Re-Writing History for the Banksters

Art historian, PhD student Stephen Mack, has written an excellent de-construction of the Burning Man 2016 art theme at The Daily Dot. The Medicis had a unicorn horn in their art collection. Who knew! And BMOrg are playing fast and loose Lorenzo Mediciwith history. Who’d have thunk it!

Please read it in its entirety – here’s the conclusion for TL;DR:

There actually is something about this period of the Florentine Renaissance thatwould appeal to the Burning Man crowd: The Florentine art patrons believed genuinely in the idea that money could be spent virtuously and they felt that spending on art was virtuous. Several scholars have gone into this idea in some depth. I think that many people in the Renaissance looked to art to engage them in learned discussion—perhaps to contemplate morality, to visualize and understand religious concepts, and even, I think, to contemplate on the ideas of nature and of representation. Spending money on art wasn’t virtuous simply because it provided the masses with beautiful objects, but because, in the Renaissance (as in most periods), to engage with a work of art was, in effect, to seriously contemplate both the world they lived in and the spiritual world beyond this one.

I imagine that the organizers of Burning Man had this type of contemplation in mind when they conceptualized the “Turning Man.” I’m sure many bros will have wonderful acid- and shroom-induced journeys staring up at Turning Man, and may indeed come out of it with a challenged view of the world. This is a great thing. And, ultimately, it is for exactly this reason that we should spend money on art in the first place. (Well, not so much the drug-culture part, but the challenging-our-view-of- the-world part. Not that the drug part is so bad, either.)

But the fanciful utopian history Burning Man has written to underpin this journey is an utter farce. And rewriting history to our own ends is never a good thing. 

That said, the Renaissance did their own rewriting of history, too. The learned elites idolized Classical Antiquity in much the same fanciful way that Burning Man now idolizes the Renaissance. In this way—though it was likely unintentional—Burning Man actually has done a decent job emulating the Renaissance. 

Read the full article at Daily Dot.

In the last year the non-profit Burning Man Project – which we’re told was created as the ultimate gift to us, giving Burning Man back to the Burners – has assimilated other charities BRAF, Burners Without Borders, and Black Rock Solar. Control of these networks is now cemented in the grip of the Project and the Ruling Group behind it. The Rulers get to play Medici in the economy of Black Rock City. They bank all the money from the Gerlach festival ($34 million), tax free (even though it’s not a tax deductible deduction for us buying tickets). They take a gallery commission on art sold outside the Playa by Burning Man artists. They get a share of the revenues of more than 100 licensed vendors approved to sell things at Black Rock City. They grant about $800,000 in cash and a couple of hundred thousand “in kind” in their patronage of the arts. Most artists are expected to raise two-thirds to three-quarters of the project costs themselves. And work for free.

My sincere hope is this “creative Maker artist” theme flavor will signify a new era from Burning Man’s owners founders controllers. Let’s hope for much more generous patronage of Burner art from the Medicis Ruling Group, both visible and invisible. 10% of revenues would be a great start – and let the artists pay themselves.

We will get a hint of the direction we’re heading soon, when the long overdue IRS public filing for 2014 for the Burning Man Project is made public. Perhaps we will get to hear soon about some of the activities and achievements of the Burning Man Project in taking our contributions to execute its mission.



The Ten Year Anniversary of Burners Without Borders


Thanks to Jex from BMIR for writing this guest post. It adds to earlier stories we have published regarding Burners Without Borders:

Burners Storm The Jersey Shore

Superstorm Sandy Vs The Burners

Seeding The Future

3 months ago, Burners Without Borders got assimilated by the Borg. We hope this will lead to an expansion in the amount of good they do in the world.



The Ten Year Anniversary of Burners Without Borders

by Jex

During a recent online conversation on Burners.Me, I, as many do, found myself in what grew to be a heated discussion. Some of my final words included something of ‘why not focus on the positive in our community, showcasing volunteers and such?’. With these words, Zos offered me a voice via his publication to showcase said volunteers. A lovely opportunity to share my words on what may possibly be my biggest inspiration, as well as what I believe is a huge part of the pulse within the burner community. Thank you, Zos for sharing this piece and thank you in advance for reading…Burn Bright – Jexime, Production Director of BMIR – 94.5 Burning Man Information Radio.


Peru_BWB website

Ten years ago, on August 29th, 2005, the third largest hurricane ever recorded to make landfall on the United States showed its wrath on Louisiana and Mississippi. Hurricane Katrina, the namesake of this monster storm, peaked at a category 5 with over 175 mph winds. It left New Orleans 80% underwater, with a death toll of 1,577 people in the state of Louisiana, and another 238 fatalities in neighboring Mississippi. Katrina caused over 15 million people to evacuate their homes and left what may exceed an estimated 150 billion dollars in economic damage, with hundreds of thousands of citizens left unemployed, displaced, and homeless.

Hurricane Sandy Relief_BWB website

BWB Grant Program_BWB websiteTen years ago, on August 28th, 2005, Burning Man presented us with ‘Psyche’ – exploring psychology: self-expression, self-reflection and the unconscious power of dreams. Who are you? Who are we? What is this ‘we’, this ‘I’, we speak of so commonly on a daily basis? As burners pondered the very existence of their symbiotic relationships between I, we, and the power of dreams, a plethora of self-expressing art filled the clockworked city streets, giving unique avenues for self-discovery.


During this journey of self-reflection, as Hurricane Katrina simultaneously destroyed the lives of millions of people, one of the most important and phenomenal representations of Civic Responsibility was born. When word made its way through the dust of the devastation of Katrina, a group of burners discovered a profound sense of self and reflection of those in need. They headed straight to ground zero of the disaster area to help rebuild the destroyed communities.


Bayou_BWB website“As the volunteer numbers grew, they focused their initial efforts on rebuilding a destroyed Vietnamese temple in Biloxi, Mississippi. After several months, that job done, they moved to another needy Mississippi community, Pearlington, to continue to work hard – gifting their time – to help those in need. Over the course of eight months, BWB volunteers gifted over $1 million dollars worth of reconstruction and debris removal to the residents of Mississippi.”


This solitary event opened the doors to one of the greatest grassroots, volunteer driven, organizations to emerge from our ever growing community – Burners Without Borders. With a goal to empower local communities, BWB supports their volunteers from all around the world in finding creative solutions through community efforts to aid in disaster relief. They believe in the power of collaboration and community driven leadership to make solid and effective change. The BWB mission statement reads:


“BWB promotes activities around the globe that support a community’s inherent capacity to thrive by encouraging innovative approaches to disaster relief and grassroots initiatives that make a positive impact.”


Haiti_BWB websiteSince Hurricane Katrina, BWB has supported major global projects including; Will Ruddick’s project of Kenya’s alternative currency, Green Peace’s Water Patrol with several members of Buklod Ng Kabataan, the communities affected by the Colorado Floods, participation in a one month artist residency at Jakmel Ekspresyon in Haiti (a program set up and run by Su Frame, a Chicago based art educator and activist) as a response to the horrific earthquake to hit Haiti in 2010, relief for those affected by Hurricane Sandy, and a multi-year earthquake disaster relief project in Peru. BWB sets up programming for volunteers to contribute to ongoing efforts such as these, as well as offering $100-$1000 dollars in grant money every April for civic projects that make a positive impact.


Project Hope Art_BWB websiteAs the ever growing nucleus of Burning Man and its diaspora continues its shift, feeding upon the current state of our populous, us burners find ourselves at the target of hyper criticism and challenges to our foundation’s ethics. Drama saturated rants infest social media – shrieking cries of billionaire plug and play camps echo far and wide as if they were the Mordor of Burning Man, while playa famed EDM DJs curse the dust over power discrepancies. We shockingly discover our beloved Ten Principles are mere reflections of our own ideals, held so tight they started to fall, vowels and consonants shattering into shards of morals and attachments, leaving us holding our knees, shaking in deep Playa, desperately asking ‘whatever shall we do?’. We look to the creators to change what is quite possibly in OUR hands to change. Perhaps, Burning Man is our true mirror and the evolution of our precious world and the fate of our community is our responsibility? Our Civic Responsibility. Let’s say the Borg are not our metaphorical parents, but are the gatekeepers who give us the blank canvas to create what we desire to reflect. Rules are inevitable – we are a society of rules, whether we’d like to admit it or not. However, are these rules a reflection of the chaos we are impassioned by? Are we subconsciously choosing entropy as our community religion? Are we the destructors of our own world while struggling through cloudy vision, unable to see we have the ability to come together to create change?


A mindful and ever so humble suggestion: Look to the example of those who have come before you. BWB is a pure example of the power we have to create something fantastic, something mind-blowing, something truly capable of changing the world.   They are not just an organization working toward aid of physical disaster relief, they are a symbol of how community, solid leadership, and how the true sense of Civic Responsibility can create massive waves. Be the change you want to see, in whichever community you dance in. Start with your passion, connect with those like minds who share it, rid yourself of mental clutter, and watch what can unfold. You can add to the poetry of those who have come before you and contribute to building a better world.

Haiti_2_BWB websiteProject Hope Art 2_BWB website

“When we connect our passion to the community purpose, anything is possible.”

-Carmen Maulk, BWB


BWB_Infiinte PossibilitiesThis 2015 burn, we celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Burners Without Borders. May you continue to succeed exponentially, for many years to come. Thank you for the inspiration.


Visit to find out more and get involved!!


Image: Burning Man

Seeding the Future

A guest post by reader Nick Heyming, who has been inspired by Burns to create something phenomenal.


Burner Holiday

In the spirit of the holidays, here’s a story to make you remember what gifting and communal effort is all about. If you’re more interested in the latest on the commodification crisis or tickets, don’t bother, but if you want to read about burners who are taking the principles to a new level, read on.

The first place Nickipedia heard about the burn was in Biloxi, Mississippi. He was standing next to a large dome, a decorated bus, and a newly rebuilt buddhist temple. The man in front of him was Big Stick, a civil engineer and the head of heavy equipment and last arbiter of safety for all the amazing and sometimes dodgy construction projects people bring out to the playa. He was explaining about the event, the temple, the art, and how a huge group of them had driven straight out from the festival in 2005 to help rebuild after Hurricane Katrina.

Nickipedia, being a noob and kind of a dork, said ‘Wow, sounds like a great party’.

Big Stick looked at him with a scowl, and said, ‘Yeah, you probably shouldn’t go’.

Nickipedia quickly corrected himself, ‘Um, I mean, it clearly is a lot more than just a party. Sounds like a rite of passage or a spiritual…’

Big Stick cut him off ‘If you need a rite of passage, stick around here’. He gestured to the piles of debris littering the vacant lots surrounding the encampment. “There’s plenty of opportunity to come of age helping these people out. When you’re done with that, maybe you should come out to the playa and see what we build with that blank canvas and no code enforcement or FEMA in our way.”

The blunt attitude of the Burners Without Borders didn’t dissuade young Nickipedia from venturing out to the playa 10 months later. The efforts of BWB have been well documented in such films as Burn on the Bayou: . What many don’t realize is how many burners, both with BWB and on their own, have shown up to rebuild after disasters.

Ten years ago, when the tsunami hit Southeast Asia, thousands of volunteers from around the world poured into the area to lend their support. Many of them were backpackers and burners, looking to do more than just be tourists but to actually have meaningful exchange with the locals and leave a positive trace.

Founding members of Communitere ( and ), Hands On Disaster Relief, International Disaster Volunteers ( ), and of course Burners Without Borders ( )are regular attendees of Burning Man and go there not just to recharge but to connect with fellow volunteers they may not have an opportunity to see anywhere else.

The work the Burners do internationally is not just superficial: aside from serious engineering and sanitation projects, Burners frequently find themselves as hubs for interagency coordination. When well-spoken foreigners show up, doors open, and Burners are known for sneaking as many disenfranchised locals in when the opportunity presents itself. This can mean doing things like community-wide design charettes where people who never normally are heard get to voice their needs directly to decision-makers.

Burner making efforts for the greater good aren’t just limited to after disasters though. That little virgin Nickipedia who almost got told off at the beginning of our story? He ended up going to Burning Man in 2006, then again for a month with DPW and Black Rock Solar in 07, again with BRS and BWB in 08 (after appointing himself director of external relations for BWB in Peru for 4 months). He’s taking the lessons he learned rebuilding parks in Mississippi.

And creating community gardens in Peru.

To create a series of video games that educate people about sustainable gardening and farming practices. The goal is to mitigate climate change, solve world hunger, and help with internet and video game addiction. All using radical self-expression, communal effort, and leaving an awesome trace.

He’s in the last day of his crowdfunding campaign and they’re still a few thousand short, so if you think that sounds like something the world needs more of, support and share at

Although the crowdfunding campaign ended short, they are still going ahead with the project and trying to get support. Every little bit helps.
Nickipedia says:
I’m an ex-dpw and burners without borders disaster relief volunteer, been burning since 06 and was a recipient of the BRAF Stimulus Funds back in 08.  The project that funded, Growcology, has grown and spun off a video game Benefit corporation where we’re trying to use art and citizen science through the media of gaming to preserve biodiversity and mitigate climate change.We’re doing a crowdfunding campaign right now with just over two days left.  Just enough time for pagan, Christian, and atheist burners to push us over the top and support a project that came out of their community and promises to bring the principles to more people than the Simpsons and Malcolm in the Middle combined.
…There’ll be another campaign in 2015, a kickstarter.  In the meantime, Grow Games is just bringing on sponsors and investors through angel list.
Here’s some more information about Seeds: The Game and what they are trying to do. I think this is amazing, and really hope it takes off for them. Go Burners! This sort of thing is how we can help the world.

Let’s Go Outside and Play Together!

GrowGames has Three Goals for Food Action:

1. GAME:  #SeedstheGame are mobile games that teach you how to grow and then get you gardening outside in real life

2. JAM: Game jams connect you to local players to form or join teams and clubs to design, garden, and play together

3. THRIVE:  Receive useful tools and vibrant seeds through our rewards and for tackling challenges in the game and then use them to grow with your friends

20141111125250-1171724_296385270548209_201596367_n 20141117123951-cornseedshashtag 20141112120656-Screen_Shot_2014-11-07_at_4.38.04_PM 20141117114713-seedhands 20141117115143-background_018

Seeds is a Series of Mobile Games Created with YOU

We want to shift the way people use technology: instead of shutting you off from the world, our games showcase the most beautiful and amazing things growing around us and then challenge you and your friends to go out and find them in real life.
We LITERALLY put the tools, and the seeds, in your hands to grow the kind of garden you’ve always dreamed of.
Join us as a seed planter, designer or developer at a game jam, a beta testing player growing food with friends or action hero garden expert to level up your guild and share knowledge worldwide. Clues to gameplay are hidden in our series of videos starting with the first video above and releasing weekly every Wednesday in 2014. Come back to watch the updates and learn how to level up with Grow Games.


Connect Gardens Worldwide & Play an Ecosystem of Experiences

We connect gardens in gratitude with our shared heritage and we tell this story in our games.  Whether you’re an individual gardener or part of an established organization, this is your invitation to join us and get in first for our soundtrack of music, games, game jam events and actions in your area to grow together in guilds and food leagues.
Play now – use the hashtag #SeedstheGame to be in one of our next videos and earn points as we build the community!
Together with dozens of our favorite artists we are offering this limited edition game jam alpha release for you, straight from the best festivals and events around the world as a preview for music in gameplay. With your support we are launching a series of mobile games in 2015 and you will get the first download codes & access. The more we raise together, the faster we can produce this series for you.


Grow Food, Play with Friends, Save Money: GAME JAMS

We mix permaculture education, game design and community playtesting into local events to engage people who may be new to game development and gardening.
Some of our games like Symponix and Pested include great music – all of our games are tools designed to help you grow food together. We create together at game jams with community experts and game designers from many backgrounds.


Open Game Jam Access to Design with Us!

Join us at a GAME JAM to become a Grow Games Insider with special access as we develop this series of games – internships and design partnerships are welcome. This crowdsourcing harvest season is your opportunity to get first in line for game releases, downloads with the limited edition music jam.
Companies can go big with Grow Games to reach new people! Organizations and enterprises can sponsor game jam events with first access to market/shelf space in many games – the farmers market features prominently in gameplay.

Soundtrack benefit album + free downloads with all rewards over $13

As a thank you for helping us build these games we are producing a mix of our game music together with our favorite musical artists. You, the perfect beta testers, get the perfect seed album to start your garden adventures.

We are creating healthy homemade perks including custom food items with our gardeners and city farmers if we meet our goals. Stay tuned for our video releases every Wednesday including our PERKS video coming soon and help us sell out and share more SEEDS!

A Gratitude Garden Jam for you to enjoy anywhere 

Mixed by Jesse Wright (Lightning in a Bottle, Artist Director) joined by a huge harvest of artists with gratitude for all of their amazing hard work. We will be announcing artists every week and you can head over to our Soundcloud for more music to garden by.

Seed Packs & Special Gift Packs with Sensors

We are making gift baskets with special perks for our first beta testers and supporters including jewelry from artist Cristina McAllister, one of our character designers. Some of the perks listed include shipments of sensors for the home, school or community garden including arduino-based soil sensors and weather stations. Gameplay will help you link your sensors to play in coming iterations and we encourage you to make your own data centers in your garden to keep track of your soil health and climate needs for healthy gardens.

Early Bird Worm Specials & Farm to Table Play

Get in first for early access to the downloads and beta codes! Seed packs and special gift packs include extras to share. In-game our early worm will give you insight on your soil health and help you get in first for our games and apps even before they are released to the public. You can sign up to be an early playtester and come to our game jams to get involved in game and app development….plus get in on the secret prizes available only for the first week of this campaign.

Seeds Launch Party in Vista

In 2015 we will be hosting an event for our top crowdfunding supporters where they will receive all sorts of wild infusions of new seeds and special prizes. This will be a once in a lifetime event featuring many of the artists on our soundtrack album along with a full farm to table feast for the senses. You can schedule your own Farm to Table event with our expert chefs at the Emerald Village catering your feast for 16 from our gardens and farms to your table. We’ll help you grow new food at home.
Our games connect gardens, people and food systems worldwide.

This is our Gratitude Garden and You are Seeds in the Game.

We join you to host interactive events to activate your school or community play with food, water and soil systems -Your contribution now includes your first pass ticket in for events, music, games and experiences in 2015 and 2016 with Grow Games & #SeedstheGame. Take a pic and tag it now to start playing! We will be sharing your pictures in our supercuts throughout this campaign and game series.

Employee-Owned Social Benefit Game Company

Our biodiverse team is a Southern California Social Benefit Corp striving to be the first gaming B-Corp with a focus on global food and ecosystem resiliency:

  • We love games and create/play together at game jam events
  • Our team is a mix of women and men from all backgrounds and orientations
  • We are disaster relief geeks with 25+ years experience working with nonprofits, government, education and sustainable business practices
  • You can join us for events by sponsoring an award or bounty achievement at a development game jam in a city near you

Our nonprofit partners such as Growcology in Riverside and Project Nuevo Mundo host volunteer events where we partner to host a mix of game jam and educational events to level up real world gardening skills. We are happy to be working with great nonprofits such as the Seed Libraries Network and local food action and permaculture alliances. Join us at a game jam or local event to get started as a playtester, artist or game designer with Grow Games Interactive.

Action Engine EXPERIENCE with Food Systems

Our team includes amazing leaders in biodiversity and permaculture, technology and game development, interactive storytelling and educational applications.

GROW GAMES INTERACTIVE is a social benefit company in California:
Nick Heyming: CEO and Director of the Flow with experience in eco-friendly development and media, providing FLOW DOJO workshops as a premium reward for those who want to learn jedi arts with friends at home or at his ecovillage.
Evonne Heyning: Chair of the Board and Executive Producer ~ experienced with interactive production and games of all types, creative lead making limited edition jars of SEED JAM with homegrown pomegranate and lotus seed as a sugar-free spread.
Peter Kwok:  Technical wizard, operational lead and board member specializing in data integration with hardware and software experience from Apple to Google. Active gamer, designer and climate data/disaster response specialist.
Sonya Meline: Active in permaculture as culture-building through events and tech companies, focusing on great relationships and healthy organizational development as we grow
Michelle Perrales: Our volunteer and project coordinator with the passion for people, the planet and playtesting with our team, designing great user experiences and interfaces for action.
SOME OF OUR AMAZING ARTISTS (and more to be announced!)
Jesse Wright: A top headlining DJ at Coachella and Lightning in a Bottle, Lead music director and artist liaison for live music & DJs
Cristina McAllister: Character, avatar and fine artist with experience in tabletop and RPG gaming, crafting epic bugs and female heroes such as the Autumn Queen in our early prototypes
Nahko and Medicine for the People: Live music with a message for the people of the earth from the native voice
Imperial Highness:  Produced by FABIAN ALSULTANY with KAZUHIRO ITOH, the Globesonic world DJ’s latest project mixes global music masters
Al-Insan Lashley:  Interactive designer and artist for game board and posters
Mr. Lif: HipHop & Spoken Word artist with Terra Bella
Don Tipping:  Author, workshop and educational leader at Seven Seeds Farm
Native Seeds/SEARCH: Non-profit Indigenous Seed Saving and Education
Eric Stephens:  Gardening and composting expert and youth outreach

Daniel Goldman:  Founder/systems designer with SimCity/Maxis

Jon Everett: Project Manager/Flow master, Unity Developer and Animator
Kevin Byall: Senior CG Artist/Animator with SimCity/Sims at EA
Jacki Morie: 30 years interactive design/production for games and simulations, advisor and curator/producer for SIGGRAPH
Maya Zuckerman:  Founder of Transmedia SF, Interactive Producer
Marco Barrantes: Permaculture expert, Founder of La Loma Development
Bianca Chavez Memory Heyming: Native Landscaping and Storytelling Expert
Dr. Nicole Radziwill:  Technology/Computer Quality Systems + Climate Data, JMU
Dr. Victor Zordan:  University of California Professor in Video Game Production
Tom Munnecke: Systems design sensor advisor for hardware and internet of things
Ursula Leyva:  Permaculture education and level/achievement design, Spanish language learning specialist
Selena Wilson: Visual Artist, School Garden Liaison, Youth Outreach
Olivia Zanfardino: Advisor for Aquaculture, education and dashboards for data analytics with agencies and public sector partners


Manny, Tina, Mari, Blake, Hayley, Mario, Adam, Ariel, Dalia, Joshua, Thom, Toren, Chaos, Adam, Jessica, Natalia, Jesse, Selena, Mike and everyone at the Emerald Village, including our playtesting volunteers and field experts.

How We Work with You & Your Guilds

We are raising support to pay for stipends for our creative leaders who have given generously of their energy and to host GAME JAMS WITH YOU:
  • Our company will invest the first $20K raised in game jams to produce a series of design, strategy and development events with you where we produce game elements together with field experts.
  • The next $40-50K is invested in staff cost for hiring developers and production team from game jam talent, internships and awards for events including sponsored awards for the game jam series.
  • We aim to raise $100K for first app releases by 2015 from a mix of crowdfunding, angels and ecosystem product partners.
  • We have raised $25K so far to start Grow Games as an employee-owned social benefit company over the last year starting with a team of 3 and featuring hundreds of volunteers, playtesters and guest stars.

Be the First Expert, Plant a New Field

  • SOCIAL ACTION GAMING IS HOT: Ingress is challenging millions to make a map of the world’s art while losing weight taking portals.
  • We start with the SEEDS geo-play social action engine + mapping local food systems + games + garden experiences and make it participatory for all ages.
  • Field expert perks may include Grow Games moderator permissions for forums, sensors for community gardens and guilds, Eddefy expertise & knowledge sharing across the game network + honors and recognition in-game.
  • Talk to us about your integrated projects! We love teaching gardens.

#SeedstheGame Global Impact

Have you ever wanted to play a game that creates real value?

Playing Seeds the Game apps over the last year has saved our playtesters an average of $100 in food! Our games connect games and gardening to grow healthy ecosystems starting at home and in our neighborhoods.

When challenged by disaster, drought, outbreaks and epidemics:

  • Real-time data mapping of local food systems provides a lifeline
  • Global play can help eradicate pest challenges and adapt to climate change
  • Games and actions can be added to address specific, local, urgent needs
  • Special games and actions address organizational challenges as they happen

We are happy to meet with your organization to discuss mods and gameplay on top of your existing data sets and challenges.

A Story for Thrivable Futures
  • Our storytellers Bianca (English/Native American) and Ursula (Peruvian) share the importance of food, soil, water and ecosystem care from indigenous voices as climate-appropriate landscape masters
  • We are building on five years of educational experience in permaculture and food systems with Growcology, our partner for educational scholarships and design awards
  • Our action engine includes nonprofit and local food actions, connecting people to community gardens and opportunities to do more together

Take control of your food system….and get in a great flow perk!

Our intrepid leader Nick Heyming began this work after rebuilding in Cuzco, Peru and after Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana where he taught the basics of growing new systems and flow arts, the jedi training that mixes the art of the garden with movement arts such as fire and staff spinning. Only a few of his special flow dojo workshops are available in this campaign and he will come to you or you can come visit him at the Emerald Village for your customized flow workshop.

Send photos & videos #SeedstheGame to play

  • Tag your best food systems & garden work #SeedstheGame to be featured on our site, in weekly video series and in gameplay.
  • Indiegogo share tools make it easy to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest us as much as you wish. Run amok, don’t be shy. We love you too.
  • Join us at a game jam! We’re in Pasadena, San Francisco, Vista, Los Angeles and San Diego this month….Reach out and send us a message to join our crowdsourced game team @GrowGames and tag #SeedstheGame anywhere to share & connect.