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I just did an interview with William Ramsey about LARPWars.

I have some new documents for those following closely – I know there are a few of you out there!

Here is Thomas Schoenberger’s latest Defense filing in Bogaerts vs Schoenberger et al.


Here is Robert David Steele’s new complaint against Jason Goodman in the Eastern District of Virginia:


Here is Dave Acton’s updated response to Jason Goodman’s counter-claim in the #SDNY suit:


Jason Goodman’s 1-page response is #HighlySuspicious. It contains “archaic law” language. Did his good buddy Dersh help him out, or did he learn these words in film school?

Perhaps he thinks Steele’s lawyers triggering the re-filing of their own case in Virginia was a huge victory for him; it would seem to have no bearing on his 2 New York cases – his other lawsuit where the Emmys are suing him for stealing their logo is being presided over by the same judge, former FBI General Counsel under Robert Mueller who made a “MOCKINGBIRD” related reference in an August 2020 case:

Source: SDNY

Dave has filed a response to Jason’s 1-pager, pointing out that the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure should have allowed Mr Goodman 3 weeks to create this response; instead he was given 5, but the extra time did not result in extra legal arguments. Acton is requesting permission from the Court to amend his complaint over a typographical error; Goodman’s company “Multimedia System Design Inc” was called “Multimedia Design Systems” in earlier filings.



Defango appears to be seriously losing his shit, calling Dave Acton a pedophile on his LARP wars channel:

Dave has threatened RICO in retaliation.

Source: SDNY

Crowdsourcing the Legal Strategy

Jason Goodman recently lost his entire Facebook group, possibly part of the anti-QAnon purge futilely sweeping Big Tech.

At 9:11 of this video Jason Goodman says that Defango’s smartest move would be to act like the two of them don’t know each other.

Of course, they are far too intertwined for that one to ever fly. It seems a desparate move to so publicly invite further interference in the many legal processes these gentlemen are intertwined in.

#Pandemic was part of the WikiLeaks Vault 7 release, being promoted by the operation involving Defango, Jason Goodman, George Webb, Trish the Dish, and many of these other LARPers we’ve been covering in this series.

Big Things for Big Ed

Meanwhile, big developments also in the Ed Butowsky / Matt Couch vs Aaron Rich lawsuit. Recordings made by Matt Couch will have to be handed into public evidence. This should be very interesting.

They attempted to find out who Sy Hersh’s source was.

I suspect George Webb, as I stated in the interview with William Ramsey at the start of this post and also on Twitter in 2019:

Stuart Blaugrund was the attorney targeted by Ed Butowsky when he reached out to his “digital militia” of ShadowBox et al

Lest we forget…

Is WikiLeaks the Main Target?

These LARPs do seem to have a rhythm of flaring up in parallel with what’s going on with WikiLeaks.


LARPWars Part 3 – Shadowbox


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LARPWars Part 1 – Proliferation of Lawfare

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This series is investigating the information, relationships and transactions behind the scenes of the alt-media “truth” community that are coming to light as a result of various lawsuits and catfights. Some of the biggest political stories of our times connect into these LARPers, who are increasingly attracting mainstream media attention.

Memes played a crucial role in the 2016 US Presidential election and it looks like LARPs will in 2020.

PizzaGate Body Count

In the weeks leading up to the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, WikiLeaks published the emails of Hillary Clinton’s Chief of Staff John Podesta (who, incidentally, helped John Perry Barlow found the EFF). The coded language, sacrifices to Molech and corrupt behavior revealed in these emails led to a crowdsourced investigation on an unprecedented scale. This was dubbed #PizzaGate because it centered around a man named James Alefantis who in 2012 was named the #49 most powerful person in Washington D.C. as the owner of a pizza restaurant called Comet Ping-Pong. Since then, all the bombshell revelations that have come out in relation to NXIVM, Jeffrey Epstein and the MEGA group have proved that the involvement of billionaires and governments in child sex trafficking and compromise operations is conspiracy fact, not theory.

There are a lot of dead bodies around this story, the Venn diagram intersection of PizzaGate and WikiLeaks that has been the front lines of the Internet truth community for the past few years.

Isaac Kappy (highway accident), Tracy Twyman (hanging), Jen Moore (unknown, covered in bruises), Ian Murdock (hanging/wellness check), Sam Fullerton (police shootout/wellness check), Himmmm (unknown), Chris Cline (helicopter crash), Andrew Breitbart (heart attack), Joe Hagmann (overdose/murdered), Max Spiers (overdose/poisoned), Seth Rich (gunshot), Shawn Lucas (overdose), Beranton Wisenant (gunshot), Senator Linda Collins-Smith (gunshot) Bruce and Nancy Schaeffer (shootout/murder-suicide), Monica Peterson (hanging), Michael Hastings (car explosion), Jeffrey Epstein (hanging), Anthony Bourdain (hanging), Kate Spade (hanging), Chris Cornell (hanging), Chester Bennington (hanging), Aaron Swartz (hanging), James Dolan (hanging), John Perry Barlow (heart attack; old and sick), Larry Harvey (stroke; old), Jim Channon (heart attack; old), John Jones (jumped in front of train), Michael Ratner (complications from cancer, old), Gavin McFadyen (fast acting cancer, old), Dave McGowan (fast acting cancer), Arjen Kamphuis (kayaking accident, body never found).

Even the hacker collective Anonymous itself was pronounced “dying a slow death” earlier this year by ZDNet with “hacktivist” attacks down 95% since 2015.

These names may not seem connected but a little bit of digging unveils a small cluster of people in and around this story who connect to many of them. Is it all just a bunch of random coincidences? For no reason at all, there just happened to be many sudden deaths in a short space of time of people who interacted with characters in this School Play.

How many coincidences until it becomes mathematically impossible?


ShadowBox was a private intelligence firm offering cyber militias for reputation defense. Their star technologist was Defango. Their mastermind strategist and deal-maker was Thomas Schoenberger. Their PR guru was Trevor Fitzgibbon. The initial money came from WellTraveledFox. Lestat was involved with this group making videos and designed their logo.

Here’s how they described it in their own promotional materials.

From Tracking the Leopard Meroz – In the Company of SHADOWBOXers

“You’ve been attacked.  Your reputation, your family, your clients and livelihood, you feel like the earth is moving under your feet.  You are in jeopardy.  You didn’t pick this fight.  But you can’t afford to lose it.


Shadowbox is your army.  We solve your problems and expose truth.  We unleash a multifaceted, strategic battle plan through integrated research earned media, legal and digital chaos.

Where your enemies have lied to paint you as the bad guy, we sow the seeds of doubt and present the counter-narrative that they are, in fact, the villains, and you have been unjustly accused.  We do this through sophisticated use of internet technology, meme creation, PR, and cyber-guerrilla tactics that stop the bleeding and begin to sway public opinion and the media in your favor.


Shadowbox designs crisis management/ counterinsurgencies to debunk and hit back at malicious and defamatory online and media attacks on our clients…..Our operations unit effectively routs adversaries away from you, sending them to chase phantoms and rendering them exhausted and perplexed.…”

Shadowbox is an elite team of online specialties that can respond to a variety of client situations and needs based on real-time events.  We use a combination of tactics and strategies to effectively promote your content, operation or services to create viral marketing campaigns that effectively target organic growth systems.  We take targeted marketing to a new level of access by identifying positive and negative promoters to prudently manage social online presence and engagement in real time which translates to sales, or higher visibility.  We can also help mitigate militia-like tactics used in targeted harassment campaigns to effectively thwart and vanquish internet threats, character assassination attempts, deleterious media, embarrassingly or potentially damaging links on google.  We act as your silent partner and protection in the vast online world and offer you cutting edge tactics ….”

Our backgrounds range from covert reputation strategists to technical specialists and PR experts with global influence caliber contacts. We specialize in uncovering unique intelligence and social business interaction methodologies and apply them to ensure rapid deployment virality across the media spectrum. Our researchers uncover what others cannot use cutting-edge intelligence mapping systems, private detective networks, ex-intelligence agents and officers….”.

Source: Tracking the Leopard Meroz

Standing Up To Cyber-Bullying

In this interview with Lift the Veil, Fox says that they started ShadowBox as a good thing, a way to help people deal with online bullies.

“Defango and Trevor decided to go behind our back and start their own company, Silent Partner, without telling us. And when that happened it killed the company…Trevor got $11,000.”

Her story here that the purpose was “to stop bullying” does not quite fit the description above – for example, “chasing phantoms and rendering them exhausted and perplexed”. Isn’t that doing the bullying? It sounds more like information operations, active measures.

The first target? The Seth Rich case. But rather than defending the Rich family from cyber-bullies, the ShadowBox team was pitching to the guy the family are currently suing in multiple jurisdictions at once.

Remember “Who Spoofed the Seth Rich Files”? We now have evidence indicating it was a deliberate LARP involving people connected to the intelligence community and WikiLeaks. The so-called “Seth Rich files” were downloaded from Guccifer 2.0’s blog and re-injected into the YouTube truther community via Crowdsource the Truth in conjunction with Defango.

There is not enough evidence to support a claim that ShadowBox was the only organized group behind the Seth Rich files LARP. There seem to have been multiple groups intersecting together for specific missions in the LARPwars.

Mr Ed’s Militia

Ed Butowksy was one client who signed on, with the price tag allegedly $40,000 for the first month of his own private digital army. A mercenary militia of experienced trolls, LARPers, shitposters, memers, hackers, YouTubers, Tweeters, social influencers, and narrative spinners. What would one do with such a motley cyber crew? Why, the usual. “Reputation Defense”. What does that really mean? The description of the offering sounds a lot like the kind of psychological warfare we see raging on social media on a daily basis.

What product are they selling? As best I can tell, the weapons in the arsenal of Reputation Defense were: Disinformation. Doxxing. Gang stalking. Promoting hashtags and memes. Viral videos mocking people.

#All4aLARP? All for money.

Defango still appears to be in the Shadow Box business today, and claims to be working with Shadow Brokers. He was in Florida in June this year meeting with one of them when the last Shadow Brokers ransomware attack shut down a hospital in the State. This only ended when the hospital paid $600,000 in Bitcoin to the hackers. Shortly thereafter Defango offered a one Bitcoin reward for the capture or location of Thomas Schoenberger. How did he suddenly get bitcoins to give away?

Who Goofed the Spoof?

There is evidence that Guccifer 2.0 and the whole “Russian collusion” hoax was cooked up by the same team as the “Pee Pee Dossier”: Fusion GPS, Crowdstrike, John Podesta, Robby Mook. Check out the work of Adam Carter (@with_integrity) and The Forensicator, who between them have shown that the Mueller report got it wrong in significant ways with respect to the DNC Leaks.

Guccifer 2.0 released a bunch of files from the Democratic party, including information from the NGPVAN database. Defango was a volunteer for OFA at Arizona State University. OFA is Obama’s volunteer army, 180,000 strong. “Grade A Bullshit that nearly killed the Democrats”, according to some Democratic state leaders. That sounds right up Manuel’s alley. Defango now works with “MAGA Coalition” and is associated with people who back Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and John McCain. He is a DNC political operative who will work for the highest bidder. He worked in OFA with NGPVAN and the sort of information contained in the Guccifer files.

The “Seth Rich files” that were “spoofed” according to Crowdsource the Truth were actually the Guccifer 2 files. They were handed to Patricia Negron aka “Trish the Dish” on a USB stick. One source told me this handover went down theatrically in a forest near Boston. It’s quite possible that Trish, Jason and George really thought they were getting some super secret hacker intel from Seth Rich, rather than being led into a LARP. It’s also possible that all the characters involved with this were well aware of what they were doing, why, and for whom. I find it hard to believe that every single character in this story was an innocent, unwitting patsy, and everything just happened to them by coincidence. #YMMV.

Florida’s Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was deeply connected to the Imran Awan scandal, which George and Jason also “covered” – they provided a cover of disinformation and LARPing to confuse anyone looking into the true details of the case. Imran Awan’s lawyer Chris Gowen thanked Jason Goodman on his channel for his assistance in helping Awan get a light sentence – “inadvertent disclosure” was the reason he gave.

There seemed to be some weird discrepancies in these “Seth Rich files”, which led to Jason Goodman’s now infamous claim that they were “spoofed”. This happened at the same time as Wikileaks were promoting their Vault 7 drop. These were allegedly CIA hacking tools that were now being released into the wild, including a virus called Pandemic that could travel through PDFs and Office documents – the exact type of content contained in the so-called “Seth Rich Files”.

Fox’s friend the White Rabbit (also somewhat involved in the origins of #QAnon, according to TS) gave the “Seth Rich files” to Trish. She, George and Jason made a big deal about receiving this USB stick, then Defango reached out to them to “help” unzip the files. Why they couldn’t unpack the files themselves is unclear. George Webb used to work for both SUN Microsystems (with Google Chairman and Pentagon adviser Eric Schmidt) and John McAfee (with Crowdstrike founder Dmitri Alperovitch). Surely he can figure out how to open zipped files?

In my opinion, this entire LARP looks like an attempt to paint Seth Rich as the DNC Leaker (supporting Ed Butowsky’s defamation defense) and Guccifer 2 as connected to WikiLeaks (supporting the Progressive’s #RussiaGate narrative). This objective seems to suit the DNC and supports the #QAnon theory that Wikileaks has been compromised.

A couple of months after the “Who Spoofed the Seth Rich Files” LARP, the main characters of ShadowBox are in a meeting in Plano, Texas with Ed Butowsky where people are getting paid money to strategize Seth Rich storytelling. The basis of multiple lawsuits from the Rich family is that Ed Butowsky and Matt Couch were spreading rumors and disinformation.

I have found no evidence that either Thomas or Fox went on to talk about Seth Rich after that meeting. There is evidence that both Defango and Matt Couch did.

Crowdsource the LARPs

Fox appears to have passed the Rich/Butowsky gig over to George Webb and Jason Goodman via her former friend Patricia Negron aka “Trish the Dish”. The Crowdsource the Truth team did many shows on the Seth Rich case, including interviewing Rod Wheeler who went to the White House with Ed Butowsky to brief press secretary Sean Spicer on their investigation. The purpose of such a large number of Crowdsource the “Truth” episodes about Seth Rich seems to have been to attach as much disinformation as possible to the story, such as “Alpha Jollah was the wheelman”. Jason Goodman attended a Seth Rich-related Jack Burkman press conference with Matt Couch, where Goodman may have fatally endangered George Webb’s sidekick Jenny Moore by showing her face (she claimed to be in witness protection after a violent gang assault; she was dead just weeks after Jason put her image on his channel).

Jack Burkman and Jason Goodman talk Seth Rich
Jack Burkman and Jacob Wohl. This press conference was supposedly about a woman who claimed to have been raped by Robert Mueller, except that she failed to show up for her own press conference and later said it might have just been a tall guy who looked a bit like him.

We showed the links between Defango, Mindy Robinson and Jacob Wohl in Part 1. Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman are currently holding farcical press conferences where they get people to stand up and say they had affairs with politicians. A recent one where they had a man saying he was a male escort hired out at great expense by Elizabeth Warren fell apart when the man said he thought he was doing something on a reality TV show.

Wait…Will Sommer? The guy who’s interviewing Defango? He sure seems to introduce a lot of LARPers to the mainstream media world over at the Daily Beast, where Chelsea Clinton sits on the board.

This team somehow managed to pull off a LARP that was spun to make Elizabeth Warren look good (“cool”, a “cougar”) while at the same time blamed on Trump supporters who were presented as amateurish buffoons. Are these people really Trump supporters? Or were Progressives behind this the whole time?

Agents of chaos…LARPers. Larpo ab chao.

The Dallas Dealeyo

Thomas Schoenberger has alleged in a legal deposition that Ed Butowsky tried to recruit the ShadowBox team and others to spy on the Rich family in Omaha; he refused and quit, his allegation is that Defango and Matt Couch took the offer up. Shadowbox broke up shortly after this meeting because Defango wanted to include Trevor Fitzgibbon and the company they had started together called “Silent Partner IO”.

In June Thomas made the claim that one of the agenda items at that meeting was surveillance of the Rich family.

Defango responded by saying that Thomas tried to extort Ed for $300,000. No evidence of this claim has been produced, and Defango claims to have shared all of his evidence on his Aaron Rich Subpoena stream.

However, on a recent livestream Defango did acknowledge that he was asked to do illegal surveillance and wiretapping at the meeting with Butowsky. Manuel says it was Thomas that asked him, which is confirmation that it was discussed. Thomas says it wasn’t and there were many people in the room at the time who will back him up. We may be able to actually get to the bottom of this as it seems like a key issue in multiple lawsuits.

Matt Couch’s tweets and periscopes immediately following the Sep 19 2017 confirm the meeting took place, and suggest a positive engagement:

The day after the meeting with Ed Butowsky, Matt did a periscope saying that Aaron Rich took money from WikiLeaks. Aaron Rich is suing him for saying this.

This claim came from “intel sources”, which appear to be Frank Bacon (discussed previously in more detail in Part 2).

I have been in direct communication with two of the people who were in the meeting, TS and WellTraveledFox. They both confirm that they founded ShadowBox with Defango and Trevor Fitzgibbon, and that it fell apart when Defango and Trevor tried to sabotage it from within with their own “Silent Partner” idea.

As best as I have been able to reconstruct, these are the people that were present at the Dallas meeting (if any of these people would like to step forward with their own version of events, either on or off the record, I would welcome it):

  • Ed Butowsky
  • Mrs Butowsky
  • Thomas Schoenberger
  • Manual Chavez III (Defango)
  • Trevor Fitzgibbon
  • Malia Zimmerman
  • WellTraveled Fox
  • Matt Couch
  • Josh Flippo
  • Dave Stossel
  • Joe Birkell

Fox has basically confirmed Thomas’s details of who was at the meeting, but for legal reasons does not want to answer many questions about it. Fair enough – I didn’t push her on that. Since Defango and Thomas were both subpoenaed, it seems a reasonable assumption that she has been asked to give a deposition as well.

Thomas said that Joe Birkell was connected to Blackwater. TS didn’t directly answer my question about Dave Stossel being related to Fox News host John Stossel, but did let me know about John’s current medical condition. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Blackwater is interesting here because of its founder’s connection to #PizzaGate. Erik Prince gave an interview to Breitbart immediately before the 2016 election and became one of the main initial promoters of the story linking Hillary Clinton to crime against children – later confirmed by information on page 294 of the 2018 Inspector-General’s Report. Prince’s sister Betsy DeVos was made Secretary of Education by President Trump. Erik Prince has been linked to Mueller witness George Nader, who was found to be a repeat offender traveling internationally with child porn.

Matt Couch (and if I’m not mistaken his colleague Josh Flippo) is connected to MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), as is Joe Rogan (very closely connected to both Jan Irvin and Alex Jones). Defango’s new padrón is also very into MMA, and was challenged to a cage fight in the Octagon by Isaac Kappy. Mindy Robinson from their crew is dating MMA fighter Randy Couture.

There is discussion on Reddit about “MMA’s mob connections“. Mobster John Gotti’s grandson is “MMA’s newest star”. Champion fighter Urijah Hall spoke out recently about “mafia shit going on in UFC”. A good history of the sport’s evolution is Sex, Drugs, Gangsters & MMA: Remembering Pride, UFC’s Wild Predecessor. I am not suggesting guilt by association, just highlighting some more coincidences for those counting. There are direct connections in this story, and around those direct connections there are also an enormous amount of coincidences. #CoincidenceTheory.

The Box Collapses

Fox shared a strange interaction with Thomas on the day of the meeting with Ed which made her uncomfortable.

This is sophomorish behavior, borderline sexual harassment since they are in a company together, but according to both Fox and Thomas she was the one financing ShadowBox which was only incorporated after this meeting. I asked Thomas to explain it:

Fox gave this Valentine’s Day card to Thomas in 2018

Further evidence has surfaced confirming some sort of romantic connection, though according to both parties it was unrequited:

Thomas does acknowledge here that he messaged Fox’s husband and that was wrong; however, he denies being responsible for messages posted on LinkedIn which have been shown elsewhere. I am not going to post that here, but it is another coincidence for us to count that her husband works for a company that Jason Goodman’s sidekick David Hawkins spent most of his career working for.

Fox says she was upset about the incident with Thomas and Trevor and quit ShadowBox as a result…but then “got drawn back in”. Judging by the Valentine’s Day card, things were back on track by February 2018. She funded the team with dinners and hotel rooms in Sugarland Texas. In addition, Ed Butowsky put Defango and Thomas up in a hotel suite at the Marriott for 60 days. That’s quite a lot of time to dedicate to one person’s reputation! According to Thomas, Fox also arranged his trip to Mexico to stay with Lestat, who designed the ShadowBox logo. Defango was supposed to deliver a couple of websites for clients who had paid, but was unable to – perhaps the festival season arrived?

Note that Fox is saying here that Trevor Fitzgibbon brought two friends with him who were spooks – meaning, connected to the Intelligence Community. Defango continually denies he has connections like this, while at the same time bragging about knowing the Director of the Keyhole spy satellite program, former CIA station chief and Marine Intelligence officer Robert David Steele, the Attorney-General of Texas, an Arizona Chief of Police, Shadow Brokers and a 33rd Degree Freemason in Florida. Recently

Manuel Chavez showed his achievement certificate thanking him for his service to IARPA, the Intelligence Community’s version of DARPA. So to me, I believe Fox’s characterization of these guys as spooks. Thomas said at least one of the people present was an Army Ranger.


Shadowbox split up and they all stopped working together, then Fox registered the trademark for Cicada 3301. This appears to have been at the prompting of Defango and Lestat, who wanted to keep it out of Thomas Schoenberger’s hands.

It may have also been a present that she decided to keep for herself:

The trademark specifically says that Cicada 3301 is an ARG: “Alternate Reality Games via the Internet”. Cicada 3301 is quite literally a LARP.

Note the use of an attorney in South Carolina. Fox refused to ask questions about why this location. Later in this article I will show she was entangled with Trish the Dish, George Webb and Jason Goodman, who shut down the Port of Charleston, SC from their YouTube channel with a fake dirty bomb story just a few weeks after the trademark was registered

The Cicada 3301 trademark is now in the hands of Primus LLC and Michael Levine, Thomas Schoenberger’s long-time composing partner who wrote the KitKat jingle and music for a Star Wars cartoon show with Seth Green. While there has been discussion of a rumored “Sony deal” for a feature film, my understanding is that a Cicada 3301 TV show is in the works.

This is an important factor to bear in mind when looking at this story: a battle over something that could potentially be worth millions of dollars. Money makes people lie, cheat, steal, threaten, blackmail, and worse. It appears to be a strong motivating factor behind the actions of some of the players.

The dirty side of politics, spin and propaganda and psyops, is another potential factor at play. Was everyone involved in this story being upfront and honest with each other? Or were some being manipulative?


Fox is very interested in WikiLeaks. This week Julian Assange appeared in court in the UK, barely able to speak and having difficulty understanding what was going on. Perhaps triggered by this, or perhaps in a totally random coincidence, Fox went on Lestat’s channel to talk about Thomas.

WikiLeaks is actually a common thread connecting many of these characters.

Defango tried to get involved with WikiLeaks via the Unity4J movement. They kicked him out. Lestat, who seems to vacillate between working for these people and betraying them, claimed this was because Defango created an online store and tried to embezzle donation money meant to free Julian Assange. #YMMV. Do your own research, as always, this is someone who knows the guy personally, collaborated with him for years and even took hush money from him. I’m not saying you have to believe him, he lies about me frequently. At the same time, I have no reason to disbelieve him on this, it certainly sounds plausible.

Defango’s partner Trevor Fitzgibbon also got himself entangled in WikiLeaks. For a while he did PR for Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and Michael Ratner. He is connected to the Center for American Progress, founded by John Podesta. Conflict of interest, much? He has had a long working relationship with David Brock, founder of Media Matters and ex-boyfriend of James Alefantis. These people are literally the *ground zero* of #PizzaGate.

Defango was tied up with his former attorney Steven Biss, who is representing Robert David Steele (multi-time Defango show guest) in his lawsuit against Jason Goodman (also very mixed up with Defango). Thomas Schoenberger introduced Steven Biss to #RussiaGate’s Carter Page. He denies Lestat’s claim that he introduced Biss to General Michael Flynn. Biss was the lawyer for former House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes in multiple social media defamation suits including $300 million lawsuit against a Twitter troll account “Devin Nunes Cow”.

Steven Biss’s wife Tanya is good friends with Nora Maccoby. She has been found giving large superchats to YouTube truthers to promote messages favorable to the Maccobys (she denies their connection to Laura Silsby and Friends of the Orphans in Haiti). I had a falling out with Jan Irvin immediately after he started interacting with Nora in the wake of the #PizzaGate revelations from WikiLeaks. Her brother Max Maccoby was James Alefantis’ lawyer. Their father Michael Maccoby is connected to the Frankfurt School and MKULTRA doctors like Henry Murray (OSS) and Timothy Leary (CIA). He is the top psychiatrist in Langley. Nora made a video about growing up in a CIA family in a CIA neighborhood – which happens to be the neighborhood where Comet Ping Pong is located.

James Alefantis with Nora Maccoby
James Alefantis with Izette Maccoby Folger

Jason’s ex-partner George Webb claimed to be a WikiLeaks source, involved in dropping thumb drives to Michael Ratner and John Jones (both now dead, just like George’s former partner/sidekick Jenny Moore).

WikiLeaks lawyer Michael Ratner’s sister Ellen turns out to be Ed Butowsky’s source for information connecting Seth Rich and WikiLeaks, which is now the subject of multiple lawsuits from the Rich family.

I don’t dispute that Ed Butowksy has told the truth…how would I know? It seems strange that truth-tellers need a cyber militia supporting their narratives with #FakeNews and LARPing.

Butowsky and George Webb are both connected to respected journalist Seymour Hersh, who claimed to have inside FBI sources about the “Seth Rich files” that may well have actually been George Webb & co (although according to Ed Butowsky Hersh claimed his FBI source was George’s nemesis, disgraced FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe – which makes the relationship between Webb and Hersh highly suspicious) . Hersh’s phone call with Butowksy was leaked to the media by Cassandra Fairbanks and promoted by WikiLeaks.

Butowsky claims he reached out to help the Rich’s because they have the same Rabbi. See Part 2 for more details.

Jason Goodman’s mentor and frequent co-conspirator guest Jerome Corsi was singled out by the Mueller investigation for his own ties to WikiLeaks. He is prosecuting Robert Mueller in a “Citizens Grand Jury” on Crowdsource the Truth with other frequent guest Larry Klayman as his attorney.

Roger Stone, InfoWars contributor, swinger, NXIVM advisor and friend to George and Jason, got a dawn raid from the FBI for his entanglement with WikiLeaks.

Roger Stone looks happier to be with George Webb than Goodman & Corsi

Stone was talking about WikiLeaks with radio host Randy Credico.

Jason Goodman and Trish the Dish flew to London in June 2017 and met with Wikileaks ambassador Craig Murray outside the Ecuadorian Embassy.

As soon as George Webb and Jason Goodman got together (introduced by Lee Stranahan), they did an interview with Trevor Fitzgibbon, who was also PR guy for the late Michael Ratner.

Were infiltrators trying to insert themselves into Wikileaks? Or was Wikileaks always made up of political operatives with ties to the Intelligence Community?

Lee Stranahan is a registered Foreign Agent. In 2017 he was working for Russian propaganda outfit Sputnik and proclaiming himself an expert on #Ukraine long before it became a mainstream news topic. Both he and Ed Butowsky have ties to Steve Bannon’s Breitbart operation, which was created in Jerusalem.

Here’s a refresher on him in case you missed Part 2 of this Series:

George Webb and Jason Goodman both appear to speak fluent Russian. Jason Goodman was married to a Ukrainian and was CEO of a drone company Aerocine, famous for flying high-definition camera drones over Chernobyl, Ukraine around the time of the Maidan Revolution. Jason Goodman’s former social media director is now running a drone company with a board almost entirely made up of IDF leaders. One of the worst cyber virus attacks in modern history originated out of Ukraine in 2017, targeted at the Maersk Shipping Line the same month they became victims of CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER – a different kind of cyber-attack launched in America featuring George, Jason, Trish and Dr Corsi. Jason Goodman is Defendant in multiple lawsuits relating to CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER. One filed in South Carolina was moved to New York and assigned to a judge who was appointed by Robert Mueller as Special Counsel to the FBI. See our 2018 story Was Charleston Dirty Bomb Hoax an FBI Operation?

Did this crew of LARPers play a role in Roger Stone’s sentencing to 40 months in prison for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s claims about his WikiLeaks entanglement? Did a relationship between Stone and WikiLeaks ever really exist, or was he led to believe that by the LARPers? Or was the relationship in fact real, but they tried to cloud it with a smokescreen of disinformation?

Why did Stone go to jail but not Corsi?

The coincidences pile up when you consider Ed Butowsky’s relationship with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, and George and Jason’s targeting of Imran Awan – including the intervention of extreme legal significance to the case described by Awan’s attorney on Jason’s YouTube show.

Did Defango Do #GayOps on Kim Dotcom?

Kim Dotcom has claimed he was targeted by the Obama administration for being a major donor to Wikileaks. He has a 9/11 connection that not many people know about:

Kim Dotcom claims to have known Seth Rich was the DNC leaker. He predicted on Bloomberg TV in 2015 that Julian Assange would be Hillary Clinton’s biggest problem in the 2016 election.

It seems that somebody tried to frame Kim Dotcom for an amateurish attempt to hack the emails of the Rich family. More #GayOps from these wannabe black hats?

Open Letter From Kim Dotcom to the Family of Seth Rich via documentcloud

Kim was allegedly in the YouTube chat of Crowdsource the Truth one night with George and Jason, at the time the Seth Rich Files LARP was launched. This inspired many of the videos and remixes that helped introduce Jason Goodman to the truther community.

How Do We Launch An Old Dude as a YouTube Truther?

Since that time, Crowdsource the Truth has become the go-to place for old people with Deep State backgrounds to reinvent themselves in this new world of superchats and patreon subscriptions.

Weaving The LARP Webbs

Fox was friends with Trish the Dish, an early member of Crowdsource the Truth. Then she claims that Trish and Jason Goodman “targeted” her and the White Rabbit.

According to Queen Tut (see: CryptoBeast #16 – Queen Tut Spills the Beans), who did many shows on Jason’s channel, Trish left the Crowdsource the Truth team over Jason’s predilection for young girls.

Before that happened, Fox claimed that Trish fell in love with “Vetter” – an Internet account she didn’t know in real life. Fox is now claiming that Thomas Schoenberger is Vetter (aka ChristWins). I have no idea or insight I can give you, but perhaps others can in the comments.

Supposedly this is a message to Fox about Trish, from Vetter

Trish and Fox were both participants in the chat on George Webb’s show, part of his community. When George first met Jason, he was not livestreaming. Jason started putting their shows out on his channel, and that was one of the primary ways that Crowdsource the Truth grew. George’s audience quickly became Jason’s audience. George had built up quite a large following who were craving longer shows than his “man on the street” format allowed.

It did not take long between the time this crew got together and big stuff going down in the #LARPWar. The Port of Charleston got shut down, the Maersk shipping line got hacked by a virus originating in Ukraine, Who Spoofed the Seth Rich Files went viral…it was all happening in June 2017. This was also the time that the Mueller investigation was kicking off.

The story below of how Matt Couch’s intel drop from a “CIA source” was passed through alternative media channels then held up as factual shows how these LARPers operate in packs. One of the consequences of this particular operation was further promoting Jason Goodman, helping him paint the “victim narrative” that he uses as a smokescreen for his outfit.

Defango dropping the information while Dave Acton was on the line was perhaps an attempt to taint Dave by associating him with faulty intelligence – a similar attack vector was used by Robert David Steele against Alex Jones with his “slave children on Mars” LARP. Defango would later say “this came up in my call with Dave Acton”, maybe trying to add credibility to the tale.

Defango Somebody added some new elements to the story and then it surfaced on the Chans.

The Progressives were doing exactly this kind of information laundering with the Steele Dossier, Fusion GPS and Crowdstrike (founded by George Webb’s colleague). It’s just they had corrupt members of the FBI, CIA, State Department, DOJ and foreign intelligence services working on that mission. This LARP had Defango, Frank Bacon et al. The operators were different but the methodology was very similar.

LARPs Have Consequences

Why spend so much time looking into LARPs? These LARPs connect to the biggest stories of our times, WikiLeaks, Seth Rich, Ukraine, RussiaGate, PizzaGate, PedoWood, NXIVM, Epstein.

The characters may come across as mere YouTubers, but now we know that there is money changing hands behind the scenes and people who appear on the surface to be independent are actually connected together in networks collaborating on projects. For what purpose? “Reputation Defense” to me is like “anti-virus” software. We all know the virus companies make the viruses, even if that’s difficult to prove. Having an army of cyber-trolls sure puts you in an interesting position to run a protection racket, and there is evidence in the behavior of some of these people to indicate that is how they operate.

Lestat has been on a months-long smear campaign against me. Both he and Defango have turned on their former boss Thomas, and now bizarrely claim that he is my boss. I haven’t had a boss since I was 22 years old. Thomas is one of many sources I have interviewed for this multi-part investigation. The more I see him being attacked by the same people who lie about me, the more I sympathize with him. I thought Fiona Barnett got it bad from Internet stalkers but I have never seen someone under such relentless attack as Thomas, who was a private individual until he was doxxed by Defango in 2018 in what looks like an attempt to wrest control of the Cicada 3301 trademark away from he and his friend Michael Levine.

When Lestat published his latest lie about me, at first I turned the other cheek:

I let that slide, but they doubled down on it when Lestat had Fox on his show earlier this week:

…and then Fox came after me on Twitter:

Reading someone’s LinkedIn profile is stalking? This seems a pretty extreme position. Why have a LinkedIn page if you don’t want people to read it?

Fox may claim that she “just wants to be left alone”, but this does not gel with her coming out of the woodwork to join in Lestat’s false narratives against me. I left her alone, and in return she lied about her interactions with me. Is it just another coincidence that Jason Goodman and Jan Irvin were also pushing the exact same #FakeNews narrative – that I run teams of trolls and sock puppet accounts to smear people – on the exact same day?

This tweet could be read in multiple ways. Is she admitting that she has a dedicated group of trolls working with her to do her bidding? Certainly, her team has multiple sock accounts. Is this a threat that she intends to use them?

She cries “I don’t want drama”…but later on that same day, she injected herself into it using one of her own sock puppet accounts @foxfire3131 – which has now vanished. They arrive, they attack, they spread disinformation, then they delete the account and pretend nothing ever happened – while accusing others of their own misdeeds. Honest people don’t need to behave that way.

Although the account had 0 followers, I was incorrect in saying on Twitter that it was brand new. She’d had this sock puppet in her arsenal since last Christmas:

Here she is tweeting out her full name herself. So why does she now claim it is “doxxing” for me to quote Thomas saying “Beth”? I will address these issues more in the next part to this series.

Fox did not attack alone, she came with a team which included at least one witch. They made a hashtag #IStandWithFox for their campaign and even their own standard:

Part of the team’s activities was false narratives:

As she was making these false statements, SharkBellyKelly blocked anyone that could challenge them.

I have already posted evidence above of what actually happened. Both Thomas and Fox tell the same story, and you can read the actual messages between the people involved in this post. The truth is different from what Kelly is saying here. Why did she feel compelled to weigh in with a false narrative even though she has no direct knowledge of the situation?

Lestat can call me all the names he wants but he did not actually post any evidence in this Tweet, it is a lie prima facie – no further digging required.

Fox put up the money to bring everyone together and start ShadowBox. Unless she got that money from some other source (an agency, perhaps?) there was no other financier. She is the only person known to have paid any expenses in relation to this ShadowBox idea and team. If there was somebody else then they are welcome to show the evidence for that. There should be receipts, bank transfers and so on. Hotel bills rack up quickly. People were flying to Texas, Mexico, New York. Trevor Fitzgibbon allegedly got $11,000.

Even if you buy Lestat’s claim that Fox was unable to make her own financial decisions and was pushed into everything, it was not Thomas’s money being spent. It was not Lestat or Defango’s money. Either Fox was the financier – or it was not her money. Which then begs the question…whose money was it?


Perhaps Fox is trying to distance herself from this operation given the many lawsuits around it. While I am sympathetic to such an objective, that does not give her the right to lie about me and misrepresent our interactions.

Fox has been a good, albeit sometimes reluctant, source for this series. She has answered most of my questions, but not all of them. I believed her claims on Lift the Veil that her vision for ShadowBox was a positive thing. She came across to me as a nice person who perhaps got wrapped up in a complicated emotional situation, which then fell apart. She seems to have been manipulated by all the men around her, Thomas, Defango, Lestat and Trevor in particular. Although there does seem to have been a romantic entanglement inappropriate for a married woman, Thomas told me he never slept with her.

There is a campaign on the Internet to label me as a friend or associate of Thomas Schoenberger, part of his “gang”. Therefore any time he is accused of stalking I get tarred with the same brush, because they say he is a gang-stalker and therefore he must have a gang and therefore I must be in it. I have never even met the guy, and therefore I’m in no position to endorse or judge any of his actions. I have hundreds of great friends, I’ve met all of them and I know what all of them look like.

TS is his own man and makes his own choices in life. If he wants to defend himself on social media, that’s on him, not me. Remember that these people pointing fingers and screeching the loudest now, Fox, Defango, Lestat, all knew him personally and DID work with him – loved him, even.

On the one hand, Thomas has always acted like a gentleman to me. He has answered difficult questions, supplied evidence to back up his claims, and introduced me to witnesses who provided further verification. His stories have remained consistent over time, including as new details have emerged from third parties. That’s what happens when you tell the truth. There is no question that there is a campaign to demonize him, but that doesn’t automatically make him a demon. On the other hand, the people behind the campaign attacking Thomas are some of the shadiest characters I’ve ever come across, and many of them also attack me with lies – in gangs. Where is their evidence? Where is their integrity?

Fox is now playing the role of a traumatized victim of Thomas’ stalking. This narrative is lapped up by Lestat and his audience, because it is the one they have been pushing heavily since ShadowBox fell apart. Fox should develop Cicada 3301 with Defango and Lestat, Thomas is evil. Michael should be shut out and forced to disavow Thomas. Anyone who refuses to denounce Thomas is evil and works for him as a gangstalker. I call this The Narrative. There is some evidence these people have shown to support this narrative, but there is also much evidence against it.

There are always at least two sides to every story, and I have gone to great lengths to get all the different sides to this one. I am sharing it all with readers here as best as I can, there is a vast volume of information. Unpacking it to make it all simple, to describe it in a sentence, is easier said than done.

Basically, it’s a love triangle gone wrong, with a Hollywood story as an underpinning. That’s how I see it.

Who’s right, Thomas or Fox? Is Thomas evil and Fox good? Or are Defango, Lestat, Bobby, Daniel Doud, Monkey Savant, Cheri the good guys, trying to make the world a better place?

I simply can’t see this story in such simplistic terms. To me, there is wrongdoing everywhere I look. There are also good intentions. I really think all of the people involved here see themselves as good people, even though they point fingers at the others as being the worst, “garbage people” as Defango likes to call his critics.

People scream at me on Twitter about Thomas’s past convictions, yet conveniently overlook the rap sheets of many of the other people involved. To some this information from the past is relevant, but I am specifically focused on the disinformation campaigns that have been running in the alt-media for the last three years or so. I don’t consider what happened in the Nineties and Noughties to be part of the story. I’ve met people from all walks of life and I try not to judge others on past mistakes. What I see them doing in the present is how I assess their character. Are they honest? Do they play games? Are they LARPing?

Who is telling the truth? Can they back it up with any evidence? Who is lying? How many times have they been caught lying in the past?

Who puts these plan together? Who came up with the money in the past? Who is financing things now? How does Defango get a spare Bitcoin to offer as a reward for Thomas’ “capture”? Since when are there nationwide manhunts for probation violations?

The main weapon in the Information War is deception, distraction, disinformation, discrediting, disruption. The warriors behind it are trying to divide and conquer, creating chaos then attempting to polarize groups around opposing positions.

There is only one truth. Present all the evidence, let’s get to the truth. We can get there together. There are no ad hominem attacks here, that’s a sign of a person who doesn’t have an argument. We don’t need screenshots out of context: show us the whole email, the whole conversation. You want to offer an opinion, spin up a narrative? Go right ahead. Just show us the facts that you’re basing it on. Give us Muh Citations.

Truth is the way to fight LARPs. #RealResearch

In the next part to this series I will respond to the false allegations Fox, Lestat and the rest of their gang have made about me – as usual, and in stark contrast to my opponents, with evidence.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

LARPWars Part 2 – Moving the Goalposts


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Part 1 – Proliferation of Lawfare

Some big things have happened recently in the #LARPwars lawsuits.

We are talking about three cases that intersect in dramatic ways:

  • Dave Acton vs Jason Goodman, Southern District of New York (same district as Jeffrey Epstein and Anthony Weiner trials)
  • Robert David Steele vs Jason Goodman, Patricia Negron and Queen Tut, Eastern District of Virginia (same district as Julian Assange trial)
  • Aaron Rich vs Ed Butowsky, Matt Couch, District of Columbia (same district as Imran Awan trial)

The main issues at stake in these three cases (DC, VA, NY) are:

  • can anyone say anything about anyone on the Internet, with no consequence, and no need to substantiate their claims with evidence?
  • can people with no assets and no job lie to attack the livelihoods of people with jobs, with zero repercussions?
  • is it OK for government agencies to send LARPers onto YouTube and other social media channels to spread disinformation?
  • is it OK for government agencies to shut down critical infrastructure like ports using agents provocateur and crowd-sourcing methods like “flash mobs”?

I would say the answer to all those questions is a resounding NO, and that’s why I’m interested in these cases.

Dave Acton is representing himself Pro Se and is presenting a well documented case of law in a strategic manner. Aaron Rich’s attorneys also seem pretty good. Patricia Negron just changed her attorneys.

Jason Goodman claims to be representing himself Pro Se, but he’s very close with Larry Klayman who sued his own mother and is currently suing Robert Mueller for $350 million on behalf of Jerome Corsi. Steele’s lawyer Steven Biss is suing Devin Nunes Cow (an anonymous Twitter account) for $250 million on behalf of Devin Nunes – who is about to receive all the classified docs from #SpyGate.

There’s no word on if any of the defendants of these cases would ever be able to pay such sums, or if the Plaintiffs were really damaged that much by the underlying events.

Defango and Jason Goodman both speak publicly like they are experts in legal matters but don’t ostensibly have attorneys, nor do they give the impression that they actually read the court documents. #ReadTeam

It’s a big story with much to unpack, and every day I don’t publish it there are new developments to the story to be incorporated. There are going to be more parts to this series.

Steele v Goodman, EDVA

The judge ordered a pre-trial conference to see if the parties can reach a settlement. Jason Goodman does not consent:

Source: US District Court, EDVA Case 3:17-cv-00601 MHL Doc 146, via Tracking Meroz

On July 23 George Webb’s brother served the Court in Virginia with a Praecipe (notice) that he intended to lodge an appeal with the 4th Circuit.

Source: US District Court, EDVA Case 3:17-cv-00601 MHL Doc 151, via Tracking Meroz

Once again, Defribillator Dave seems to have injected new life into this case. Two days later, the Virginia judge finally made a ruling on Acton’s motion to intervene, denying it with a 24-page memorandum opinion which seems to have been crafted with future appeals in mind.

The Virginia Judge M. Hannah Lauck then sternly rebuked the Plaintiff’s attorney Steven Biss and Defendant Jason Goodman.

Source: US District Court, EDVA Case 3:17-cv-00601 MHL Doc 154 p9, via Tracking Meroz
Source: US District Court, EDVA Case 3:17-cv-00601 MHL Doc 154 p2, via Tracking Meroz
Source: US District Court, EDVA Case 3:17-cv-00601 MHL Doc 154 p8, via Tracking Meroz


Defango seems to think that the Virginia Court ruling that George Webb’s brother is not a party to the Steele vs Goodman lawsuit (which he never was) means his own involvement in these cases is done.

Not so fast: it seems Jason Goodman reported Defango to FBI special agent Brittany Custer in the Southern District of New York, and thanks to the Aaron Rich lawsuit there is an 12-person international team with current and former law enforcement personnel investigating these characters. Inspector Victoria spoke to Pillow Talk:

Defango claims a new date has been set for his deposition in the Aaron Rich lawsuit. I hope these depositions will be available to the public on PACER, or via FOIA.

One of Defango, Lestat and their crew’s associates @ZeladorPetroff , a violent felon facing terrorism and assault charges, just killed a cop in a shootout that left him also dead and his girlfriend wounded. [Update: Defango denies knowing Zelador]

Acton v Goodman, SDNY

George Webb’s brother publicly stated his intentions to appeal to the 2nd Circuit due to the judge’s conflict of interest in the SDNY case.

Dave Acton wrote a letter to Jason Goodman, copied to the court, asking for his agreement that the judge should recuse due to Goodman’s involvement with Israeli intelligence assets collaborators Larry Klayman and Jerome Corsi, who not only are suing Robert Mueller for $350 million, but have created their own Citizens’ Grand Jury to indict him – promoted and seemingly sponsored by the Crowdsource the Truth operation.

Source: US District Court SDNY Case 1:18-cv-08653-VEC, via Tracking the Leopard Meroz

The judge in the Acton v Goodman SDNY case Valerie Caproni was appointed by Robert Mueller as General Counsel of the FBI.

In August 2003, FBI Director Robert F. Mueller named her General Counsel of the FBI.[4][1] Caproni played a leading role in limiting the involvement of FBI officials in interrogations of Guantanamo captives when interrogators from other agencies used “enhanced interrogation techniques“.[5]

… John Conyers, Jr. (D-Mich.) [6] issued a statement calling upon FBI Director Mueller to take immediate action to punish and fire those in the FBI Office of General Counsel headed by Caproni, who had unlawfully used exigent letters and provided legal advice that was inconsistent with federal law.

House Judiciary Committee Chair John Conyers, Jr. (D-Mich.)’s statement:[7]

“Today’s hearing showed that the FBI broke the law on telephone records privacy and the General Counsel’s Office, headed by Valerie Caproni, sanctioned it and must face consequences…Valerie Caproni…approved [the] continued use of exigent letters and provided legal advice that was inconsistent with federal law…In some cases agents sent letters with information known to be false.”[8]

Source: Wikipedia

Jack Posobiec spent a year as an interrogator at Guantanamo Bay, without these FBI limitations. We’ll get back to him later.

Since Acton has already filed documents in this case highlighting the relationship between an FBI contract informant and Jason Goodman’s participation in the Clear and Present Danger dirty bomb hoax LARP, this association between the judge and the FBI seems a conflict of interest in itself.

Dave’s latest filings (Documents 80 and 81) propose the disqualification of the judge due to an even deeper conflict of interest.

Ref (a) here is Robert Mueller:

Source: US District Court SDNY Case 1:18-cv-08653-VEC, Doc 80 p8 via Tracking Meroz

You see, Jason Goodman recently hosted a couple of shows on his Crowdsource the Truth channel with his legal buddy Klayman and mentor Jerome Corsi, “Citizen’s Grand Jury to Indict Robert Mueller”.

Source: US District Court SDNY Case 1:18-cv-08653-VEC, Doc 81 p3 via Tracking Meroz

Is it a coincidence that this case was reassigned from South Carolina to Mueller’s hand-picked FBI legal head in New York? The optics suggest this judge might have stalled the case, there has been no word from her since her Order To Show Cause with a January 30 deadline.

Source: US District Court, EDVA Case 3:17-cv-00601 MHL Doc 65, available at Tracking Meroz

Acton has notified the Court that he will be filing a Writ of Mandamus to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, basically asking them to use their power to hurry the judge along.

Source: US District Court, EDVA Case 3:17-cv-00601 MHL Doc 79, via Tracking Meroz

Stay tuned to this case, we are expecting more drops on Tracking the Leopard Meroz next week.

Rich v Butowsky/Couch, D.C.

The case of Aaron Rich vs Ed Butowsky, Matt Couch et al has some significant new developments.

Aaron Rich’s attorneys canceled Defango’s planned deposition. He’s convinced that it is still going to happen at some point in the future, but i’m not so sure [Update: Defango says there’s a new date, but AFAIK didn’t reveal the date or location]. So far Defango has not been named as a Defendant in this case, so there is a good chance that none of the information he provided will be used.

Ed Butowsky has now claimed that Ellen Ratner told him she had met with Julian Assange for 6 hours in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, and Assange explained to her that they had paid Seth Rich and his brother Aaron for the 2016 DNC leaks. Ratner then conveyed that message to Butowksy and asked him to tell it to the family, which he did not do for several months.

Source: Lawflog

This revelation has already led to Brad Bauman dropping a separate lawsuit against Matt Couch. If the claim is true, it seems surprising that Aaron Rich would continue his suit…which makes me think it is not true, and therefore a desperate attempt to muddy the waters and cast blame on others. In a Court of Law, “he said that she said that he said” is called hearsay, and is not admissible as evidence.

Video has surfaced of Ratner herself seeming to confirm some key elements of this story:

Weaving the Wiki Webb

George Webb claims to have known Julian Assange since he was a teenager, and to have been a participant in delivering information to WikiLeaks by giving thumb drives to Michael Ratner, Ellen’s late brother. He did this from the Harvard Club at dinner with Jerome Corsi and Jason Goodman, calling into the Hagmann Report. Sadly Doug Hagmann’s son and #PizzaGate reporter Joe died suddenly just after Isaac Kappy and just before Tracy Twyman.

If Seth Rich leaked DNC emails to Wikileaks, this is bombshell news. Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report only mentioned Seth Rich once, to dismiss his involvement as a “conspiracy theory”:

Beginning in the summer of 2016, Assange and WikiLeaks made a number of statements about Seth Rich, a former DNC staff member who was killed in July 2016. The statements about Rich implied falsely that he had been the source of the stolen DNC emails
Source: Report on the Investigation Into Russian Interference In The 2016 Presidential Election, Special Counsel Robert S Mueller Vol I p48

Mueller instead ran with the “muh Russia” narrative cooked up by Robbie Mook and John Podesta, and launched as the Guccifer 2.0 LARP. Mueller’s team insisted that the Russian GRU were behind all the leaks – and this large GRU team were so incompetent that they seem to have gone out of their way to leave clumsy “Russian footprints” all over the documents.

This conspiracy theory has been debunked by experts, including Adam Carter (g-2.space), The Forensicator, and VIPS – intelligence community professionals led by former NSA Technical Director William Binney. The “Russian Troll Farm” IRA was also exposed as a US propaganda operation by The Saker.

Robert Mueller, Jeffrey Epstein, General Flynn and LARPwars

What does Robert Mueller have to do with LARPwars, you ask? Well, funnily enough, all of these cases seem to intersect. The players you may think are just individuals streaming on YouTube in fact interconnect to some of the biggest “active measures” propaganda operations that have been conducted on the American people in history. Seth Rich, Spygate, RussiaGate, Guccifer 2.0, InfoWars, PizzaGate, NXIVM. These are not just some LARPs dreamed up by 4chan trolls for l0lz. These are carefully crafted psychological operations with political objectives, media collusion and substantial (and almost invisible) funding.

We are seeing a proxy civil war in the intelligence community being conducted by YouTubers and social media sock puppets.

Bibi Netanyahu, who would sleep in Jared Kushner’s bed when he visited New York, is using Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest to attack his political opponent Ehud Barak, who was introduced to Epstein by Shimon Peres.

George Webb attended some of Epstein’s parties in New York. His former room-mate was a US Secret Service agent who secretly videotaped some of these events.

Michael Flynn wrote glowing letters of recommendation for Robyn Gritz, and vice versa. Robyn Laird Gritz, mentioned in the Stratfor Wikileaks, has been a frequent guest on George Webb and Jason Goodman’s YouTube channels and is someone who claimed to be a friend of Jenny Moore but didn’t know her real name or have her phone number.

Gritz was liaison between FBI, CIA, DIA and other agencies. She is quoted on Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska’s Wikipedia page for an operation she supervised (reporting to Robert Mueller) where Deripaska supposedly spent $20 million of his own money trying to rescue CIA agent tourist Robert Levinson who is imprisoned in Iran. Deripaska is one of the first people Bruce Ohr contacted trying to beef up support for the Steele Dossier; he dismissed their theories as laughable, the FBI ran with it anyway.

This week documents came out confirming Susan Rice’s earlier testimony that Attorney General Loretta Lynch and DNI James Clapper signed intelligence documents approving spying on Trump with the full electronic intercept powers of the NSA, months after he legitimately became President in an election where he won a resounding 304-227 victory.

General Michael Flynn’s intervention on behalf of Robyn Gritz sparked revenge retaliation from disgraced former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. The Gritz revenge story came out in 2017 from Hannity insiders John Solomon and Sara Carter.

George Webb has claimed since the launch of his YouTube channel that he was being persecuted by Andrew McCabe, and that as soon as McCabe resigned he would stop. McCabe was fired in March 2018, 26 hours before his formal retirement in a move targeted to deny him his Federal pension. George is still going strong.

George Webb had a falling out with Jenny Moore (Task Force) over her support for General Flynn. She was dead shortly thereafter.

Michael Flynn was business partners with Bijan Kian, an Iranian-American. Flynn, the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, and Kian were going up against exiled Turk Fethullah Gulen who runs a network of Islamic schools across the US and the world (see: Empire of Deceit). Gulen is a target of the current Turkish regime, accused of attempting a military coup there in 2016. Flynn and Kian were trying to get Gulen extradited from the US back to Turkey. Flynn was allegedly involved in a plan to sell nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia. Bijan Kian brokered a deal between Flynn and Israeli-connected crowdsourced intelligence corporation WikiStrat. This company pitched a social media troll farm operation to influence the election to Donald Trump’s campaign. There is no evidence that the Trump campaign signed up for anything like this, but Hillary Clinton’s campaign admitted they spent millions on David Brock-led cyber trolls to influence the election.

Did some of that Podesta/Brock/Clinton DNC money find its way into the LARPs of George Webb, Defango, Jason Goodman and others in this network?

Bijan Kian has been highlighted by a researcher I greatly respect Big Fish in several Twitter threads. George Webb has a research team which includes Big Fish, which has always seemed an odd pairing to me given that Big Fish is the hacker who found child porn on Comet Ping Pong’s web site and George Webb is friends with James Alefantis whom he calls “a good CIA guy”.

This week Bijan Kian was found guilty in the Eastern District of Virginia of lobbying on behalf of a foreign government (Turkey) without registration. Tracy Twyman had discovered the presence of an unusually high number of Turks in the campground she believed was stalking and threatening her.

In LARPWars Part One we covered Defango’s information provided in response to a subpoena in the Aaron Rich vs Ed Butowsky/Matt Couch lawsuits. Defango had teamed up with Trevor Fitzgibbon, who was friendly with David Brock up until his falling out with Jesselyn Radack. Radack accused Fitzgibbon of #MeToo harassment and then later retracted all her claims. Defango is thus directly connected to David Brock and also the ultra-liberal thinktank founded by John Podesta, the Centre for American Progress.

Defango “outed” Jesselyn Radack as the source of the DNC WikiLeaks, without providing evidence. He then shrugged his shoulders and said “guess I got the wrong blond chick” when Ed Butowsky made his claim it was Ellen Ratner (a brunette).

Defango and Fitzgibbons were business partners in a firm called Shadowbox with Thomas Schoenberger, who gave an 8-hour deposition for the Aaron Rich lawsuit in the District of Columbia. Thanks to Defango’s efforts, Thomas has now been named as part of Jason Goodman’s Conspiracy Theory defense in the Eastern District of Virginia lawsuit. Jason and Defango have essentially the same narrative, which is that anyone who criticizes them on the Internet must be part of some vast conspiracy against them and should be blocked from their chat and comments and investigated by the FBI. Wizard Defango has somehow hoodwinked Jason Goodman – whom he claims paid Bitcoin to someone to assassinate him – into thinking that the conspiracy Manuel imagines against himself is the same as the conspiracy Jason imagines are criticizing him, and therefore Defango’s enemies are Goodman’s too. Despite the claims of gang-stalking, death threats, even contract hits, Defango was only too happy to tell Goodman he would “say anything” in his case against Dave Acton.

Thomas Schoenberger has been previously involved in classified operations led by Bijan Kian, and claims that General Flynn knows of him from “stuff along time ago”. Thomas has not worked with the Pentagon since 2011. Since then he has been involved with Cicada 3301 which was founded by Linux Debian creator Ian Murdock (died suddenly in 2015 age 42) and Bruce C Clarke Jr, the former Director of the Office of Strategic Research for the CIA (died in 2014 age 88) – the original Q, one could argue. Bruce helped clean up 816 crooked agents within the CIA as part of Admiral Stansfield Turner’s “Halloween Massacre”

Thomas asked me to redact the other names in the email, but provided it as evidence that he was in contact with Kian in 2011.

A source that did not want to be named on record said that the Pentagon was running a TOP SECRET operation in Afghanistan with a team led by Kian called SPRING FORWARD. The operation was aborted when participants became Taliban targets. The timing coincided with the Arab Spring social-media fuelled revolutions (which I covered in Silicon Valley’s Secret Weapon – the Shadow History of Burners Part 7, Social Engineering on the Electronic Frontier). This source claims that Hollywood producer Warren Zide (American Pie, Final Destination) was part of the planned operation.

Thomas asked me to state:

Neither Pentagon, nor alphabets have a right to psyop the people.

 I have no affiliation with any active military operations. I deplore the way the CIA and other alphabets promote war agendas for the wealthy. People connect Bruce and I and try and raise negative shadows without realizing Bruce kicked out and prosecuted hundreds of CIA agents and officers alike.We need to dismantle the CIA and get honest about the foreign actors influencing our Government through honeypots, bribes, extortion, etc. The alphabets run the world. That has to change.

Say what you want about Mr Schoenberger, this is a goal that I agree with and support. What are the goals of the gangs of social media misfits who are constantly fighting to stop him? Whose side are they really on?

The Zio-Cons

Were some of these political operatives trying to infiltrate and disrupt WikiLeaks, the Seth Rich murder investigation, the Awan Brothers spying investigation, the Mueller probe?

Are they all part of DARPA or IARPA projects, FBI COINTELPRO, JTTF, JTRIG, DHS Fusion Centers, military Psyops (including Reserve Units), Fixated Persons Unit, or other #govLARPs?

Does this go beyond politics, government and the military-industrial complex? Is this about secret societies creating egregores and other social organisms? Works of Pan-ic art?

Are some of these LARPers associated with foreign countries looking to interfere in media and the Internet?

Defango admits to association with shadow brokers and secret societies, wears a Fez, proudly displays a certificate of membership of the Illuminati, claims to be part of a long line of Jesuits going all the way back to Loyola, says that his brother (now in the armed forces) threw a rock on his head as a child and as a result he got genius abilities and his family relocated so that he could enter a military program. He has also provided evidence that he is part of IARPA Project CREATE. He gets endorsed and retweeted by proud Zionists like sexual assault by Mueller hoaxer Jacob Wohl, porn star Mindy Robinson, and Napoleonic Anti-Semitism crusader Gabe Hoffman.

George Webb claims to be a proud Zionist and ally of Mossad – but “old” Mossad, French Mossad. He is seeking “a little of bit of compromise, a little bit of drug trafficking, a little bit of organ harvesting”.

George Webb claims to have many connections in and much knowledge of the intelligence community. I have been in touch with one of his closest sources over the past couple of years, who is indeed part of the intelligence community, inter-generationally. George also claims to be friends with James Alefantis and to have been involved with human trafficking in the Balkans in the 90’s, and that he was personally targeted by FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe after being compromised in BDSM sessions with porn star Janine Lindemulder.

Jack Posobiec admits to being a proud Zionist and former Naval intelligence. Steve Bannon admits the same. Jerome Corsi is part of the B’nai B’rith and has “above Mossad” sources in Israeli intelligence.

Jack Posobiec and his wife Tanya with Steve Bannon at the Zionists Organization of America. Both Posobiec and Bannon were Naval Intelligence
Note where Jack Posobiec sent this picture of an Aleksandr Dugin book from. There was no US election in the summer of 2017, so this was a different sort of campaign.

Robert David Steele admits to having worked in intelligence for the Marine Corps and the CIA and comes from a diplomatic family; he is critical of the Zionists.

Jason Goodman was called “an unwitting Mossad agent” by George Webb, who also used the same phrase to describe Lee Stranahan. Although Goodman denies ever being “paid” by Mossad, he has promoted hasbara narratives like the attack on the USS Liberty by Israel as being a US operation. His channel has more intelligence community guests than anyone else in the alt-media, and he was CEO of a company that flew reconnaissance drones over nuclear sites in Ukraine in February 2014, right when the Maidan revolution broke out.

Ed Butowsky says he got involved with the Seth Rich case because he was Jewish.

Butowsky is a writer for Breitbart. Andrew Breitbart founded his news business in Israel with Steve Bannon. George Webb has claimed that he was introduced to Jason Goodman by former Breitbart writer Lee Stranahan. Lee Stranahan has come out as “Anti-Q”, just like Defango, Jerome Corsi, Jack Posobiec, Dave Seaman and Alex Jones.

Enthusiastic Russian operative Stranahan has been friends with Jason Goodman for more than 20 years, is a propaganda agent reporter for Sputnik and writes a lot about Ukraine. On a recent Unirock show Stranahan said how much he loves getting pay checks from Russia. Uni’s big laugh, eyes cast down and stroking his chin when he hears that is telling.

Stranahan was called “Steve Bannon’s stooge” for being the journalist who “broke” the Guccifer 2.0 story and introduced the dirty trickster Roger Stone to the hacker – a move that led to Stone’s entanglement in the Mueller probe with a dawn SWAT team raid, described by Stone in “More People Sent to Arrest Me at My House Than to Secure the Benghazi Compound”.

Lee Stranahan has a history as a porno photographer; George claims to have been a sex slave and Jason has been described by former co-workers as a sexter and “Tinder groomer” with a proclivity for girls with “teen” in their age. Then there are the accusations of porn photography and a meth lab at a house in Florida Steve Bannon rented for his ex-wife…not sure of their veracity, but he did leave the White House not long after that story came out. Bannon has also been linked to Jeffrey Epstein.

According to a Shadowbox founder, Ed Butowsky’s biggest client is Zionist powerbroker Sheldon Adelson who donated more than $100 million to the GOP.

Butowsky is on the board of Reclaim, a conservative think tank with Steve Bannon and the Mercers. Robert Mercer is the main financier of the Council for National Policy, which I speculated was behind #QAnon. This group is also connected to Cambridge Analytica and their spooky parent SCL Group.

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After all George Webb and Jason Goodman’s crowdsourced investigations into the Awan brothers spy ring in Congress, multiple YouTube shows daily for years, Awan pled guilty to one count of making a false statement on a home equity loan and was sentenced to time served and three months supervision. You could say “well, it just shows that YouTube journalists can’t affect the justice system”, but in fact that’s not what happened. The way this team interfered with the case had a major and direct impact on the outcome.

Jenny Moore aka Task Force served George Webb’s lawsuit papers to Imran Awan and wound up dead less than 3 weeks later. Quinn Michaels and Jason Goodman did a show talking about adversarial networks where Jason said that Jenny Moore didn’t serve Imran Awan properly and probably wasn’t really dead. Marcus Conte crowdsourced that falsehood by getting the autopsy report, which contained information nobody knew about (a pacemaker) and didn’t have information everybody knew about (titanium rods in her back). We still don’t know who ID’d the body.

George Webb doxxed André Taggart and his wife, who rented a house from Awan and found blackberries and hard drives there.

George Webb deleted this comment from his YouTube channel, but our sources are quick with the archives. These LARPers lie, delete, block, ban.

Perhaps this was a warning to other whistleblowers considering coming forward in this case. Despite that, another one did. Laurel Everly rented a home from Awan and discovered an Internet connection to her property that she didn’t know about and some sort of electronic equipment running in a shed on the property.

Jason Goodman brought evidence to the DC Police that came to him through his crowdsourced investigation method. In my interview with Queen Tut we heard how Jason’s offensive behavior in the Capitol Police station resulted in this evidence being handed over to Awan’s attorneys, not the prosecutors. Here is Imran Awan’s attorney explaining the consequences of how this helped their case directly to Jason Goodman:

George Webb’s brother Dave was in the Air Force, built comms systems for the NSA, and sued the CIA in their biggest ever corruption whistleblower case – and won. He has served his country and community his whole career. He doesn’t want anything to do with any of the other people listed here. If it wasn’t for him their behavior would go unchecked, and probably become worse than it has already been. What’s worse than shutting down a port with a YouTube livestream LARP? Dave has suggested that a Wall Street panic could well be something considered as part of Jason and George’s “man in the street with a crowd” show formats. The value of US equities is around $30 trillion, so a 1% drop would hurt the country by $300 billion; and be worth many time more to someone able to anticipate it using derivatives. Looking at the number of shipping containers going through the Top 20 US ports, the Port of Charleston represents 4.35%. These LARPers have already demonstrated they can move the needle enough to create major chaos. Was Operation “Clear and Present Danger” just a dry run for the real thing?

Jerome Corsi, Roger Stone, Robert David Steele, Frank Bacon, Defango, Thomas Schoenberger, Dave Acton, George Webb, Jason Goodman, David Hawkins, Unirock, Quinn Michaels, Queen Tut…it’s quite a cast of characters that have been mentioned in these lawsuits so far. Most of them don’t even go by their real names! Fortunately the judge in the Eastern District of Virginia has already ruled that I’m not a party to any of it. I’m just someone interested in what is happening, reading the documents and watching some of the videos and sharing my opinion about it. Some people want to call me a LARPer for this; I invite them to show some evidence. If you think I promoted falsehoods, please cite them. Click the links in my posts – I provide references for all my claims. Always have, always will.


Trump confidant Roger Stone
Jason Goodman, Roger Stone, Jerome Corsi
Jerome Corsi, Q app developer Jason Coleman, and Pamphlet Anon in Washington DC. Source: Steemit
Defango claims to have invented Q, but also claimed Cicada 3301 invented it. His stories frequently change the more times he tells them.
Jason Goodman, Trish the Dish and George Webb got kicked out of this restaurant right after this moment. The birth of the “Who Spoofed the Seth Rich files” LARP.
George Webb and Jason Goodman meet with Jerome Corsi in his home office.
Robert David Steele, George Webb
Robert David Steele, John McAfee, Cynthia McKinney
Roger Stone, Robert David Steele. Steele raised $25,000 for his #Unrig campaign, then after the Port of Charleston LARP he blamed Jason and sided with George. Jason then proceed to label him “the Robber who Steals”, among may other slanderous things, which is the basis of his $24 million lawsuit against Goodman in the Eastern District of Virginia
Truth Convoy and Jerome Corsi. Related?

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