Debunking Defango

Last week Defango tried to bully me into going onto his channel for an interview intended to destroy me (his words).

He has claimed that this site is full of disinformation. I have asked him to specify what he thinks is disinformation and supply his own evidence.

TL;DR: he lied 28 27 times in his “debunking” video, failed to demonstrate a single lie by me, and actually confirmed 6 statements here as true.

Here is his show.

To his credit, he did make some specific citations, which I will go through in this post.

To his detriment, he was unable to debunk anything nor provide evidence for ANY of his allegations about me, specifically:

  • that I committed crimes in Australia and the United States
  • that I used NSA hacking tools to reverse engineer competitors’ software in order to steal it
  • that I “stole” open source software
  • that I am responsible for lighting the fires currently devastating Australia
  • that I am a liar
  • that this web site is full of disinformation

He had his big chance to prove any of this, and could not provide a single shred of evidence supporting even one of these claims.

Meanwhile, in the majority of citations he made, he actually acknowledged that the information presented here was true.


Defango has now revealed that the “master plan” behind his show attacking me was related to a bombshell story from Jimmys Llama that has set social media aflame.

It is Part 4 of a Series. Part 1 The Rise of the Alt-Right, Part 2 How Trump Sold You on Fascism, Part 3 Operation Pizzagate

Defango apparently got advanced warning that this post was coming out and featuring information from my LARPWars investigation. By discrediting me, he could then use that to discredit the Gatekeeper story.

He also did a “Defango vs Unirock” 5 hour+ stream at the same time – starting the New Year by starting fights with other channels. Not clickbait: Dickbait.

Start the Lie Counter

Mr Chavez began with this February 2018 video he made claiming to be my friend.

He repeated on his new show the claim made in this older video that any bad ideas about him were put into my head by Nathan Stolpman from Lift the Veil, a show I’ve been on several times. This is false. My ideas about Defango have been formed by watching him for years, and observing as his narratives shift with the winds; not to mention being the target of his threats and malicious public smears designed to damage my reputation and future earning capabilities.

#DefangoLies 1 #OuttrimLies 0

He neglected to mention a key detail: that the video was made at the home of notorious Steemit troll Frank Bacon, who can actually be heard off-camera during the clip. Defango asks him “what are those things I was supposed to say, Bacon?” Even this video of friendship was clearly not genuine, something scripted by psyop fiction writers.

#DefangoLies 2 #OuttrimLies 0

Frank Bacon claimed credit for a devastating hack which forced the closure of a cryptocurrency business I was involved with, and threatened to hack this site also – all because he didn’t like what my guest Queen Tut said about him when I interviewed her for CryptoBeast #16, one of the more controversial podcasts I have done.

Defango stayed at Frank Bacon’s house in New Mexico for 3 days on his way to 60 days sharing a hotel suite with Thomas Schoenberger, allegedly financed by WellTraveledFox, as part of Operation SHADOWBOX (see our multi-part LARPWars series).

The chronology told by Bacon of Defango being at his house matches with the friends video. Unfortunately nothing else in his story does.

Silentpartnerio posted an “Introduce Yourself” Steemit post:

The triple brackets is reminiscent of the ((( ))) which is considered hate speech by the anti-anti-Semitism squad.

The metadata for this post shows a creation date of December 7, 2017.

The introductory post by Sophia Musik was dated February 17, 2018. The account creation date is Feb 16. Since the “friends” video was posted February 1, either Defango was at Frank Bacon’s house for more than 2 weeks that February, or Bacon is not telling the truth.

Perhaps we shouldn’t mix up Frank Bacon’s lies and hacking with Defango’s lies and hacking. It does seem like an example of the old adage “birds of a feather flock together”.

Defango then pointed to a post here by guest writer Terry Gotham, who wrote many posts for us about harm reduction on the party scene. Defango said he had met two of the people mentioned in the post – confirming the authenticity of our articles.

#DefangoLies 2 #OuttrimLies 0

Around the 13 minute mark Defango criticized my reporting as “one sided”. First of all, I’ve never claimed to be a reporter. I’m a researcher and this is my blog. The entire purpose of this blog is to share opinions – not just mine, others are welcome here too. All the posts that Defango singled out in his video to object to contain quotes from other people as well as my own analysis and interpretation.

Those who have been following here over the years have seen many opinions critical of me expressed in the comments – and not deleted, like many “truthers” do. We’ve also had guests posts from nearly 3 dozen different people. I have no problem doing interviews with people who present other viewpoints than my own – for example David Livingstone in CryptoBeast #14 or more recently John Brisson from We’ve Read the Documents.

Defango’s statement that the information presented here is “one-sided” is clearly false. What I think he really means is it’s not “his side”, which I discount because he is a charlatan.

#DefangoLies 3 #OuttrimLies 0

He said that there are 21 articles about him, and that the first one was the Mysterious Death of Isaac Kappy on May 14, 2019. His narrative changes from “Steve didn’t like me because of Nathan Stolpman” to “Steve didn’t lile me because of Isaac Kappy”. He conveniently forgets the threats he made to me in December 2018, including that I would have “the worst year of my life”.

In fact there are 22 posts about him (23 counting this one), with the first mention of him I can find on this site being February 2 2018 where I referenced his friendship video in a post about Quinn Michaels’ Burning Man claims.

I thought nothing of it at the time, but through the lens of hindsight it really seems unlikely to have been a coincidence that Quinn made a video about Burning Man the same day that Defango made a video about knowing lots of Burners and wanting to be my friend.

Defango was also mentioned in December 2018 in our story about Jason Goodman. He should know this because he objected to it at the time, saying it contained information he had presented before. Nobody else said that and he hasn’t been able to provide a citation, but I did update the story with his comments and added a photo credit for the Jason Goodman “superman shirt” photo.

So Defango was wrong about the number of posts (22 not 21) and wrong about when he was first mentioned (Feb 2018 not May 2019).

#DefangoLies 5 #OuttrimLies 0

Defango made a couple of other statements that have really nothing to do with me, yet are still demonstrably false.

Nothing ever happened with RDS other than he paid me $500 to say I’m sorry”.

Here is evidence of just some of the entanglements between Robert David Steele, Manuel Chavez, and attorney Steven Biss and his wife. This has been raised by Jason Goodman in a Motion to Disqualify Counsel in the Eastern District of Virginia.

Robert David Steele was introduced to Tanya Biss by Nora Maccoby, whose family is connected to #PizzaGate in various ways. Nora was in touch with Jan Irvin in 2017 (see Debunking Jan Irvin).

Note the reference to Tanya’s network in Virginia.

It appears that around May 2017, all these players seemed to get connected to each other: Defango, Robert David Steele, Frank Bacon, Steven & Tanya Biss, George Webb, Jason Goodman, Jerome Corsi, Trevor Fitzgibbon, Trish the Dish, WellTraveledFox, White Rabbit, Thomas Schoenberger, Michael Levine. Other players floating around with connections to this group and/or their operations around that time include Alex Jones, Mike Cernovich, Roger Stone, Tracy Beanz, Praying Medic, Jack Posobiec, Lee Stranahan, Quinn Michaels, Lift the Veil, Doug & Tyla Gabriel of American Intelligence Media.

Is this the network Steele referenced?

Less than a week after the Port of Charleston Dirty Bomb LARP, Defango was presented to Steele by Tanya as a leader in the truth community and asked to suggest other channels. Steele wanted to present a list of truthers everyone should watch, based on what a couple of stoners watched. Is this the “Open Source Intelligence” approach?

Defango says he interviewed Robert David Steele on his show three times. All his Steele interviews on his channel have been set to private, possibly in relation to Defango’s role as a key player in contact with both Plaintiff and Defendants in Steele’s Virginia lawsuit against Jason Goodman (see LARPWars Part 2 – Moving the Goalposts).

Robert David Steele’s own web site lists three appearances on Defango’s channel:

For some reason he does not list his interview with Defango which took place on 2 December 2017.

Many felt that this epic final interview, where Defango hung up on Steele, was just another LARP. Some of the video has been preserved, along with a post-game interview with Lift The Veil.

So “ex” CIA guy Steele appeared on his show 4 times, not 3.

#DefangoLies 6 #OuttrimLies 0

After this, he was paid $500.

So by his own admission, Robert David Steele was paying Defango. Some would say extortion money, some would say apology tip – although it’s not clear Steele ever publicly apologized.

In May 2019, Defango blamed Steele for calling the police to visit him in Carson City, NV. Allegedly Tanya Biss actually made the police report for harassment.

Then in January 2019 Defango used his control over the Sophia Musik Steemit account to publish an attack piece on Steele and other truther channels, seemingly designed to trigger tension between Steele and Thomas Schoenberger.

Mr Chavez’ involvement with Mr Steele was clearly much, much more than an apology for one interview. They were setting him up to be the “tip of the spear” in the lawsuit against Jason Goodman, which has triggered Goodman to file a Motion to Disqualify and call for Steven Biss to be disbarred.

#DefangoLies 7 #OuttrimLies 0

It’s worth pointing out that Defango had a similar public pseudo-feud recently with someone who allegedly tried to recruit him into a “Jewish Defense League” to use #GayOps tactics to deplatform and demonetize opponents of the Motherland.

Swift moves were then made to create the optics of separation:

Things escalated dramatically, resulting in people losing their channels and social media accounts:

Is this real? Or more LARPing?

Defango also stated that FknFreddy refused to go on his show, saying “I’m going on someone else’s show that’s not a psyop”

Here is evidence leaked by Lestat (see LARPWars Part 5) of Discord chats with Defango which indicate Freddy did want to work with Defango:

#DefangoLies 8 #OuttrimLies 0

Next was a rap song about the Well Traveled Fox. He claims I “doxxed her”; I showed evidence in LARPWars Part 4 – Was Fox (In Socks) Doxxed or Did Fox Doxx In Socks that proves this to be incorrect. Defango himself even ends his song saying that sharing someone’s name is not considered doxxing.

#DefangoLies 9 #OuttrimLies 0

For some reason, Defango then started talking about Vegan Mikey and Random Rants of Ryan. He alleges that Ryan doxxed Unirock and HoneyBee paid for the doxx. I asked Ryan about it and he said that he did not doxx Unirock but put some limited information out about his partner Unirach.

Ryan declined to answer whether HoneyBee paid, but he did previously admit that he paid for a private investigator himself to investigate Mikey.

[UPDATE Jan 16 2020 8:02am]

Defango has presented evidence confirming his story – Unirock was doxxed at the same time, and Honey Bee paid for the doxx. We will remove one from the score.

#DefangoLies 10 9 #OuttrimLies 0

Defango said Vegan Mikey wasn’t relevant so he refused to have him on his show. This is a classic example of gaslighting from Defango. He sets his video to private then pretends it never existed in the first place. He interviewed Vegan Mikey on his show on July 23 2019, even though Mikey had been specifically warned about “certain people” by Isaac Kappy. We now know that Defango met with Gabe Hoffman in person in June 2019 in Florida.

#DefangoLies 10 #OuttrimLies 0

Next Mr Chavez repeats his claims that I doxxed him after he filed a dozen false copyright strikes with Vimeo. The strikes were false because he never followed through with a lawsuit, which he would have lost anyway under Fair Use provisions. Defango mistakenly thinks that video has to be transformed to fit under a Fair Use exemption.

I spent several days writing the post #QAnon Part 1 Blind Items Revealed – #All4aLARP? I included carefully edited clips of Defango and his guest Dreamcatcher which were referred to throughout the post. As soon as I published the post, I noticed that the video clips came up blank. I checked my email and saw I had received a dozen strikes from Defango. I edited the post and included one of the emails from Vimeo to explain what had happened. Defango then contacted me and objected to his address details being shown, explaining (to my amazement) that he had actually put his home address down for a #GayOps attack. I immediately redacted the information and apologized.

If it is doxxing how can it be sent in an email from a large corporation like Vimeo? Defango agreed to their terms when filing his 12 strikes, which specifically includes consent to share his details with third parties. He posted the information to Pastebin, leaving it up there even after I had redacted it. If he was as concerned for his personal safety as he acts, why would he voluntarily put the information on the open Internet?

In rehashing this past episode, he did not point out anywhere I lied. Rather, I acted like a gentleman and removed the information on his request. Deafngo says this “shows the Luciferian nature of his thought form, he’s all about doxxing people and hurting them”. If it was malicious why would I apologize and remove it? I’d just leave it up.

He claimed that 80,000 people had seen his personal details. In fact the post has been seen 3,461 times in total. His details were not in the original post that was emailed to our subscribers. They were in one of the earlier post-publishing edits, and only for a few hours on the first day it was published. At most perhaps a few hundred people saw it, not 80,000. Defango has never shown evidence that anything happened as a result of this, although one time he tried to claim he was sent a large number of pizzas.

#DefangoLies 11 #OuttrimLies 0

About 40 minutes in Defango says that he has made “countless hours of video supplanting every piece of information he’s ever put out”. Most of the information I’ve put out on this blog and at my YouTube channel has never been discussed in any of his videos. This was his big chance to give us a list of whatever information I’ve put out that he claims was false. I think we have to assume that he tried his best but there’s nothing else; if he had anything more he would have used it.

In fact, he supplanted zero pieces of information that I put out.

#DefangoLies 12 #OuttrimLies 0

Now Defango moves onto specific posts. The Mysterious Sudden Death of Isaac Kappy.

The next claim was the use of subliminal messaging of a Skull and Bones in the start of Defango’s video about Isaac Kappy. He showed it, acted incredulous, then acknowledged that it was true and Lestat created the graphics for him.

Proving something I said is true has to count against Defango somehow, so let’s call that a minus one on the scoring.

#DefangoLies 12 #OuttrimLies -1

He points to some tweets of Thomas Schoenberger fighting back against Defango and his crew’s allegations against him with evidence. The tweets are no longer available as that account got shut down. Defango says this means there was no evidence.

The Twitter account being missing because of his gang’s #GayOps to silence TS does not show that I lied about anything. The original tweets are visible from the Wayback Machine:

#DefangoLies 13 #OuttrimLies -2

Around 44 minutes he says that I never referenced his narrative in this post. The post was written the day we learned about Isaac Kappy’s death, May 14 2019 in the US. The narrative that Defango had at the time was specifically referenced, as you can see in the screenshot above. Later his narrative changed, but it would be impossible for me to reference that since it was in the future at the time of writing.

#DefangoLies 14 #OuttrimLies -2

The next article he discussed is Debunking Jan Irvin. Defango’s name came up in relation to attorney Steven Biss, who claimed in a phone discussion broadcast on the Defango show to be his attorney. He has also been the lawyer for Robert David Steele (in his case against Jason Goodman), Timothy Charles Holmseth, and Devin Nunes.

Defango acknowledges “that’s actually true”.

#DefangoLies 14 #OuttrimLies -3

The next discussion is about whisper campaigns. Defango denies trying to mislead Titus Frost with accusations that I am a pedophile. The basis for this claim is that “hot dog” is pedophile code, something that originated on 4chan and has never been confirmed with an actual source. For example, it does not appear in the FBI List of Pedophile Symbols that was published on WikiLeaks and is used as a reference by #PizzaGate researchers. Nor is it in the list of pedo codewords at Urban Dictionary.

Once again, Defango gaslights his audience by denying something exists while displaying it on screen. Titus himself has told the story on his channel several times, as well as in the comments shown:

Defango says “Titus never put out that I was talking to him” and “where’s the evidence I was messaging anyone or running a whisper campaign”. The evidence is right there, the person who received the private messages from Defango is telling us exactly what was said to him. Mr Chavez could not make these accusations to me directly because of course they are completely false. Like every other accusation Defango has made against me, there is not the slightest piece of evidence for it.

#DefangoLies 15 #OuttrimLies -3

Defango then moved to discussing The Sawman, the Priest and the Fi Fi Dossier – Let’s Look at the Evidence.

He states of Fiona Barnett “girl hasn’t been able to prove a single one of her claims with evidence”. Fiona actually went to the police and spent two days giving them her statement. She also gave testimony under oath to a Royal Commission for two hours in 2013. Her testimony was taken extremely seriously in the Australian Senate:

Fiona wrote a post Unnecessary Evidence which provided true evidence against the spurious claims made in the dossier.

Her claim that Nicole Kidman’s psychiatrist father Antony collaborated with famous CIA doctors is verifiably true.

Fiona Barnett first started speaking out about organized pedophilia in 2004. She collected evidence from multiple parents and victims including witness statements and sent it to Australia’s Prime Minister, who wrote back thanking her.

Fiona also has a long history of complaints about Bond University. Two of the professors there, Paul Wilson and Bob Montgomery, have now been charged with raping children. Wilson went to jail already, Montgomery’s trial is under way. Fiona provided recordings of Montgomery to the Royal Commission in 2013, he was arrested in 2019.

How many of the people bad-mouthing Fiona Barnett on the internet because “she can’t have been raped by Walt Disney” (something she never said) have ever actually looked into what she has said under oath?

The statement that Fiona Barnett hasn’t been able to prove a single one of her claims with evidence is clearly false.

#DefangoLies 16 #OuttrimLies -3

Later in that post, Defango’s name comes up in relation to his mate “The Priest”

Eliahi Priest aka Contact Zero is part of #InsigniaGate, an 8 chan LARP which was launched in conjunction with the infamous and ubiquitous LARPer Defango…These two LARPers seem to still be in cahoots, with Defango releasing a video today praising his “bro” and “friend” for his “legendary” cyber-attack which shut down the Australian parliament.

Around 56 minutes into his video, Defango tries to convince us the above statement is false, by proving that it is true.

He says there was an 8chan thread discussing #InsigniaGate, Defango posted a link to his show on that thread, then Eliahi called into the show and they ended up talking for 4 hours.

The title of the August 24 2018 show is Who is Eliahi Priest? Contactzero @Ensin17 Drop #liveDive D17 Qanon

Does that sound the way Defango described it? Why is he wearing a suit?

Source: @defangolives Periscope

Although the drop is only 3 hours old (one hour into the show), Defango already has many different video clips of Eliahi cued up to play.

Eliahi does call into Defango’s show in this launch episode, at 2:41:04. At 2:44:13 Defango says that he had called Kappy on the phone on an earlier live stream that day and asked him if he’d heard of Eliahi. How does that work if Defango was just learning about #InsigniaGate and meeting Eliahi for the first time on this later show? What would make Defango think Kappy was the guy to call about InsigniaGate? They only met for the first time a fortnight prior on August 8, and it wasn’t the most cordial interview, Kappy described it as “Isaac and Defango’s pissing contest”.

At 1:20:51 he says “it looks like the link of whatever was dropped was…hit some limit. i mean, it didn’t even seem like the damn drop has been able to be even be made yet, we’re supposed to be able to try to get this thing live, we literally just barely saw it.”

Defango asks “how is that working together?” His statement “we’re supposed to be able to try to get this thing live” sure sounds like people working together to me. Likewise, when someone comes on your show and you offer to introduce him to somebody else, that sounds like working together.

My statement that the #InsigniaGate LARP was launched by Eliahi in conjunction with Defango stands.

#DefangoLies 16 #OuttrimLies -4

Mr Chavez asks “what part of it is a LARP?” #InsigniaGate mixes real (but ancient) historical information from the Iran/Contra and BCCI/Nugan Hand scandals with “currency reset/secret global accounts” content from the “NESARA” LARP which has been running on the Internet for maybe 20 years. Some of the things that make it particularly LARPy are Eliahi’s self-appointed role as an Ambassador to space aliens who believe that love between adults and children should be encouraged without any sense of shame. #YMMV.

Defango concedes “yes we’re both LARPers”. Another true statement confirmed.

#DefangoLies 16 #OuttrimLies -5

Mr Chavez says of this section “he’s not reporting, he’s just taking digs at me”. Another falsehood.

The post is packed with primary source evidence, much of which had never been reported on the Internet before. None of it has been challenged in almost 2 years now. The only thing in the post that could remotely be construed as a “dig” at Defango is the statement “these two LARPers”, but he conceded that this is accurate.

#DefangoLies 17 #OuttrimLies -5

The next post discussed (57:00) is Isaac Kappy investigation Part 3

The post shows an image of the Bohemian Grove owl. Defango pulls out his own illuminati owl statue.

He says that it is wrong for me to quote Quinn Michaels. Although some of Quinn’s ideas are far fetched – like Burning Man being on top of a giant underground city, #timephonehack, or extracting oil unbalancing the earth – he has also done some original, document-based research. By including his opinion I’m not endorsing it, just presenting different sides to the story – isn’t that the very thing Defango wants me to do?

Finally, Defango addressed Q Part 3 – #DefangoLies Again Origin Myth #timephonehack

Defango’s main objection here relates to the “Muh Discord logs”. These were first publicized by Jack Posobiec, who Defango claims was at DEFCON in a “room full of people with higher clearances than myself” when he first proposed the idea that became #QAnon.

This was less than 2 weeks before he attended DEFCON and the Q “campaign” was allegedly hatched for launch at the end of October 2017

Defango asks “if it’s good enough for Jack Posobiec why isn’t it good enough for Outtrim”?

John Michael Posobiec III’s Wikipedia page describes him as an “alt-right Internet troll and conspiracy theorist”. He makes no secret of his intelligence background and his love for Zionism.

Jack and Tanya Posobiec with Steve Bannon. Both men were in Naval Intelligence, as was Trump advisor/#Spygate player Carter Page

Posobiec was featured heavily in a 2018 WIRED story Brett Kavanaugh and the Information Terrorists Trying to Reshape America.

Jack Posobiec claimed that there was no such thing as chat logs on XBox and PlayStation, showing he is not an authority on technology.

Posobiec claims to have known who was writing the Q posts at the start of the operation, so he’s not exactly an independent source.

Ironically, the “move to 8 chan” where he feels #QAnon became anti-Semitic is widely considered by most of the truth community to be when the Israelis took control of the operation, spearheaded by Jason Goodman’s handler mentor Dr Jerome Corsi.

Jerome Corsi, Q app developer Jason Coleman, and Pamphlet Anon in Washington DC.
Source: Steemit

Mr Chavez says that the Discord logs shown by Posobiec were forensically examined by the New York Times and signed off as authentic. Where is his citation for this? I can’t find anything on their web site.

The New York Times published What is QAnon (Aug 1 2018), but this makes no mention of any Discord logs.

NBC’s post How Three Conspiracy Theorists Took Q and Sparked QAnon was published on August 15 2018, but it did not mention Microchip, JB, Turdbo, or the Discord logs. They attributed the creation of Q to Tracy Beanz, Baruch the Scribe and PamphletAnon – while saying that the true originators of Q remained unknown.

The logs were swiftly debunked by Anons after Posobiec posted them.

Firstly, they used the “stock image” time and icon configuration for an iPhone screen.

This video shows how easy it is to fake Discord logs:

So easy that someone did it just to prove a point:

In Posobiec’s Discord drop a post was shown where the date in the URL was later than the date on the post.

Microchip explained this as a “glitch”, but I can’t say I’ve ever noticed something like that on Discord before.

If you slow the video down to the slowest speed on YouTube, you can see “September 14” change into “September 16” in real time around the 2 second mark. But this makes no sense, because there was no post on September 14. Computers don’t just make up random dates to show on screen, glitch or no glitch.

To my amateur, untrained eye this video looks like they made a new one with the date corrected, then edited the two videos together so that it goes from 14 to 16 from one frame to the next.

Defango says “there’s no way this evidence doesn’t stack up”, but I’m not so sure it would be Court admissible. Could it be verified by an independent expert? Could opposing counsel get a copy of the logs – or just these video clips? Why couldn’t Microchip film his phone from another device, or his computer from his phone?

The follow up videos really show nothing convincing, which in my opinion makes the whole thing even more suspicious.

If they showed the post which originally had the date glitch, and it no longer had the glitch because the version of Discord had been updated, that would be something. If they showed it scrolling through the chat log like the original video, that would also be something. If he used his phone to film himself logging into Discord on his iPad or computer, going to the group where this discussion was and scrolling through the chat to show the messages about creating Q, that would be pretty convincing. He’s done none of that.

Microchip claimed that he had Telegram and WhatsApp messages that he would be releasing also. These have never seen the light of day, it’s been almost a year and a half now.

JAnon, a friend of Microchip and JB from before they launched the Q psyop, says this is because the FBI started looking into Q and they had to delete all records of their LARP.

The problem for Defango with promoting Microchip’s version of events is he was not part of the operation. He has not been able to produce one piece of evidence of his own involvement – a far cry from his claim on Lift the Veil and elsewhere that he had written “more than half” the questions of the original Q.

Defango has also been caught lying many times as he has re-told his Q origin story, such as here where he claimed to be one of the 3 founders “Turdbo”:

Around 1 hour 11 of his video “debating” me, Defango refers to Turdbo as a separate person – proving that I was correct in my earlier analysis that he was lying about being Turdbo.

#DefangoLies 18 #OuttrimLies -5

Turdbo is in fact someone called Spicci. Defango now says that not only was he the original Q, but also that he was the original Turdbo.

We’re supposed to believe these LARPers could create a movement that engaged millions of people worldwide, but they couldn’t create their own Discord account? #SoundsLegit.

JAnon’s version of events is documented with some evidence and makes sense. The connection to Trump initially was through Ezra-Cohen Watnick.

I know who Wyatt is talking about here, and they are definitely a candidate for being part of the Q team. I’m not going to name the person though, as there is no evidence.

The problem with this entire theory is the enormous number of QProofs.

OK, I get that maybe they knew people like Ezra or Justin or maybe Sarah Huckabee Sanders or maybe even Kush – in the beginning. Through that they got some sort of hint about the Saudi purge about to go down.

How was most of the world taken by complete surprise by the Mueller report, while Q followers already knew what to expect? This seems far more than the work of a couple of Defango’s mates out trolling on the chans and making some memes.

The “Zero Delta” where Q posts something and then the President tweets the same thing at the same minute has been explained away as a technical hack whereby tweets from President Trump’s account can be obtained near-instantaneously through the API while they take a few minutes to be distributed to his 70 million followers. I’m not sure if that is true or not, it sounds plausible but the Zero Delta is far from the only Q proof at this point.

Q is coming up on 4000 posts so far and has been attacked by the Mainstream Media all around the world – yet no journalist will ask President Trump a question about it, and Trump will not say anything to dismiss it. Why is that? #All4aLARP?

Even if you accept JAnon’s version of events as true, and the Discord logs as 100% legitimate despite glitches and lack of verifiability – there is still more to the story than that. See #Q Part 2 – Aleksandr Qgin and the Qouncil for National Policy for my opinion of the “big picture” underpinnings of this infowar operation.

Defango did not demonstrate any lie from me; I will reserve judgement on his claim about the New York Times forensically examining the Discord logs until he produces some evidence of that.

The example Defango gave of the Discord logs proves that his own story that he was the creator of the Q psyop to be a lie. There is nothing in these logs about DEFCON. The idea is formed by Microchip on August 18, based on discussions of Luther Blissett’s book on AntiFa boards. It shows Microchip coming up with the idea of using the Socratic Method (teaching by asking questions).

#DefangoLies 19 #OuttrimLies -5

The next item highlighted by Defango was a tweet from Scott Adams.

Defango says this was being used to attack him – always the victim. He got into the fight with the Dilbert creator himself, due to his “exposing” Twitter philanthropist Bill Pulte who is giving millions of dollars away to random people. They say no good deed goes unpunished, and Defango sees himself as the punisher.

His team-mates joined in on this one:

There is nothing there that could be remotely construed as an attack on Defango by me – it’s Scott Adams calling him dumb and evil. I was just speculating that this may have been the reason why Defango’s other Twitter accounts had been terminated. His frequent account suspensions are his own responsibility for violating Twitter’s Terms of Service, not anybody else’s.

#DefangoLies 20 #OuttrimLies -5

Defango then moves on to his video about “Flynn L1ves”. He is gaslighting again, pretending he never said the things in his video that i wrote an entire post about.

He says:

What was debunked? You didn’t debunk anything. My story of the creation never changed. Flynn lives injected themselves into the movement . Shows us an error in judgement. Flynn and all these guys changed their information to be in line with q to say they created it

That is not at all the story he told in his Oct 10 2019 video. Watch the video and/or read the post to see for yourself. It completely debunks him. Why did he take it private? He only made it public again to discuss it in his video about me. It shows him collaborating and sharing documents with fugitive masturbator Timothy Charles Holmseth.

#DefangoLies 21 #OuttrimLies -5

Defango says “I was introduced to Flynn Lives by Thomas Schoenberger. How come you never mention that guy in any of your reporting?”. This is another falsehood. Mr Schoenberger has been mentioned here in the LARPWars series, Part 1 of the QAnon series, Part 5 of the isaac Kappy series, and posts about An Open Secret, Michael Aquino and ChronicPsyOps – 9 posts total.

#DefangoLies 22 #OuttrimLies -5

At 1 hour 18 Defango says “we’re proving that Steve is lying”. This is in itself a lie; he has not proved a single lie, and we’ve been counting.

#DefangoLies 23 #OuttrimLies -5

At 1 hour 21 he says that “MAGAco is paying Defango” has been debunked. All he has said is that he gave money to MAGAco PAC, then they return it to him by sponsoring his livestreams with many $100+ Ninjets. He says “all this is recorded on the blockchain” – great, post the transactions!

Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt that he will produce the evidence he claims to have, and not count this as a lie. Still, giving money to a PAC and then the PAC returns the money to you via cryptocurrency donations to your live streams sounds somewhat shady.

At 1 hour 22 Defango says “he never discussed Cicada taking over Q in this article”. This is false, it is in Part 1. We know he has read Part 1 because he gave me a dozen fake copyright strikes for it.

#DefangoLies 24 #OuttrimLies -5

Finally, at 1 hour 23 he starts discussing his ties to the intelligence community.

He admits that it is true that he met the director of the Keyhole satellite program, and true that he participated in projects for IARPA. He neglects to mention his relationship with Robert David Steele, the Bisses, Eliahi Priest and others.

Now he downplays his connection to the Keyhole founder, but in his earlier video he is talking it up as further “proof” that he was part of the Q Team – because Q posted about Keyhole right around the time Defango met the founder.

His work for IARPA was clearly more than just signing up for an online study:

Once again, rather than proving something here was false, Defango proved it was true.

#DefangoLies 25 #OuttrimLies -6

Defango was busted previously lying about the dates of his involvement with IARPA’s Project CREATE:

Source: Twitter

#DefangoLies 26 #OuttrimLies -6


Defango wraps up by saying:

“there’s issues with every single piece of reporting he’s done on me. We’ve been able to destroy him with his blog posts on his own. 21 different articles. The reporting is untrue”

This guy can’t help himself, he has to add another lie in the conclusion. Out of 22 articles, he only identified issues with 5 of them.

Final Tally:

#DefangoLies 28 27 #OuttrimLies -6

His real issue is that pointing out his own statements and behavior does not cast him in a good light.

He had his chance to show what the issues are, but failed. Perhaps he has issues with some of the reporting, but he did not provide evidence to demonstrate a single thing was untrue. In fact, he confirmed 6 different statements here were true.

in the process of “destroying” me, he told at least 27 lies – all proven here, with evidence. He showed zero lies from me.

Case closed: #DefangoLies

Q Part 3: #DefangoLies Again – Origin Myth #TimePhoneHack

Articles in this series: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

LARPers gonna LARP. Notorious cyber-troll Manuel Chavez III aka Defango aka Fandango is at it again with a new story of the creation of #QAnon and more evidence that doesn’t stack up to scrutiny.

@fangcrypto is his new Twitter sock puppet account, after his last two got suspended – was it for doxxing, bullying, threatening, hate speech, harassment, or misleading and deceptive conduct this time? Or was it for attacking @pulte and Dilbert creator @scottadamssays trying to put a stop to #TwitterPhilanthropy?

Who knows, but in the time I’ve followed the guy I’ve seen him using at least half a dozen different sock puppets – that we know about. That’s not against Twitter TOS in itself, so why do they always get suspended?

His latest version of his #QAnon origin myth begins at 45:43:

In this telling of events, an account called Flynn L1v3s (Kevin Flynn) sent him a document called Lookout Mountain Wonderland. The document was created in February 2017, 9 months before the start of #QAnon. Its revision history proves that it has never been edited. It contains a bunch of stuff about “Follow the White Rabbit” and is the origin of Q. Two other documents about Alice in Wonderland and John Podesta also support this.

Some of the stories Defango has told in the past about Q are that he created it, that Cicada 3301 did, that Microchip and JB and him (Turdbo) did (now expanded to include Spicci), and even that Jack Posobiec did.

Lately Lestat has been pushing the narrative “General Flynn is Q”, for some reason this gang seems to be very intent on attacking Flynn. General Flynn’s new attorney Sidney Powell has retweeted Q content previously. She is a Senior Fellow at the London Center, along with the original Able Danger Tony Shaffer. #govLARPer Robyn Gritz claimed to be one of these too, although her name has still not appeared anywhere on their web site.

The links between Q, Posobiec, Alex Jones, Bannon, Cambridge Analytica and the Mercers were explored in Q Part 2.

If Defango’s new story is true, then it means that all his previous stories about Q’s origin were lies. Which they were – but that doesn’t prove the new story is true. In fact, it is yet another LARP, easily debunked prima facie.

Defango shows us the date he received the document – Nov 22 2017, almost a month after the birth of Q. The screen when he is showing us clearly shows the document was edited on that date.

Creation date: Feb 28, 2017
Date edited: Nov 22, 2017

Yet Defango shows us the Version history is greyed out. How can that be if it clearly says it was edited on Nov 22 2017?

It seems there are several different ways to alter the version history of a document shared on a Google drive. The version history of a local copy is not the same as the version history of the original document.

We can further prove that Defango is lying about the document being created before #QAnon. There are a number of links to web sites shown in the document. These prove that its content was created after the launch of Q (which was Oct 28, 2017)

note the URLs in the middle of the screen

The closed caption in the picture above shows him saying “so I followed some of the links” – you can see the date of the post, 22 nov 2017, on the screen behind Defango as he is telling us about the great due diligence he did on his new claim. “8 minutes ago” means it’s likely the author of the post is the one who saved it to the archive.

The content itself has been plagiarized directly from Mind Control Black Assassins, a post written February 26 2012. I have an interview with the site’s author PrinceRay coming up in a CryptoBeast podcast episode soon, I will ask him his thoughts about Q. I’m pretty sure he has nothing whatsoever to do with it.

Source: Mind Control Black Assassins, 2012
“the document dates basically don’t lie” – while he is showing URLs created after the document dates

The Voat link shown on the screen goes to a post about what Q revealed the night before!

Posting date: 20 November 2017

The Twitter link shown is dated Nov 23-24, 2017.

So it is impossible for what Defango is saying to be true – that the document has not been changed since its creation date. It contains multiple links that did not exist at the creation date.

Defango manages to weave Cicada 3301 back into his narrative, implying that they were the creators of #QAnon and Kevin Flynn was a member of Cicada or an intelligence operative. Note the comment from “Bob Barker”, that Flynn Lives was working with Tracy Beanz and Matt Couch (see LARPWars Part 1 and Part 2 about ShadowBox and Ed Butowsky).

Perhaps Defango is distancing himself from his earlier origin myth stories because his buddies at Maga Coalition have announced their intention to sue Q, after being exposed by the psyop:

Defango shows another document titled Looking Glass.pdf. The date on this one is November 29, 2017, more than a month after Q was launched. He gaslights his audience that this is further “proof” of his latest Q origin story.

Defango says:

“I think I just unloaded something that is gonna really fucking piss off Microchip, and it’s really gonna piss off JB, it’s like I just put my dick in the peanut butter and then the honey and the ants are all around me now”

He claims now that he was set up a patsy, sent to DEFCON to launch a plan that had been developed much earlier: “all they had to do was just fill stuff in because they already had a plan set and they had been planning this shit for months”. This part of it may be true.

For someone who claims to have no ties to the intelligence community, he sure has a lot of ties to the intelligence community:

The Keyhole spy satellite system was acquired by Google and became Google Earth. Its founder John Hanke created Niantic Labs, which launched the Pokemon Go geospatial intelligence project. Defango is referring to a Director of Keyhole, David Lorenzini (spelled incorrectly by Defango), who lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and came into the Gangplank Makerspace where Defango used to hang out. This person would have held the highest level security clearances to have been Director of this project. Maybe even a Q clearance?

The livestream is dated December 15, 2017. Once more, after Q launched.

The date of this Steemit post is December 16, 2017.

Defango shows another document, also with the versions greyed out and a creation date of Feb 28 2017, which has links to files from the WikiLeaks Vault 7 release of CIA hacking tools.

WikiLeaks had tweeted about this release before that date:

The official release date of their Vault 7 drop was March 7 2017.

Technically it is possible that Wikileaks would have these secret, stolen CIA files just sitting up on their web site for weeks while LARPers like Defango and his mates have access to them and share them on Google drives. However it seems more logical that when Wikileaks publishes something, that is when they put it on their web site – and these links to what they published were added after they published it.

Defango says that “They” (pizzagate researchers?) then planned to “snitch jacket” him as retaliation for blowing the whistle on their Q plans:

He claims that Robert David Steele – another intelligence community member who made multiple appearances on Defango’s channel – was promoting Flynn Lives, but shows a web page where Steele is promoting Timothy Holmseth. Defango then goes on to suggest that Montagraph was correct in saying that Holmseth was really Kevin Flynn.

He then goes on to show evidence completely contradicting this – a Voat post stating that they are two different people.


So what is Defango’s motivation to come out now with a whole different story about #QAnon? Is he trying to make himself out as an innocent patsy, who can turn insider witness to the Maga Coalition lawsuit?

Whatever the reason, the conclusion is obvious: #DefangoLies.

Meanwhile, the Q community is hoping that the rebirth of 8-chan as 8-kun will bring the return of Our Favorite Anon.

Remember that this guy got kicked out of the Army for running a porn site, then moved to the world’s sex trafficking capital the Philippines where he adopted an Asian boy – who is now his chief technical guru “CodeMonkeyZ”.

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Debunking Jan Irvin – Part 2

It has been a couple of days since I published Debunking Jan Irvin.

Rather than updating that already rather long post, I figured I’d just continue here. There’s some new information and evidence to share.

Yesterday I made a video about the post.

Since both of these publications, a lot of information has been flooding in. Jan has been active on the Internet for almost 10 years, and in that time has burned many bridges. I am not even in the first 100 people he has accused of being a CIA agent, or worse.

“The only game in town is co-operation”, I agree. He made a lot of good points here.

If you were a modern-day Captain Trips who wanted to launch DARPA’s new mind control operation with DMT and Ayahuasca, in conjunction with Joe Rogan, what a great cover to later become a voice “exposing” MKULTRA using decades-old information…then team up with Alex Jones “against” Rogan. Then Alex pulls the rabbit out of the DARPA hat by suddenly making up with Rogan and promoting DMT despite Jesus’ instructions to him to “destroy” Rogan.

Alex Jones suddenly ended his war with Joe Rogan, and shifted his stance on Ayahuasca and DMT from “evil CIA mind control drugs” to “vital Silicon Valley technology from DARPA and the breakaway civilization enabling access to the latest advances from other dimensions”. Yes, really!

Jan Irvin’s name was not mentioned in the 5 hour+ show. He definitely achieved the mission of familiarizing Alex’s audience with DMT and Ayahuasca before this surprise reconciliation. Jan primed them for Alex’s big revelations about interdimensional beings. The episode had more than 200,000 viewers on the live stream and will probably be the most widely viewed podcast in history, a record held by Alex and Joe from their last get-together on JRE #911.

Jan has been deleting any comment from his channel that links to my rebuttal post or video. Some YouTubers have reported their comments being deleted 4 times.

By his own admission Jan has also been trolling me on my channel with sock puppet accounts.

The actual people he says are bots are showing up in my thread and commenting and laughing at him. He acknowledges that “John Smith” is one of his sock puppet accounts, so he has exposed himself doing the things he is projecting onto me.

In the process of trolling, he manages to tell more lies – as we will prove with evidence.

Carl Hassell has given me permission to share the interactions with Jan that they are both referring to:

Apparently Jan caused a massive restructuring inside the CIA. How would he know this information if he was not an insider there? Is there any evidence for this? CIA Director John Brennan announced a major restructuring in March 2015, but didn’t mention Jan in his unclassified press release. Maybe he gets attribution in the classified version?

You can see how Irvin’s logical thinking process works. Joe Atwill was in New Zealand (with his wife who lived here for many years), I was in New Zealand, the two of us got together and recorded a free YouTube show How To Be A Truther…therefore, that is proof that the CIA is funding us. He actually expects people to respect his work while he blatantly ignores the Trivium like that.

“Everything’s in the New Testament and Tartary. All the religions fit together around Israel, I’m the only one who’s figured it out” – OK Jan, whatever you say mate. Publish or perish.

What part of this video seems like something the CIA would fund?

It didn’t take long before Jan’s paranoia kicked in and he turned on Carl, too.

This is the guy who introduced Jan to his wife, remember. You’d think Jan might be more polite. Instead he declined Carl’s offer to share his research; thankfully he’s decided to do that on my CryptoBeast YouTube channel instead.

Carl realized he had been manipulated by Jan, as you can see from this email to Matt Carney:

Date: January 26, 2018 at 1:50 PM 
Subject: I was manipulated by Jan 

Hi Matt. I hope this letter finds you as well as possible. Man, did I get burned by Irvin. I trusted him. He lied & manipulated me for over a year. This morning I started repairing the damage I did in my online relationship with Zos. Zos was receptive and cordial. ( I p.m-d him earlier this morning.) Zos was the only one who answered me when I tagged him, Jan, Atwill, and Forte in a post on Jan.20th. As I told Z this morning, I felt his reply was a spin, and so I did not respond. When it became obvious Jan wasn’t going to answer me regarding the post,I p.m Jan,and the shit storm started, I have saved the p.m.’s with both Z & Jan. Anyway, I always trusted you because you and I shared large chunks of our life to the groups, and that said a lot to me. Socrates & I were bummed that you jumped out. Thanks, take care Matt. Carl Hassell 

Here is my email interaction with Carl at the time. You will see the tone of it is rather different from Jan’s:

Sent: Friday, January 26, 2018 4:06:04 PM 
Subject: Jan and stuff 

Hi Carl. Matt let me know a few months ago that Jan had contacted him privately, saying that I am CIA and that the head of IT for the CIA was the administrator for my Conspiracies group on Facebook.

He laughed it off, as did I. It makes no sense that I would expose as much as I have – at great personal and financial cost – if I was working for them. Nor does it make sense that I would move to New Zealand – wouldn’t they want me to spy on a country that was a threat to the US?

I told Jan that I met Jim Woolsey, former CIA director, at a charity fundraiser in Washington DC about 10 years ago. At that point he had been retired from the CIA for more than a decade. If he had recruited me then as my handler, why would I tell anyone that story? It makes about as much sense as Douglas Dietrich’s claims that Michael Aquino recruited me from New Zealand when I was 6, through a British guy who was 9 at the time that I didn’t meet for another 30 years. I have met plenty of people in my life, heads of state, CEOs. I have been self-employed since I was 22, my business career is public knowledge. You can read about it on LinkedIn or Wikipedia.

My friend Vahid is someone I always used to talk about conspiracies with. Before 9/11 there were not that many of my friends even interested in a conversation about this topic. He and I would always talk about this stuff on Facebook, when I made the group in 2009 I invited him to be an admin – as I did another friend, Eric Doriean, who I also talk about conspiracies with. Vahid is a server salesman, he ran his own company BizCloud and when that failed had a number of jobs before he joined Amazon in 2015. He is a sales guy in their web services division, he is not the head of IT or anywhere near that senior. He launched an “NSA Comedy Tour” after the Snowden leaks came out to expose the deep state. Oh and he is Iranian, why would the CIA hire Iranians who hate the Deep State and put them in charge of their technology infrastructure?

Jan’s idea that we are spying on members of the group is ridiculous. First of all, Facebook was created by the CIA as a spying tool – I covered that in episode 1 of my Burners series. Why would they need a special group with a few hundred members in it? It makes no sense. Second, what spying is going on there? We all share stories and comment on them, there is nothing controversial or national security related in any way. The group has been going for 9 years and I have never once heard of anyone having anything bad happen in their life as a result of being a member.

This is where Jan’s use of the Trivium falls down, he uses grammar “beast = Satan”, “crypto = secret plot” but does not use logic. If I was a Satanist I would be promoting Satanism, not exposing it. I stand by my work, I am highly critical of Crowley and dark occultism and their whole agenda. How is that promoting it? Saying that my nightclub logo is a hat is just ridiculous. Crowley was part of the Top Hat gang anyway. Because some obscure heavy metal band has an album called CryptoBeast, if I name my show after that I must be a fan of the band? No logic at all. My wife loves Beauty and the Beast, a lot of girls do, she calls me her beast. She doesn’t mean it in a satanic way. If I was a satanist I would do and promote evil things, instead of always tweeting about #pedogate I would be trying to justify it and cover up for it.

Jan seems very committed these days to the Bible and his Fomenko theory of history. I understand some of what Fomenko is saying and it makes sense but my wife is Indian, the Indian culture is thousands of years old, there is plenty of evidence of that. Any time I asked Jan about it he called me names – again, this is not what the Trivium is all about. He says that the New Testament is a real book, primary source documentation – and yet there is no evidence at all of that. He says that Jesus is not a historical figure, and he has read Fomenko but I have not. But Fomenko says Jesus was a real historical figure, King Iesu who lived in the 1100’s!

Jan turned on me, as far as I can tell, just because I stuck up for Joe Atwill by saying “if Joe is a disinfo agent, show me some of the disinfo” – when I finally got an answer out of him, he said “Joe believes that Jerusalem was in Israel and Rome was in Italy”. The guy is a looney tunes, Rome is STILL in Italy and Jerusalem is still in Israel. There’s a huge controversy right now about Trump moving the US embassy there from Tel Aviv.

Before he turned on me, he contacted me privately many times to tell me people were agents. Some of the ones he named were Matt Carney (for being Phil Lesh’s nephew, which he told us about, it’s not some secret that Jan dug out), Nino Teauneaux (who went on Jan’s show, then Jan turned on him), Pearl Vashuda Chanter, Jay Dyer.

I met Joe’s wife on their recent visit to New Zealand. She is a committed buddhist. He hates Zionism and was talking about the history of it at some length in front of her. How can publicly exposing Zionism be promoting it? 

It just makes no sense, so you have to wonder what Jan’s real agenda is. Why did he freak out when I and others suggested he debate Joe? Isn’t that the whole point of the Trivium, to prove your point with facts? Watch the interview he did with Robert Forte, you could tell Robert really wanted to share what he knew about Timothy Leary etc but Jan wouldn’t even let him get a word in, he just kept attacking him. Why did Jan block me on Facebook instead of presenting evidence of all the things he claimed about me? He said “i’m sick of the lies and the Crowley bullshit”, but never once said what lies he’s talking about. The only Crowley bullshit is thinking my nightclub logo is a hat, I am not a graphic designer and did not create the logo. I never said anything promoting Crowley, ever. I hate the guy.

Watch Joe’s Powers and Principalities shows with Tim Kelly, he is continuing to do what I liked him for – exposing the agenda of cultural debasement from the Zionists. He talks about that on every other show he goes on too, and has great information that he reveals about it. What has Jan done since his split with Joe? Burned a bunch of people, lost a lot of discussion and engagement from his Facebook page, and heavily pushed Jacob Duellman – who has some good research, but I find to be pretty boring. I guarantee you that within the next year or two Jan will turn on Jacob too. 

I have bothered to write this because I like you and your son and have enjoyed your contributions to our Facebook groups, even though we have never met face to face. I hope you and Socrates will friend me again and rejoin the groups.

I am sorry that I could not help you more to get your story out. [redacted]. I have bills to pay and I have been working my ass off since moving to New Zealand last July. I finished off my Burners series with Jan in 2017 but all the research for that was done in the previous years. I want to pick up my research again this year, but the next thing for me will be Charles Babbage in the 1800’s.
Cheers     Steve

This is Carl’s reply to my email:

———- Original Message ———-
Date: January 27, 2018 at 6:32 AM 
Subject: Re: Jan and stuff 

Steve…Thank you for your letter. My apologies for taking so long to write back, I had to lay down for several hours due to [redacted], I stopped narcotic pain meds several years ago. So…ouch! Cannabis only goes so far sometimes! And I can only type with my index fingers and cant look away from the keyboard.First, I was sorry to hear about [redacted] , I am sure you went through the wringer over it. I have had a very, very rocky relationship with Jan since my first frantic phone call (That consisted of him mostly yelling at me!) and a rambling snail mail to him in about April 2016, and a few frantic emails. I originally hoped Jan would expose P.W. At first he was very excited by the thought, and dared me to go on the show. I declined because he was the guy exposing this kind of stuff. I was prepared to give him all of the information I had amassed, along with inside information only Clergy and select members would know. And so I supplied him with many, many things for the Brain Database. He used only a small portion of what I sent him.

Everything on the Brain Pages about Mana Truhill/Trujillo,Peyote Way, Peyote, and Mormons,NAC, etc. came from me. All of it. I also sent Jan a very rare book( I found 5 copies), I kept 2, and sent the other 2 to lifelong friends. After several months of nothing…no questions, comments, or even an acknowledgement that he read the book, I started to insert comments and links on Jans, as he only got a small fraction of what I still had. If he had read that short book and compared it to PWCG’s webpage, alarm bells would go off, and he could have done a couple shows on it. I did watch Fortes interview when it happened, and I went back and forth with Forte for 2 days blasting him on Jans He reminds me of so many charlatans I’ve met over the years. I feel as long as one is promoting psychedelics, then they are advocating for it.

When I first contacted Jan, I didn’t know how to cut and paste! I was not internet savvy at all! He frequently and gleefully ridiculed me for my poor internet skills, and herky jerky emails. I improved since then. Jan also told me regarding PW, “We will get there Carl, patience” I finally realized he wasn’t going to do anything. And that puzzled me. I now believe he is probably controlled opposition or something. I suspect Forte has a part in it. I was also puzzled by the lack of interest from the rest of you guys. As for my post tagging all of you on Jan.20…My intent was to have it all on the table, I needed to know why the topic seemed to be dropped cold. AND I didn’t want any secrets, by putting you all on the spot simultaneously, no one could say I went behind their back. After over a year with no real interest shown by anyone, I made the post .I was supremely pissed when no one replied ,and I considered it a snub, as I was always civil, courteous, and cordial. (Except towards Forte!) And my info solid!! That’s when I childishly struck out at yourself & Joe. I am embarrassed and sorry for that. I p.m Jan early in the morning on Jan.21, because it looked like he was gonna ignore the post also…I saved all of the pms.,I will send the whole exchange if you want. let me know, as this letter is already long.

In the pm, Jan got very angry and accusatory and took many things out of context and mis-characterized other things. His rambling comments got quite bizarre. When I said “I may sound crazy, but it looks like Zos may be a Satanist”( Based on what flimsy evidence Jan supplied.) he quickly launched into a tirade of how “the CIA is restructuring because I exposed the whole thing”, and “why the fuck would you write the enemy asking to go on their show” ( I did not ask anyone to put me on a show.) He went into “their all devils using my show to fight” and “Bill Joslins dirty too, he got compromised” “all of them, they are all dirty” he also said I was “trolling his friends list”, when his list is not viewable as you know! We had a mutual friend, (Mark Wharhol) and I asked him if he was the ex-member of PW Jan had told me about. Mark was the only person I asked! Jan also said he “exposed PWCG”, and there was nothing left to say!! WHAT?? He NEVER uttered the words. Never typed the words either!!

After listening and watching shows for over a year by the 3 of you guys, I knew PWCG was perfect to bring the research up to the present, as it is an ongoing, current operation with all the ties outlined in the Brain…and then some.I have listened to all the Kelly67 shows with Joe, and have commented on a few. I look forward to each installment. I know you don’t control F.B. Steve, I wasn’t inferring that.

To wrap this up…I’m done trying to expose PW with anyone’s help, I see it ain’t gonna happen. I know I hit some kind of home run with PW, and that’s why it went sideways and nowhere. Something is very strange about Jan’s leading me on for over a year, and then claiming he covered it.As far as who is or is not CIA, it really doesn’t matter to me…I am 60 yrs.old, sick, broke, have no connections, and very insignificant in the scheme of the big picture. I sincerely thank you for this email, Steve. It means a lot to me.  Carl Hassell.                    

P.S.I did email Matt after you & I talked. I hope he gets back to me.

Later Carl and Jan had a public falling out over Jan’s show where he was very disparaging to Alcoholics Anonymous.

Displaying AA10.jpg
Displaying AA7.jpg
Displaying AA8.jpg
Displaying AA9.jpg
Displaying logo2.jpg
Source: Carl Hassell, Facebook messages

None of the people on the show had fully read The Big Book or completed all 12 steps of a program. A.A. has saved millions of lives and has an extremely high efficacy rate. Why would Jan Irvin, a former promoter of hallucinogens, cannabis and other narcotics, be trying to steer people away from A.A. without putting in the time to even read the book? Why not get a guest on to talk about it who had been through the 12 steps? Who benefits from Jan’s attack on A.A.?

Because Carl criticized Jan for getting the grammar wrong, in Jan’s mind this is now proof that Carl is a paid troll in the employ of the CIA:

The information Carl has shared shows that Jan is lying once more. He did not “recently” get a Facebook message from Carl. That was an exchange from more than a year ago – for Jan, more than 1 wife ago. He also clearly did not stop working with Carl because he was part of some troll team. Instead, he declined to publish Carl’s research, then after I had him on my show, decided that Carl was now a troll on the payroll of the CIA targeted at Jan. Once again, no evidence is ever presented for Jan’s allegations. Carl is obviously an independent person just trying to get his research out.

The Gnostic Media Slayer channel has some interesting stuff. Is this why Jan suddenly changed the name after so many years building his brand?

This video is particularly disturbing:

Jan’s Twitter account was the much more recognizable @gnosticmedia from 2013 until 20 January 2019 after a series of tweets attacking black people, feminists, and LGBT. Was he instructed to clean that up before going on InfoWars on 21 January 2019?

A comparison of @LogosMedia01 and the Wayback machine’s last backup of @GnosticMedia on Jan 20 2019 shows that he deleted Tweets from his timeline at the time of the change. This retweet seems particularly controversial:

None of the evidence I have posted so far has been enough to convince Jan to stop slandering me with unsubstantiated information.

If there was something occult in my software company, give an example of it. Jan can’t, because there wasn’t. What part of web authoring is chaos magic? Please explain. Point to somewhere I used chaos magic to do something. You only need to provide one example to show that you are not just making this up.

Meanwhile, here is evidence of Jan Irvin directly connecting himself to occult magic. Why is Jan so pleased to associate himself with the Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowley’s Masonic cult?

Jan says he is being helped by the Order of the Golden Dawn, related to the O.T.O. satanic cult of Aleister Crowley
Source: Facebook

How does he claims this topic is “his work” when so many researchers have actually published books about it, and the Church Committee held public hearings on it 45 years ago? The Golden Dawn linked to an Alex Jones video, they didn’t cite anything by Jan Irvin. Perhaps Jan means that “the CIA/DMT Mind Control program” is his work? He seems to have done more to advance that program than almost anyone else.

“Peak DMT” seems to have been around 2011. Jan Irvin did shows with both Joe Rogan and Alex Jones in 2011. It’s clearly making a resurgence.

Is Jan’s very recent Bible study related to his re-joining of the Zionist InfoWarriors?

He published “the Holy Mushroom and the Cross” and wrote a book called “Astro-theology and Shamanism: Christianity’s Pagan Roots” without ever reading the Bible himself? More pretend use of the Trivium.

His own behavior doesn’t stop him from lecturing others:

Another logical leap for Irvin to explain: why am I filing FOIA requests on the CIA if I work for them? Couldn’t I just get the documents from their intranet? If it’s all part of my cover story, why didn’t they respond by giving me anything more juicy – like, say, #InsigniaGate or Dark Overlord?

I have been on the Internet for 25 years, and in all that time have never encountered such accusations as this mentally unhinged person is making against me, entirely without evidence. Was every journalist who ever covered me before completely wrong, and only Jan Irvin got the scoop (from my own words?) Or could it be that Jan Irvin has no idea what he is talking about, can’t remember my first slide – and doesn’t want to admit that – so he is trying to spin falsehoods into truths?

All I can do is present evidence. If you care about that, you’ll be on my side because this is where all the evidence is. If evidence doesn’t matter, what matters are baseless allegations and sophistry, then you can join Jan’s side. The hate group running trolls and sock puppet accounts – at least he has now openly admitted that he’s doing it.

Before Jan introduced Joe Rogan to Ayahuasca (2003), promoted it on the JRE podcast (2011), went on Alex Jones for the first time (2011), and helped launched the CIA’s latest MKULTRA project to popularize modern hallucinogens…we don’t really know what he did. Ethno-botany? Drug advocacy? We know he was in Serbia in the 90’s before, during, and after the war and he speaks the language fluently. His earlier Internet footprints are very light and his resumé is a secret. He has dramatically changed his appearance and even his voice.

Source: YouTube
Source: Gnostic Media Slayer, YouTube

This seems eerily similar to #govLARP-er Jason Goodman who “never went to Ukraine” but 2 weeks after the Maidan Revolution broke out there was presenting on stage as CEO of a company that just flew advanced imagery drones over Chernobyl.

Jan Irvin is registered as an Agent and business contact for the American Serbian Association for Peace, a California non-profit :

I found a Serbian-American Association for Peace on CNN and an American-Serbian Association . The Internet footprints are lighter for the mysterious American-Serbian Association for Peace. They were incorporated in 1999, during the Serbian war.

The Serbians know all about InfoWar, or “Neo-Cortical Warfare”. Through a combination of diet, music, computers, hallucinogenic drugs, and weaponized use of the Trivium, the actual minds of the youth can literally be re-shaped. Happy Meals become Satanic weapons.

Source: New Internationalist, December 2000

Geomagnetic forces or not, Serbia is ready. According to Spasoje Vlajic, writing in Cudo, the Yugoslavian army has set up a special squad – the secretive para-psychology Unit 69 – to confront the black magic forces deployed by the US army. Vlajic, who played a key role, he says, in setting up the unit for the Yugoslavian general staff, warns his readers that “voodoo warriors and witches are already among US troops in Kosovo“. Vlajic cites an American magazine called The Military Review, and says US warlocks and witches trained at a secret base in Texas for their mission in Kosovo – which is to draw out and defeat the Serbian anti-magic Unit 69. The commander of the American unit is one Mary Palmer, a member of the US army military police, he adds authoritatively. Since the war, dozens of Serbian “clairvoyants” and “paranormal experts” have stepped forward to join these publications, ready to give guidance of a kind to their bewildered readers as they struggle to find their bearings after 72 days of Nato bombing.

Source: The Independent, August 1999

Here’s Jan writing in 1999 about the CIA and his involvement with the Serbian war since 1995 (warning: contains graphic violence) link

Here is an interview with Jan talking about CIA, Nazis and his involvement with Yugoslavia. It sounds like a different person with a different accent.

He claims to have predicted the war 3.5 years before it broke out. How did he have access to that level of intelligence? He claims to be against both Slobodan Milosevic and the US/NATO. Controlled opposition?

Hat tip to @Sir_Bintercomb who has been researching Marina Abramovic and her family’s ties to Serbian military intelligence.

Jan seems to have gone from the Serbian war, to the War on Drugs – Jack Herer, doing shrooms with Joe Rogan in 2003, a decade or so promoting the psychedelics, then switches over to his work “exposing” them – which is really just calling all the other books exposing them limited hangouts.

The evidence I have shared proves conclusively that Jan Irvin is a liar and a sophist. He is not operating in Truth, “Logos”, trying to help people learn about what is going on in the world despite what #FakeNews tells you. Instead, he has been pushing his own Puritcanical Christian view of how things should be: “cannabis bad, LGBT bad, vegetarians bad, Tartarians good, lies good, ad hominem attacks good, logic bad”.

Jan claims to be a proof-based researcher dedicated to the Truth. But when it was exposed that one of his guests was a child sex trafficking pedophile, part of a Doomsday cult, did he Correct The Record? No, he just deleted some of the pedo’s shows. The one titled “The Twelve Tribes of Israel” got to stay there.

We know that Ayahuasca was part of the CIA’s MKULTRA program, here’s the evidence again straight from the mouth of Willis Harmon (Stanford Research Institute)’s special agent, Canadian Captain Al Hubbard told to CIA operative psychologist Dr Timothy Leary in front of MKULTRA project manager Dr Sidney Gottlieb, and other key project leaders:

To me it is really looking like the CIA launched DMT/Ayahuasca operations with Jan Irvin, with a “double bind” cover built into the plans like a dynamite fuse…at some point during the operation he would then flip. He would attack the exposed in 1975 op MKULTRA using already published evidence. This would provide cover for the “modern MKULTRA” operations, as described by Alex Jones in the video below. This character was promoted as a “Pied Piper” for Internet #truthers. He would then attack every legitimate whistleblower as a “limited hangout” to discredit them.

If you listen to what Alex says in this video he is disclosing in plain speak the entire operation. Start at 56:30

There are some amazing statements made in this video, I may update this post later with a transcript or highlights.

  • Jan Irvin introduced Joe Rogan to DMT
  • Jan Irvin introduced Joe Rogan to podcasting
  • Jan Irvin was being used by people
  • Jan Irvin was being set up to be the new Timothy Leary
  • instead it became Joe Rogan

Here’s some eyewitness testimony…short of a memo saying “let’s go commit crime X together” that is about the best evidence you can get. This is about one of the several pedophiles closely associated with Jan who was convicted in court and died in jail, so you know that the evidence behind this is extremely solid.

From Reddit:

[Source: Reddit]

The police caught Jan in the middle of downloading content from a hard drive. What would Jan be downloading from a pedophile’s computer?

A discussion at The Shroomery provides further insight into Jan’s relationship with Jack Herer and James Arthur. Typically, Jan’s comments were later deleted; but Jack’s wife Jeannie’s responses to them were not.

This is Jeannie Herer responding to parts of Jan Irving’s post. 

Jan: About a week later, Jack decided to move in with Jim up in Yosemite to work on the book together. Jack and his wife had been going through some hard times, and his wife had moved out into a nearby apartment. 

Jeannie: Jack and I have been together for nearly nine years and the only time we were apart was when Jack went to North Fork to work on the book with Jim. I had rented a room near our apartment to use as an office because our 2-bedroom apartment was way overcrowded. Jack?s son and his cousin had moved into the bedroom Jack used as an office and my office was half of a small closet in our bedroom. Kyle and the H.E.M.P. office were in our dining room. I never spent a night away from our apartment until Jack moved to Jim?s. 

Jan: Jack?s wife Jeanie, looked at this situation as ?Jim stole Jack from me,? (her words) even though they were not living together at that time. 

Jeannie: When we first met Jim, I was glad Jack had found someone who knew so much about his favorite subject. Jim told us it would only take three months to finish the book. That?s why I stayed in L.A. I had just rented the office and didn?t see any reason to give it up if it was only going to be for three months. If I had known it was going to be 14 months I would have gone up there in the beginning. After a year had passed I did feel like Jim was trying to manipulate Jack. 

Jan: Jack?s wife told Jack that she did not want ?Jack Herer? on the cover of a book next to Jim?s name. However, we?ve all since agreed that Jim?s name would remain on the book, and/or to go public with a letter like this, had his name been destroyed? 

Jeannie: You say ?we?ve all since agreed.? That sounds like I agreed, too. Jack may have agreed to that but I didn?t.

Jan: Jack also wanted to stand by Jim but Jeanie?s anger that Jim had stolen Jack from her, prevented him in taking any active role in supporting Jim. Jack?s wife threatened immediate divorce if Jack stood by Jim in any way.

Jeannie: The reason Jack didn?t stand by Jim is because he believed Jim molested those children. Three weeks after Jim was arrested, Jack went with you to visit him in jail. At that time, Jim didn?t deny what he had done. He told the two of you to read Wilhelm Reich and you would understand. You both told me after that visit there was no doubt in your minds that Jim was guilty.

Jan: I now also suspect that ?Ms V? robbed Jim?s house while Jack and Jim had been at the Cannabis Cup 5 months before. 

Jeannie: She was with Jack and Jim at the Cannabis Cup.

Jan: What I think actually happened is that ?Ms. V? took advantage of the opportunity to take Jim?s property, using Jack for cover as he was getting some books per our agreement. There is no doubt that ?Ms V? had the computers. There is no doubt that she denied it for months. There is no doubt that she attempted to entrap others into this miserable mess.

Jeannie: The reason she and Jack went to Jim?s house in the first place is because Dan called me in a rage and told me to tell her that if she didn?t get her stuff out that night he was going to throw it all out. 

Jan: Andy had mentioned briefly to Jim that I had located the computer and went to back it up. Jim, wanting to prove his innocence, and the burglary, sent the sheriff to Jack?s house looking for ?Ms V? and the computer after I had backed up the system.

Jeannie: The police didn?t come after you backed up the system. They showed up while you were sitting on our living room couch downloading things off Jim?s computer. You knew it was stolen because we told you she had admitted to Jack that day that she took it. You stashed it under the table next to the couch when the police came. I didn?t even know you were coming to our house that night until you showed up at the door.

Jan: I also think Jeanie Herer made a grave error by calling everyone involved in this field and telling them only her side of the story, before any conviction had been made. 

Jeannie: I don?t know anyone in this field other than you, Jack and Jim. Who did I call? Some people did call us and I told them what I knew.

What is your motive in trying to make me look bad? Is it because Jim wrote the forward to your new book and you want to make him look good?

More from Jeannie Herer in a second post:

This is Jeannie Herer again. I’m not used to posting so I don’t know how to do the quotes. That’s why I’m putting names by them. 

Jan: Were you and Jack not going through troubles then? I didn’t want to go into the details here. I heard you mention divorce several times during this period.

Jeannie: Yes, Jack and I were having troubles then, but I wasn?t leaving him. 

Jan: Due to the size of the manuscript, and the fact that it was clearly not going to take three months, and being that Jack and Jim had told us they expected it to take one year, in what way was Jim trying to manipulate Jack?

Jeannie: When you first brought Jim to our house, he said it would take three months. Jack believed that. The Song of Solomon and Jonah were finished within the first two months. They were working on it about 50 hours a week. At that time they didn?t have a secretary working with them. They were doing all the work themselves. After Jim moved the secretary and her daughter into his house, he was only willing to work on the book 10 to 15 hours a week, at the most. He spent most of his time with the little girl and other kids that came over. Jack says he complained to you about this many times.

Jan: This was my point. You not being a co-author on the book, didn’t have any say so in agreeing or not agreeing. This is Jack’s dream that we were trying to help him realize from the begining. We were trying to make Jack happy, you happy, and trying to figure out what to do in this situation, and, if Jim was guilty, what should be done about the cover. You didn’t want Jack to have anything to do with this book, his dream. You wanted him to just walk away from it.

Jeannie: I?m not implying I had any say so. I?m just clearing up what you said. You said we all agreed since then. It sounded like you were including me. I have always wanted Jack to write this book. The information Jack taught me about mushrooms and religion changed my life. I just didn?t want him having anything to do with a pedophile.

Jan: You weren’t at the jail, and you don’t know what Jim said. Jim said, and I quote: “Do you guys really think I raped those girls, do you know what the charges against me are? I never had sex with this girls…Read Reich and you will understand.” During the first couple weeks, Jack told me that he had never seen anything that suggested this. As the case progressed, he changed his mind. At that time, so early in the case, before seeing both sides, and understanding the burglery, I too thought sure that Jim was more likely guilty than not. All of the other circumstances that have come out since make me question the entire case.

Jeannie: I know what you and Jack told me and you both told me you thought Jim was guilty after visiting him in jail.

Jan: This I did not know for sure. Thank you for clarifying this. Then who did the first burglery? This still needs to be investigated.

Jeannie: I don?t know who did the first burglary but I wish you would just stick to the facts and stop making things up.

Jan: This I also did not know. This is not how Danny told me the story. Thank you for bringing this to light.

Jeannie: Why are you taking everything Danny tells you as God?s truth? Why don?t you ask Jack?

Jan: Actually, I was finished backing up the system. I was looking for any evidence against Jim at the time the police showed up. I was not aware it was stolen before this day, before I drove back up there, that night. When the sheriff showed up, that was when I realized the magnatude of the situation.

Jeannie: You said Valerie admitted to you on the 16-hour trip that she had taken it. Jack and I didn?t find out it was stolen until the day you came up there to download the hard drive. 

Jan: I also know that you told High Times, and anyone else who called. You always implied that Jim was already guilty, and that he had a previous, never explaining the details of the previous situation, or, to my knowledge, about Ms V.

Jeannie: You are the one who went to the police station and confirmed to Jack and I that Jim had a prior in the first place. I don?t know for sure what he did and you don?t either. You?re taking Dan?s word for it. After Jim was arrested, the Fresno Bee reported that he had two priors, one in 1984 in Salt Lake City when he was convicted for a sex crime with children under 14. The second one was in 1996. I don’t know the details of either of them. 

Jan: I’m sorry Jeannie, I’m not trying to cause any malice between you and I. These are the facts of the matter (some I had confused) to the best of our knowledge, which need to be told for people to understand the entire situation, and the attacks against your husband. 

Jeannie: The facts of the matter to the best of your knowledge seem to be much more than confused to me.

[Source: The Shroomery]

Joe Rogan tells the story from about 56 minutes about the first time he met Jan at Jack Herer’s place with James Arthur. Joe immediately identified the pedophile as a “dangerous animal” who he wanted to kill. Irvin obviously didn’t get that sort of vibe from the guy, instead trying to download content from his laptop until the police showed up.

There’s quite a bit of discussion on Reddit from people suspicious of Jan Irvin’s appearance on the psychedelic scene with a pedophile guru. Is Dugovic a Serbian name? From another Reddit thread:

Lowest rung on the ‘independent research’ fringe ladder.

Irvin’s ‘inspiration’ and or-RIDGE-ins, are a skeleton in his closet. His imitation or plagiarism of ‘research’ of – an ‘independent ethnomycologist researcher’ (as Irvin claims for himself) – one of the sickest fakes in fringe history:

Irvin’s whole operation started as an imitation of “James Arthur” – and his ‘association of psychedelic mushrooms with Christianity’ traveling ‘research show’ …

But ‘James Arthur’ was actually J. A. Dugovic. Irvin’s inspiration, hero, and soon Best Friend – was a convicted child sex assailant, not a researcher. When Dugovic, or “Arthur” to his loyalists – got out of jail – he faced a problem much like Chas Manson upon his release from prison. Livelihood. Like Manson, Dugovic saw what he liked and liked what he saw – opportunity! – in the gullible circus tent of psychedelia’s fringe bottom lands. Similar with Irvin – no college degree, no job skills or prospects only … bills to pay. McKenna too would ‘understand’ … although he was no pedophile, by accounts.

Irvin’s self-promo began by soliciting Dugovic fans, citing his ‘research,’ not knowing “Arthur’s” real name – and real interest – stalking fresh prey. The truth came out, true colors shining thru, when Dugovic ‘repeat offended’ – and got arrested again on yet another pedophilic rampage. That’s when it all unravelled … and the legacy, what a sickness.

For Irvin’s investment, urgent ‘damage control’ need arose – to cover up his ‘debt’ to ‘Arthurian legend; a tainting reflection upon NostickMedia’s debt to – a pedophilic ‘sheep clothing’ act.

Like Irvin the “James Arthur” show rips off Allegro, and gets all up into stained-glass windows, to ‘decode’ the Secret History of psychedelics. A story line of sensational cover up and scandal etc.

Seems fitting for one like Irvin, with such a sick puppy of a skeleton in his closet – no clue that “Arthur the Researcher” of whom he’d became so enamored – was not just a charlatan; a psychosexual child assailant of a fake. Considering how high “Arthur” had risen in his little scene, & how far he now was falling – he opted out: killed himself. But before his distinguished finale, Irvin – as “Arthur’s” devoted friend with privileged access to “Arthur” house, computer – got there before police.

And from Irvin’s own comments, posted in a tizzy at the time – he took files of unknown content off ‘Arthur’s’ computer – “in the nick of time.” Seems he thought it quite a triumph at the time – even gloated about it – Until he had ‘2nd thoughts’ apparently, and – deleted his posts:

But as reflects at the shroomery exchange – Jack Herer’s widow Jeannie showed up to bust Irvin’s act. Jeannie’s husband had gotten drawn in by the “Arthur / Irvin” duo – she was none too impressed by their act from the gitgo.

As the posted exchange reflects, Jeannie – calling Yawn out on his story-time bs – copied some in his remarks into her posts – to answer. And in so doing, she not only put lie to his Irvin’s ‘damage control’ 911 attempt – to cover up the “Arthur” scandal (in which he centrally figured). She also preserved some of his naked deceit – against his incompetent retraction or ‘unposting’ attempt. She foiled his desperate back-peddling maneuver – in effect, preserving Yawn’s blatant lies for posterity, in the record (and let it reflect).

By indications (e.g. different views – some think child porn is what Irvin got off Dugovic’s computer. Others say it was ‘research’ for ‘Arthur’s’ next book, as planned – never published (after his arrest and suicide).

Yet based on appearances and suspicions raised – “Arthur’s” “work” may have been published after all, ‘re-authored’ – or plagiarized – by Irvin – as his own. As convenient for him, with his Good Buddy “Arthur” self-destructed – per another saying:

“Deadmen tell no tales”

Under UV ‘black light’ of Irvin’s ‘untold history’ – his act lights up. His preoccupation with some Secret History – consumed with skeletons in peoples’ closets – fluoresces like true colors that try to hide, but come shining thru.

Tabloid scandalizing is the very axis of Irvin’s story cycles, 24/7 – all cover ups, all the time. Irvin’s compulsive themes are all scandalous cover ups, ‘smoking guns’ and finger pointing etc – always 180 degrees away from himself – toward others.

Is it because Irvin desperately needs to keep directing ‘bombshell’ attention toward others in a 360 circle – surrounding him – lest such interest wonder, even ask inconvenient questions – about him? Gee, I wonder. Knowing what I do …

People who live in glass houses can worry over its fragility – even be driven a little mad, into throwing stones at others. Courting disaster as it were, proverbially. Not the smartest thing for people in such predicaments.

The skeleton in Yawnni’s closet is no doubt a source of chronic fear to him – for what it could spell, if topic ever turned that way.

A lot of NoStick Media looks like a driven effort to keep it hidden from view. He’s driven to inflammatory diversion tactics – sensationalism about easy targets (Tmac, Leary etc). Irvin seems to live in fear, and his paranoiac psychodrama is off the scale. No wonder. His nightmare scenario might aptly be designated: “Arthurgate”

Another post by Doctorlao from the same thread highlighted the “Texas Two-Step” behavior of Jan in befriending researchers then turning on them:

About a claim posed here, as if running interference on behalf of poor misunderstood Gnostic (in a post by our OP, ostensibly replying to one of mine) – alleging Carl Ruck is a friend of Irvin.

Like Irvin has friends? Mkay.

I know Ruck personally (and don’t generally find his analyses involving fly agaric compelling). On ‘insider’ personal contact basis, I’m well aware – of how he’s been exploited by Irvin’s deceit and manipulative self-promotion routine. From my own standpoint, and from Ruck’s, both. But Ruck is only one in an entire raft of experts in various fields, on whom Yawn has played his scurrilous game. I guess he has to, for his purposes – he’s got bills to pay, and gets people to toss donation pennies to him for the show he puts on.

Once Upon A Time – Irvin solicited Ruck, to ‘befriend’ him. It’s exactly how Irvin operates, desperate for some “PhD” expertise to lend its weight to his ‘Psychedelic Mushrooms’ (which fly agaric isn’t – hello?) ‘and Christianity’ story telling. Its part of the Gnostic M.O. to panhandle rubes who don’t see through his Fly Agaric Oil medicine show. Irvin needs guys like Ruck, as expert coat tails to ride.

Ruck, as I can attest, in no way considers Irvin a friend – by any measure. Same as everyone else Yawn has played his relational ‘double cross’ scam on. He first emails whoever he’s set his sites on, to introduce himself. He panders to them at stage one, plays up to them with interest in their work, flattery and etc. All on account of what he wants – as Aesop’s fox craved those grapes and damn well meant to have them, by hook or crook. See NoStick is poverty stricken, academically speaking – no college degree. Nor any shred of disciplinary education in any curriculum.

Geez even Tmac had an undergrad degree, Bachelor’s.

After getting whatever input or info from his target – Ruck and a raft of other specialists unwarily tagged ‘It’ by Irvin – he turns on them, abruptly and malignantly. In his Gnostic finale, Irvin starts talking shit about Ruck or whoever has tried, in generosity and good faith – to help. As ‘the thanks they get’ from Irvin – he turns Ruck and others into characters for his staged ‘Gnostic Theorizing Comics’ show – super friends make good super villains?

What shines through is the consistency of Irvin’s Texas Two Step modus operandi: ‘first flatter & befriend – then ambush-backstab & betray.’

Irvin’s guile, as the treachery of his ulterior motive – the way he keeps his true intentions up his sleeve, until he’s gotten what he wanted by acting the ‘friend – and cues the ‘ambush’ moment – is what shines through as his essential character distemper. About like the friendly spider invites the fly into it parlor, all hospitality – not to mention, such honesty. But the spider is hungry, and its a predator – so, what else is it supposed ta do?

Ask John Hoopes, Mayan specialist solicited by Friendly Yawn – who for years kindly tried to ‘help’ him in his ‘interest’ just like Ruck – neither realizing the ‘trap’ – the set up for despicable Gnostic back stabbing finale.

Yawn likes to portray himself as a ‘colleague’ of the degreed – like he’s an ‘associate’ of distinguished experts – trying to act himself “Innocent By Association.” Then comes the Gnostic ‘bait and switch’ – the true and dark purpose revealed, what he had in mind from the gitgo. He pulls his out his verbal prop dagger, and starts assassinating their character – from the ‘integrity’ of – right – his critical (terminal) absence of character. Cain would understand. He maliciously envied the favor his brother’s sacrifices got – that his didn’t. Sic semper sickness – as in mythology so in psychology: grimly determined intent of ulterior motive, to the bone, is incorrigible character distemper.

There’s no treatment for that kind of disorder. Guys like Yawn neither seek help, nor think there’s anything wrong with them. Incorrigible character disorder has no limits – Yawn displays a complete lack of healthy boundaries.

Seems to me (as one deeply and extensively informed) Yawn might be more careful dragging names through the mud – lest he get any of it splashed on himself. Especially considering his fawning imitation and/or plagiarism of … a pedophile acting himself a fake “independent entheogen researcher” (like his eager protege Yawn). Not even a real fraud, a psychosexual child assailant pretending to be a fake ‘researcher’ – as instrument of a much sicker psychosexual child stalking ‘interest.’ It was merely Dugovic’s way of playing idiotic Yawns of psychedelia’s fertile ‘bottom lands’ for all they’re worth. That’s Yawn’s training and mentoring – the ‘what and how’ ropes he learned, as he does … desperately fearing what lies ahead, his fate as it were. Like a one-man would-be Greek tragedy… and oh the suspense, gee, I wonder how it will all transpire.

Arthurgate – should be interesting to watch the trajectory of Yawn’s desperate cover-up of his ‘credentials’ and ‘tutoring’ – his debt to his former Best Buddy and inspiration, Alias James Arthur.


“Only amateurs and the ignorant take Irvin seriously. Is it coincidence that every single person who ever supported him in the psychedelic research community wants nothing to do with him? From his former writing partner A. Rutajit (who has a restraining order against that lunatic) to Carl Ruck at Boston Univ, a TRUE scholar who considers Irvin a phony. No one with any historical training or basic sense believes Jan Irvin. Even Judith Anne Brown, John Allegro’s daughter – thinks Irvin is a fraud at this point. Ben Sessa tried to give him a platform to speak, and Irvin started acting a maladjusted fool (as he is wont to do) – Sessa pulled his invitation.”

[Source: Reddit]

I don’t know anything about the above story “Arthurgate”, it feels like we are just scratching the surface. If you have any insight or suggestions please leave a comment.


In this 2011 interview Jan Irvin is enthusiastically promoting ayahuasca and shamanism:

“I’ve had some pretty interesting experiences myself on rare occasions of having the feeling that I was talking to a plant

Speaking of that real quick, I remember one time being on ayahuasca and I looked over at a friend and I could see that he was sick and suddenly I could see the problem and I just started telling him: Hey, you need to do this, this and that. And it was nothing I had ever recalled having an ability to do before, but suddenly I could just see all of this person’s ills and exactly what was going on…

I’ve had extreme cases of telepathy with it on one or two, actually two, occasions that were with a couple of other friends, with several sitters in the room and several people witnessing what was going on; us also verbalizing the telepathic thoughts that were happening. But it started out while we were all in different rooms and suddenly we basically mind-locked, like the Vulcan mind meld or something. It was just a pure connection between me and the other partakers of the ayahuasca”

[Update March 6 2019 1:24pm]

I caught YouTube red-handed reducing the view count on my Debunking Jan Irvin video. Why would they do that if he was just a civilian, a poor humble truther just praying to Jesus and looking up things on the Internet?

I found out that the account “Grace” that was trolling my YouTube comments was actually Jan’s current girlfriend, who he returned to after his divorce from Holly. She reveals their “it’s my way or you’re a Satanist” philosophy in this Facebook thread.

Her 18 year old daughter Bella participates in the thread too, she was recently on Jan’s show talking about sex and contraception.

Jan accused me of running teams of trolls, I have presented evidence now that 2 trolls in the comment section to my video – almost the only negative comments other than Jan himself – are accounts operated or influenced by him. He projects onto me as accusations what he himself is guilty of – a classic inversion.