Barak
Barak leaving Epstein’s $70 million New York townhouse Jan 2016

Thread on Barak and Epstein’s investment in the “Carbyne911″ startup, people tracking and emergency communications:

Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell at Princess Beatrice’s 18th birthday. Epstein is wearing Navy SEAL dress uniform with a SEAL trident, Navy Cross and Silver Star
Source: The Guardian

Masonic Hand Gestures

Alex Jones performing a Masonic hand shake with Danney Williams, alleged son of Bill Clinton. Clinton was De Molay, the elite youth league of Freemasonry which Burning Man founder Larry Harvey’s brother was a part of. Source: Fitzpatrick Informer, Twitter

Epstein’s Crowdsource Connections

Jeffrey Epstein, the sex offender in plain sight | Financial Times

We’ve previously established that Jason Goodman’s accomplice, Abel Danger’s David “Squawkins” Hawkins , claims to be an expert in Artificial Intelligence and said that he was Marvin Minsky’s boss when he worked at Schlumberger. Minsky, who unlike Hawkins actually is recognized by others in the field of Artificial Intelligence as an expert, was funded by Jeffrey Epstein and dedicated one of his books to him. Epstein was behind “Sophia the Robot” and its infant version, “Little Sophia”. Sophia was the first A.I. to be granted Saudi citizenship, and Epstein was found with both Saudi and Austrian passports.

Hawkins also claimed to be friends with the former head of the BBC – wasn’t that the guy who covered up for Jimmy Saville?

Some of Goodman’s early reporting on the Epstein case was questionable:

The recent Jason Goodman show starring Epstein’s attorney Alan Dershowitz was not the first time we’ve seen a pro-Dersh stance from Jason.

In this episode he gave Dersh a platform to speak relatively unchallenged for almost 45 minutes. Dershowitz completely denied any involvement between Epstein and any intelligence agencies.

This is eerily similar to Jason Goodman’s vehement denial that Larry Klayman and Jerome Corsi have ties to a foreign nation’s intelligence services, despite clear statements from both men admitting it.

George Webb has claimed to have attended some of Epstein’s parties, where the catering staff became S & M prostitutes after supper was served; and that he had a room-mate who was part of the compromise operations there.

Jason Goodman rode George Webb’s coat-tails to create his own fame within the alt-media. This culminated in their “Peak LARP” moment in 2017 where they shut down the Port of Charleston from a YouTube Live stream using information that seems to have been “Fed” to them by some sort of FBI program. This news broke first on my YouTube channel and now has been confirmed in legal documents and by the LARP participants themselves.

LARPWars Have Real Casualties

Just a recap on some of the strange deaths around the story of #Pizzagate and politics we’ve been covering for the last few years:

Isaac Kappy (highway accident), Tracy Twyman (hanging), Jen Moore (unknown, covered in bruises), Ian Murdock (hanging/wellness check), Sam Fullerton (police shootout/wellness check), Himmmm from Crazy Days and Nights (unknown), Chris Cline (helicopter crash), Kobe Bryant (helicopter crash), The Standard Hotel management team (helicopter crash)  Andrew Breitbart (heart attack), Joe Hagmann (overdose/murdered), Max Spiers (overdose/poisoned), Seth Rich (gunshot), Shawn Lucas (overdose), Michael Hastings (car explosion), Beranton Wisenant (gunshot), Senator Linda Collins-Smith (gunshot), Bruce and Nancy Schaeffer (shootout/murder-suicide), Monica Peterson (hanging),  Jeffrey Epstein (hanging), Anthony Bourdain (hanging), Kate Spade (hanging), Chris Cornell (hanging), Chester Bennington (hanging), Aaron Swartz (hanging), Robin Williams (hanging), James Dolan (hanging), John Perry Barlow (heart attack; old and sick), Larry Harvey (stroke; old), Jim Channon (heart attack; old), John Jones (jumped in front of train), Michael Ratner (complications from cancer, old), Gavin McFadyen (fast acting cancer, old), Dave McGowan (fast acting cancer), Arjen Kamphuis (kayaking accident, body never found).

This would be unusual if the cast of characters connected to these people were all just a bunch of unemployed YouTubers in their mom’s basement. It would be more normal if there was organized crime, secret societies and intelligence agencies involved in the shaping of narratives on the Internet.

Mobbed Up LARPers?

In Alex Jones’ recent interview with Jason Goodman, Jones refers to Dershowitz as “mobbed up”. Does the mob employ YouTube LARPers now?

Someone is organizing and directing these LARPers. Is it the US government? FBI COINTELPRO? JTTF? Foreign powers? Religious groups?The open allegiance many alt-media LARPers demonstrate to a certain foreign power sure seems to be a glaring big clue.

Ukraine is home to the Odessa Mafia, long linked to Florida and trafficking [See Insane in the Ukraine Part 1 2 3]. One of Jason Goodman’s ex-wives Tatyana, “professional entertainer” and “glow stick specialist”, lives down there in a hotel full of Russian-speaking girls and allegedly “left the circus to join Donald Trump”. Jason introduces them as a “trio”:

The story George Webb told in 2018 about trafficking of Ukrainian babies from factories recently hit mainstream news thanks to #Coronavirus.

Florida itself has a large number of major crime families, many with a history of doing business together. If you can accept that the CIA and US military were involved in narco-trafficking (for example, Iran-Contra or American Gangster or Barry Seal or Carlos Lehder or this Gulfstream found with 4 tons of cocaine or the massive poppy fields guarded by our troops in Afghanistan) then you can understand that those same groups were involved in building Miami and the surrounding areas into the bustling modern metropolis it is today. Banking, shipping, air charter, transportation, offshore finance, insurance…how do you know which business in these industries is legit, which is a government contractor or infiltrated by informants, and which is in league with the Combine?

Disney World was built with help from CIA bag man Paul Helliwell and OSS founder Wild Bill Donovan. Both Disneyland and Disney World were designed by Defense contractor the Stanford Research Institute.

Political dirty trickster extraordinaire and Roger Stone and psyop chief Dr Steve Pieczenik are both in Florida. Steve Bannon has been accused of running a meth and porn “party house” down there.

Florida is also home to MacDill Air Force Base at Tampa where the US Special Operations Command operates from and former CIA director Richard Helms‘ nTrepid runs trolls and sock puppets to manipulate social media.

The Bronfmans go back a long way in the underworld.

The name Bronfman is Yiddish for “Liquor Man”. Their fortune began with being bootleggers during the Al Capone days of Prohibition selling booze and calling it medicine. They hail from Moldova, right next to Odessa. They were connected to the Lansky Syndicate and rumored to be connected to Capone [Source]. Viacom CEO Sumner Redstone (Army Intelligence), was born Murray Rothstein, rumored to be related to Bronfman partner Arnold Rothstein.

Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey’s uncle was linked to the Lanksy syndicate and gun-running to Zionist gangs (JSTOR, RD Calhoun 2007).

Source: Scribd

The Bronfmans also go back a long way with the Rothschilds. The address of their $10 billion joint investment firm Bronfman-Rothschild‘s attorney has been linked to Alex Jones’ operation. Lynn Forester de Rothschild introduced Jeffrey Epstein to Alan Dershowitz – according to Epstein victim Maria Farmer, this was part of a bizarre annual gift ritual that Rothschild gave to Epstein. Lady Rothschild is on the staff of the McCain Institute, along with Ashton Kutcher and Cyndi McCain (see #govLARP). Cyndi’s family fortune came from brewing, her father was connected to Meyer Lansky and the Bronfmans.

Timothy Leary once said “liberal CIA…that’s the best mafia you can get in the 20th century”. He should know, since he was both a CIA agent and an FBI informant.

Another alleged mafia link in this story is the alleged involvement of an Italian nobleman with the ITNJ, as detailed by their former social media specialist LouderThanLove before two thugs tried to break into his house and he got de-platformed from Twitter, YouTube, PayPal and Patreon. Frank Bacon aka Tyroan Simpson is part of a gang of occultists stalking me. He was allegedly ITNJ honcho Sacha Stone’s tech lead and allegedly ran web sites for ITNJ spook Robert David Steele. He introduced George Webb to Steele.

Trump has been cracking down on the Ndrangheta from Calabria, rivals to Sicilian mafia. Italy was hit particularly badly by coronavirus, creating new opportunities for the mafia.

Phoenix Enigma’s girlfriend Alicia calls herself “The Sicilian Witch”. She’s the last person known to have seen Isaac Kappy alive, other than a brief wave goodbye as he sped off from his landlord The Christmas Lady – who was promoting Ivermectin as a cure for Morgellons before COVID-19 was a thing.

Kappy has been connected via his “brother” Eliahi Priest to another shady group, the Southern Cross Templars of the Order of the Temple of Solomon. Kappy was a major promoter of #QAnon, even before Roseanne (closely aligned with Zionist interests) came out promoting it. Kappy’s Hollywood influence and LARPing antics which got him onto TMZ, helped push Q to the masses…in a way which seems in hindsight to have been perfectly set up for David Brock’s Media Matters, Will Sommer and the #QSlayers to ridicule him, the whole movement, and anyone thinking there’s organized pedophilia in Hollywood, D.C. and other centers of power.

The head of the Gambino crime family was slain by someone claiming to be a Q follower [Daily Beast]. The Gambinos have been under attack with Trump as President, just as they were in 1986 when Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani was the New York Attorney General and went after the Five Families. Trump has been co-operating with the FBI to go after some factions of the Mob since 1981. Remember when Trump was involved in all those Atlantic City casinos? That’s when the mafia was going down. Remember when Trump was President? That’s when the mafia was going down. Is the swamp really being drained? Or is the old mob being swept out and replaced by the new?


So we have Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyer appearing as a frequent guest on Jason’s show, and this being used to catapult Jason Goodman into the spotlight as an expert on vaccines and the law, just in time to become a regular guest on InfoWars and stoke alt-media outrage before riots break out in a synchronized manner.

How many coincidences before mathematically impossible?

This seems to me to have been a planned operation to make Jason Goodman “go viral” and change the narrative away from Epstein’s intelligence ties and the MEGA Group and towards this red herring of mandatory vaccinations – which Trump has already told us he’s not going to do.

Trigger those who distrust the Government. Then the “protestors” with bricks and molotov cocktails can be grouped in with Alex Jones and Jason Goodman’s audience. It’s not just AntiFa, it’s “White Antifa”. The Resistance (“La Raza”) gets to broaden their base, using the platforms of the truth community to deliver and amplify their message.

The suspicious “falling out” Goodman appeared to have with former InfoWars staffer Jerome Corsi seems a little too convenient now we can look at the timeline with the benefit of hindsight.

We don’t know what the topic of Jason Goodman’s first ever YouTube episode was, it’s been memory holed. But we do know that he was originally openly anti-Trump. He followed Hillary Clinton to New Zealand in 2018 and was mysteriously allowed to livestream her entire $300-a-ticket, 3 hour long event.

Is the bugbear of forced vaccinations being used as a distraction away from Epstein’s MEGA intelligence operation, and the links the people behind it have to the alt-media?

Is Jason Goodman just another suicide bomber in the LARPwar, being positioned within the realm of Clinton haters only to “blow up” with a “LARP too far” that is then used to discredit their entire audience and anyone connected to them?

We report. You decide. #DYOR

[thanks to Ghost Crab, JAnon and others who helped with research and perspective for this story]

“I Am Not Mossad”

Q Part 4 #MuhDiscord Reveal – LARPers Gonna LARP

Previous coverage:

Q Part 1 #Qanon Blind Items Revealed – #All4aLARP?

Q Part 2 Aleksander Qgin and the Qouncil for National Policy

Q Part 3 Defango Lies Again

Over on one of the battlegrounds in the LARPWars that has been well covered here, the Defango channel, the past few days have seen an earth-shaking LARP explosion.

This has happened as I’m in the middle of writing a huge post about Bill Gates, Jason Goodman, Jeffrey Epstein, and Isaac Kappy’s Media Matrix.

[updated version, names in red not added by Isaac Kappy]

Although they may at first seem unrelated, there is a staggering web of connections between these players and events. Defango is certainly one of the main characters, so initially I tried just adding this post to an already monster story. Instead I’m breaking that story up into at least two parts and releasing this part first. Things keep happening, events and information keep unfolding in real time. I’m struggling to keep up with the story and I’ve been on it for years, thousands of hours now. I will do my best to break it down and fill you in, stay tuned for even more that’s coming.

#LARPWars Escalating

I predicted an escalation of the #LARPwars as we head into the 2020 election, and that is indeed coming true.

Modern LARPing is not just individuals shitposting for lulz. It is an organized tactic of psychological warfare being employed to attain political objectives…as I’ve been trying to inform the public about for years. Money, cryptocurrency, electronics equipment and casino chips are changing hands to fuel these LARPs. See Silicon Valley’s Secret Weapon Part 7 – Social Engineering on the Electronic Frontier, Latest Weapon in the InfoWar – Data Maps , as well as LARPWars Parts 1 2 3 4 5 6 and Q Part 1 2 3.

It is very interesting to see these operations being cast into the light of day. Pawns falling before knights and queens topple? Is JB the first of a wave of “Info War Suicide Bombers”, #FakeMAGA who will now blow their personas up to try to discredit whoever they formerly supported?

QAnon: How the conspiracy theory spawned by a Trump quip got so ...

JB Exposes the LARP Operations

Defango has claimed to be the creator of Q, with “King of Fake News” Jack Posobiec. These claims were debunked by 16 months ago, again 7 months ago, and once more in January 2020.

Defango’s credibility took another significant blow this week when LARPer James Brower aka JB aka “Two Scoops” confessed that the “Discord Logs” held up in September 2018 by Posobiec, Defango and others as “proof” of the creation of Q were indeed faked.

JB verified that he was “the real JB” by calling into Defango’s show and speaking with Manuel and Glen Herman, formerly of MAGA Coalition. Several other people have confirmed that it was indeed James Brower, aka JB speaking.

JB deleted his Twitter account almost immediately, fortunately we saved much of it:

JB then started answering questions from the Twitter audience, naming names.

In LARPWars Part 5 we showed evidence of Defango recruiting these “low grade trolls” for LARP Missions from their Discord logs:

The person who originally shared these Discord logs publicly, Arturo Tafoya from Mexico aka Lestat aka Cheshire3301, has since taken them down. He admits to taking money and doing projects with Defango, but says that it was for a cryptocurrency project where he did work for someone else and Defango took a large amount of Lestat’s share for himself. Read about it in LARPWars Part 5, I saved the logs there.

JB’s Tweet Storm

A lot from JB was picked up by Google WebCache and archived. I will share everything saved, then discuss JB’s video with Defango.

JB’s Confession and Interview

JB took to the Defango and Leppo (Aquino PSYOP) show to tell his story. The start of this episode contains JB’s “coming clean” Periscope message.

To be fair JB did reach out to me via DM to say hello, I didn’t ask him to be on my channel but I guess he was offering me an opportunity. I commend him for coming forward with the truth, we have to support truth tellers and whistleblowers. It takes a lot in the modern age to admit publicly that you did wrong things which you regret.

It’s probably better for him to be on the #2 LARPer of the year’s channel to describe the LARP they played together to infiltrate and discredit a movement of Patriots encouraged to do their own research and not trust Fake News.

I’m told the video was scrubbed to remove some sort of bust-up with Doug Stewart. I haven’t seen that so I won’t comment on it…but if this rumor is true, it must have been juicy for them to edit it out.

Kudos to Janon for everything he’s shown of this story. He’s really dug and brought forth a great deal of evidence:

Doc_Holliday is allegedly Thomas Schoenberger

InfoWar Suicide Bombers

Was this the plan all along? LARPers as InfoWar suicide bombers? Infiltrate the #truth community, only to betray it when the Scooby Doo mask is ripped off and you realize you got tricked by low-life conmen.

You think they’re the greatest patriot of all time, creators of Q, whistleblowers, #MAGA to the core, part of the Trump campaign…and then it turns out you’ve been had, it was #All4aLARP. They were tricksters out for lolz, you were tricked into being just one of their herd of lolcows. Maybe you even believed in them so much you sent them a donation, superchat, subscription, or bought a t-shirt or coffee mug. You don’t just feel betrayed by the trickster, the damage is much greater: you feel the very things that made you like the movement enough to engage were themselves a betrayal. This is gaslighting at its most brutal, with no regard to the mental health consequences for the victims – or even the perpetrators, if you believe JB’s recent contrition.

Sure, the LARPer may discredit themselves once they come out…but they can always adopt a new persona, switch to the other side politically, repent with a mea culpa and perhaps a twelve step program then reinvent themselves. Or go on the Defango channel for a round of hi-fives.

Who Introduced the Spoofers?

Defango said JB’s faking the Discord logs cost him his friendship with Jack Posobiec. “If the logs were faked it means that JB and Doug Stewart lied to me and Glen”. Glen Herman, formerly of MAGA Coalition, dismisses Posobiec as a LARPer and “cable news”. He says he knows Jack on a personal basis, that Posobiec is best friends with Roger Stone and “these are not the kind of people to be trifled with…they were up to various kinds of trickster tricks in 2016 and I know Defango was too”.

Defango said that Justin McConney (who taught Trump to Tweet) was the one who “brought me those assholes” and that OANN “decided not to go with anything I told them about”. Glen believes nobody instructed Posobiec to cover QAnon, instead the LARPer Posobiec would have had to fight his bosses to get a Q story on air.

Defango claims to know Justin McConney personally, and that McConney was the one who introduced him to JB, Microchip and their “QSlayer” LARP

Defango screams to JB “why would you do this to me? Why? Why would you use me right after these other fucks used me? My story…I knew something was up from the beginning when you guys dropped those other videos I thought there was really no way that anyone would spend the time to actually fake that shit”.

Defango obviously does not realize that this statement, made by him on his own channel, completely proves false his story to have been one of the people in Discord creating Q with these guys.

He’s saying now just that the logs were faked, which I have to credit Unirock for proving beyond a shadow of a doubt – and Praying Medic too.

People Think This Whole QAnon Conspiracy Theory Is A Prank On ...
People Think This Whole QAnon Conspiracy Theory Is A Prank On ...
Here are the extremist figures going to the White House social ...

BuzzFeed speculated that Q was a LARP to ridicule Trump supporters:

Source: Buzzfeed

Bill Mitchell on Twitter: "I'm sure you have lots of people who ...

Did Posobiec get catfished by these LARPers? Or is he part of the team behind these psychological warfare operations against domestic targets?

Jack Posobiec told us there was no such thing as chat logs on XBox and PlayStation, because games don’t have chat. This was wrong. Then he told us that Microchip’s Discord logs were real, and proved the origins of Q as related to AntiFa and the Luther Blissett collective. This was wrong.

These people are disinformation agents.

QAnon warned us about “Paytriots”, particularly naming MAGA Coalition.


This led to a declaration from MAGA Coalition that they were going to “Sue Q”, which seemed strange given their relationship to Defango.

Praying Medic has his own links to the foundation of MAGA Coalition, and along with Tracy Beanz seems to have been part of the “JTF-MAGA” (see Is This Intelligence Group Responsible for the Qanon Conspiracy Theory”) and other teams that are behind much of the social media LARPing machine that was used to catapult the #QAnon psyop into the mainstream.

Turdbo, or Just a Turd?

All along Defango has been saying that he created Q and was one of the characters in Discord when all this happened “turdbo”. Now he has been featured by fellow #QSlayer Will Sommer as a “notorious Internet provocaturd” in the Daily Beast’s article Right Wing Activists Discussed Wiretapping Seth Rich’s Family.

We have another member of this crew, “Spiccy”, confessing to being Turdbo.

When Microchip recreated the Discord he spent a full day creating an app. He is a mobile app developer in real life:

The date of this chat between JB & Microchip (Sep 2018) matches up with their #MuhDiscord LARP with Defango, Jack Posobiec and Jason Bermas. It’s possible that Bermas/We Are Change was merely a “useful idiot” in promoting this #QSlayer LARP, exploited by the others; I note without judgement his long history with InfoWars since at least 2007.

JB said that he was surrounded by a group of people where “disinformation is how you get ahead” from 2016-2020. They were told “Never Trumpers and the Left are doing this” to justify their shady operations. They did things that weren’t illegal, but were unethical. He has screencapped a lot of what happened in their chats and was ready to go public, but he hasn’t “turned total AntiFa like some have”. He specifically names Cassandra Fairbanks, Jack Posobiec, Mike Cernovich, Jacob Wohl and Mike Tokes as disinformation operatives of the worst kind.

Guccifer, Guccifer 2.0…Mafia 2.0?

JB says that Guccifer was a real Russian hacker. Why even bring the name up? Seems like he may have been hinting at his involvement with the Guccifer 2.0 psyop.

There have been attempts to link Guccifer 2.0 to alt-right mastermind Chuck Johnson.

However it seems more likely to have originated within the DNC, to cover up devastating actual leaks of their emails to WikiLeaks.

See Guccifer 2.0’s Hidden Agenda (May 21, 2020)

From G2Space, May 11 2020:

We’ve learned that CrowdStrike never had evidence of the DNC emails being exfiltrated, that CrowdStrike’s efforts at the DNC didn’t seem to prevent hacking or involve monitoring of network activity and that the APT29 malware CrowdStrike discovered doesn’t appear to have been the malware that the FBI were looking for in 2015.

Guccifer was a real hacker, he was Romanian and did jail time for hacks which included establishing Colin Powell and Tony Blair’s attendance at Bohemian Grove. Hillary Clinton consulted with Powell on how to run a secure Blackberry system outside of the State Department – the DNA of the Awan Bros/George Webb operation. Alex Jones famously snuck into Bohemian Grove and obtained video of their event; Kevin Spacey’s scheming political character Frank Underwood attended a Grove-like ceremony before becoming President.

Guccifer 2.0 was a LARP. The FBI never inspected the DNC server, and the company hired to do so, Crowdstrike, recently admitted they had no evidence that there was any Russian hacking and the evidence they did have suggested a local file copy, such as to a thumb drive. George Webb (speaks Russian) used to work alongside Crowdstrike founder Dmitri Alperovich (born in Moscow). Both men worked for John McAfee, whose software is deeply embedded in intelligence agencies and the military. Just 2 weeks after George Webb and Jason Goodman launched their “Dirty Bomb Maersk Memphis” unconventional cyber-attack, the Maersk shipping line was hit with a more conventional cyber-attack, a virus…originating out of Ukraine.

Propaganda operation Voice of America promoted Crowdstrike’s report by criticizing it

Crowdstrike were caught in a previous case of “disputed intelligence” involving, you guessed it, Ukraine. They came out with a report about the FANCY BEAR system they attributed to Russia – the same one they blamed for the DNC hacks. It’s in the Mueller Report. They were accused of misrepresenting information by an influential UK thinktank and the Ukraine Defense Minister. Later Crowdstrike had to walk back key details of their Ukrainian reporting and clarify that they are based in Silicon Valley not Ukraine.

Ukraine was where Malaysian Airlines flight MH-17 was shot down, following the mysterious vanishing from radar of their MH-370 – allegedly with 20 executives from radar and defense company Freescale Semiconductor on board. Freescale is a division of the Carlyle Group, whose shareholders include the Bush family and the Bin Ladens. The Malaysian leader had been publicly critical of a particular country, and there were many links between the mysterious two airliner disappearances, said country, and even the Rothschilds who were once declared the owners of said country and even built its pyramid-shaped Supreme Court on Rothschild St. LARPer Field McConnell of Abel Danger, frequent guest on Jason Goodman’s channel and recently jailed in Wisconsin for online harassment and extradited to Florida, was involved in the Malaysian Airlines story. He went on Crowdsource the Truth to reveal that the attack on the USS Liberty was an American “self harming” operation launched by Lyndon B Johnson. Typically, evidence for this was not presented; even Haaretz had doubts about this story, noting that Israel apologized and paid compensation. These facts don’t meet the standard of “truth” on Crowdsource the Truth…but I digress.

I note in passing that the “Russian Troll Farm” we hear so much about, IRA, was exposed as a US intelligence operation by The Saker.

The Mueller report refers to servers in Arizona. Do we know any “hackers” or LARPers who were in Arizona in 2016, may have been connected to the DNC, NGP Van, Seth Rich, Kim Dotcom, John McAfee?

LARP Teams to Infiltrate Q

JB was called #QAnon within a week of the operation’s launch, by Jordan Sather:

How did Sather know?

Brower was making tweeets around the time, hinting that he was Q. This is far from proof, especially given now he’s confessed he was just shitposting.

JB announced on Twitter that Paul Manafort’s phone was tapped at the Trump Tower meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya, set up by music producer Rob Goldstone, before anyone else. The wiretapping of trump’s campaign manager Manafort has been confirmed by CNN and the Washington Post, but it’s not clear if his phone was used to record the meeting – or how Brower was able to get that information months before everybody else. His tweet was quickly amplified by a now-deleted Medium post written by Jack Posobiec, a good friend of Manafort’s former business partner Roger Stone.

JB describes Twitter “verified chat rooms”, where a large number of participants can be co-ordinate to share information – and, as it turns out, misinformation and disinformation.

This all seems to place Sather squarely on the same side of QAnon as JB, Jack Posobiec, Defango and #MAGA Coalition. By promoting “Q = Brower” from the start, he was promoting the LARP.

Sather was held up to be the “fall guy” for #QAnon on Jim Jefferies’ Comedy Central special. LARPers mix the narrative in with “JFK Junior is alive”, using Appeal to Ridicule to discredit genuine researchers who support the truth-based movement. For the record, Q says junior is dead. This is a red herring like Flat Earth, which was brought up by Sather in this segment.

Sather was also promoting “drinking bleach” before it was a thing.

JB repeats the claim he made previously on Defango’s channel “I fucken love shitposting”. He says Jack Posobiec approached him and others to create fake Facebook groups to get Elizabeth Warren positioned as the Democratic nominee.

Jacob Wohl’s “Cougar Op” seemed to be one of the LARPs created by this #FakeMAGA squad to achieve this objective.

Isis in Las Vegas?

JB was featured on InfoWars as a “former trump campaign official”. He was one of the first people to report on Isis materials being found with the Las Vegas shooting. He admits that this was also a LARP and was not vetted properly by InfoWars.

See Is There a #PedoGate Connection to the 2017 Las Vegas Massacre? The Las Vegas event happened just a few weeks before the birth of #QAnon. Defango linked the two together, saying “I was just at that casino…was it predicted?”. Meaning that he was at the DEFCON hacker conference, where supposedly he launched Q to Dreamcatcher (JB) and Microchip in the presence of Posobiec and “a room full of people with higher level clearances than myself”.

A lot of the 4chan research crowd were not buying the official stories coming out of Las Vegas about this event. Suddenly the boards were swamped with all manner of conspiracy theories and disinformation, trying to disrupt the real research going on. All the LARPers started going on each others’ shows.

In another curious coincidence, Jason Goodman’s frequent guest Joe Napoli was on the scene in Las Vegas when the mass shooting went down at a rival casino group to Sheldon Adelson. MGM has a connection to the Bronfman family, former owners of both MGM (Sr) and Universal Studios (Jr). MGM’s insurance company is paying a $800 million settlement to 2500 people affected by the shooting. Will Napoli get a share of this loot?

“QAnon Creation Story is Totally Not True”

The Great Hacker?

Defango has previously confessed his involvement in “the great hack” which has been linked to the creation of Cambridge Analytica, a group linked to the CNP (Steve Bannon, Mercers) and the Anglo-American establishment. Chavez says he was working for Brittany Kaiser who was running Facebook for Obama’s successful 2008 Presidential Campaign.

We know Defango helped on the Obama campaign. Why was he in New Mexico? Who else was connected to New Mexico and tight with the Clintons?

Was Defango couchsurfing in New Mexico at the Zorro Ranch?


#QAnon was a psyop launched on 4chan. Almost immediately – potentially even before its launch – it was attacked by infiltrators. Defango, JB, Microchip were all trying to say they were the creators of it. Info War suicide bombers, they attach themselves to the alt-right then blow up their personas and laugh at the casualties from over on the left. Feeling good, because #OrangeManBad, #Coronavirus bad, or whatever new outrage they need to justify these behaviors.

I don’t know if JB ever got paid for any of this stuff. But we know Defango did, quite a lot of money, by quite a few people – and he was paying others too. He is not a General in the Info War like Alex Jones, but he’s at least a Sergeant. He’s giving orders to lower-level henchmen. The way Defango was treated by JB suggests that Brower is at least a lieutenant, a rank above Defango and below Microchip.

A bunch of LARPers, throwing cryptocurrency around, hanging out in casinos, political operatives casting themselves as #MAGA while trying to infiltrate movements in order to discredit them. Involved with WikiLeaks, Seth Rich, the Vegas shooting, and many other LARPs. Performing School Plays, yiddish vaudeville. They tell you that they are doing it while they are doing it, black magicians friendly with Michael Aquino casting spells for shekels.

Were these other guys participating in IARPA projects too? Any FBI informants in this bunch? DEA operatives? Asking for a fren.


JB came back, posted some more, and seems to have disappeared again (or maybe he blocked me after this post)