CNP vs CFR: We’ve Read the Documents

Enjoyed this chat last night with John Brisson of We’ve Read the Documents. He doesn’t like Trump quite as much as myself, but we managed to find a lot of common ground anyway. John asked me to clarify my position on Michael Aquino and the Presidio daycare center child abuse scandal.

The CNP (Nationalists, Trump/Mercers/Bannon/Alex Jones) vs the CFR (Globalists, Epstein/Rockefellers/Clintons) is an interesting lens to view current events through.

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CryptoBeast #14 Discordo ab Chao – Trump and Ye Old Rite with David Livingstone

CryptoBeast #24 – Shadow History 2: Moloch’s Military

See Part 1

Part 2 of my look into secret societies, considering the relationship between the military and occult Silicon Valley.

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Download the presentation with slides, notes and citations:

Cryptobeast #23 – Part 1

CryptoBeast #23 – Shadow History 2: Secret Societies

See Part 2

Most of the research in this presentation was done in 2016 to be presented with my series Silicon Valley’s Secret Weapon – the Shadow History of Burners. That project turned into a monster, 23.5 hours of content over 8 videos. So this one went on the backburner. I was inspired to dust it off again from some recent conversations I’ve had on social media.

You are welcome to re-use these slides in your own videos and posts if you credit me. Please note some of the images (from Almaty) I paid several hundred dollars in licensing fees for permission to use in this presentation, this license is not conveyed on to anyone else, you should purchase your own rights to use them.

There are extensive notes to each slide in the Powerpoint format.


People in the chat were asking about Jack Parsons and his connections to JPL, NASA and Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard. Some excellent information on this at the McClaughry’s blog:

I made a second video discussing the remainder of the presentation in CryptoBeast #24 Shadow History 2: Moloch’s Military.

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