DMT Response #2


Defango’s DMT gang seems to have been pretty triggered by my response to them last week. You can follow the comments in the thread here:

It seems “leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone” is not an option, so instead I continue defending myself when they continue to lie about me for hours to their ever-shrinking audience of LARP enthusiasts.

On Friday night’s episode of the Dank Memes Trading Company, they doubled down on their harassing content about me. Hour after hour of it. At least there was less talk about my family this time, but they continue to think this is suitable content for their channel whose purpose, according to THEM, is defamation.

This was further updated in the first half hour of Saturday night’s “LARPLine” show, when Glenn Herman bragged about the success of their mission to psychologically intimidate me:

One of the games played in the latter episode was “who do you want do die?” It’s hard to see a comedic slant to this, particularly during the current global crisis.

Information Operations

We are starting to see a consistent pattern in the actions of this operation which is being repeated as they engage with multiple targets. In this post I want to highlight some examples of this.

I’ve started to keep a list of people publicly attacked by Mr Hoffman. Please let me know in the comments if there are other names I should add:

  • Adam Green aka Know More News
  • Alessandro Valerin aka Louder Than Love
  • Ali Alexander
  • Arturo Tafoya aka Lestat
  • Becky Percy
  • Bill Pulte
  • Cassandra Fairbanks
  • Cory Daniel aka the Phoenix Enigma July 1 2020 
  • Dean Fougere aka Titus Frost
  • Diane Nordstrom
  • Ed Opperman aka The Opperman Report
  • Esteban Trujillo de Gutierrez aka Spooky Steve
  • Evan Henzi
  • Fiona Barnett
  • Isaac Kappy
  • Jibcamera aka Ghost Crab
  • Joe Masopoes aka stormisuponus
  • Julio Jacquez aka All American Cartel
  • Lee Stranahan
  • Liz Crokin
  • Manuel Chavez aka Defango “love affair ended” (fake)
  • Mersh
  • Michael Whalen aka Vegan Mikey
  • Nathan Stolpman aka Lift the Veil
  • Owen Benjamin
  • Reagan Early
  • Rebecca Morgan aka Wyatt Earpp_
  • Roosh
  • Ryan Dawson
  • SD Sproat
  • Sloan Bella
  • Steve Outtrim
  • Thomas Schoenberger
  • Whitney Webb
  • Zack Quaid

Most of these people have been threatened with lawsuits and accused of mental illness and anti-Semitism. At least four have been sued – so far. Some have been doxxed, some have been de-platformed and had their livelihoods destroyed, some have had their parents called and been “swatted” with false emergency calls. At least one is now dead.

Several of the people on this list of victims are themselves survivors of childhood sexual abuse, a cause Mr Hoffman claims to care about.

Why would anyone attack survivors? Why does somebody selling his home for $79.5 million spend his time attacking and threatening anybody? Let alone being up in the wee hours of the morning eating nachos and feeding Defango talking points in his Discord. You can’t blame people for being suspicious that there is something else going on here.

Why would people who care about defending their reputation from mud-slinging choose to publicly get into bed with the most notorious mud-slingers on the Internet?

Something doesn’t add up.

Just Being Reagan

In my opinion, what has happened in the past few days with this young Florida mother is illustrative of the systematic way this gang abuses the legal process for their own narrative purposes, manipulates truth, attacks reputations and attempts to intimidate and shame people into doing their bidding.

In what I believe was Mr Hoffman’s first interaction with her, just days after Isaac Kappy’s death, he hit Reagan with the mental illness attack vector:

Later, before it was publicly known that Defango and Hoffman were working together, Reagan reached out to Defango for help when she received a message from Thomas Schoenberger informing her that there was an FBI investigation into Isaac Kappy’s death. This investigation is something that was publicly alleged by Marianne Barnard, who claims childhood molestation by Rosesmary’s Baby and Lolita director Roman Polanski.

Gabe Hoffman and Defango stated their intention to use Kim Picazio in their legal maneuvers to go after people criminally using Florida’s new anti-Semitism laws. Kim is a Florida attorney who was successful in getting Jason Goodman frequent guest Field McConnell of Abel Danger arrested in Wisconsin and transferred to jail in Florida for violating a protection order.

Reagan is friends with Kim and warned her about Defango and Gabe. She declined to work with them.

Defango had a public fight with Kim Picazio and called her a bitch.

Kim Picazio has been legally going after Timothy Charles Holmseth, another Notorious Internet Provocateur, who was introduced to his attorney Steven Biss by Defango – at the time, a client of Biss.

Now the Defangogango threaten Reagan with legal action over a request to subpoena of all her private communications with anyone remotely related to Isaac Kappy. If granted, this subpoena would set a chilling precedent.

Note the wording “your subpoena”. There is no subpoena. There is not even an application for a subpoena.

Mr Hoffman posted a private communication between her and Thomas Schoenberger on his YouTube channel, obtained without permission.

Although unlisted, the fresh comment from a member of the “live chat psyop” gang shows the link was being distributed within their network.

Reagan used YouTube’s built-in complaint system to flag the video as against their Terms of Service.

The Plaintiff’s response was to immediately doxx her full name and address in a document filed as part of a lawsuit they say she is not a party to, for no legal benefit. There is nothing in their letter for the Court to consider or make an Order on.

Then they got Leopard Meroz to host the file so they could make the doxxing public.

Then @gabehoff tweeted the Meroz link to his audience, retweeted by other members of the gang

As part of a tweet storm @gabehoff gaslights the audience with a false narrative that a court has ordered a subpoena (details below) and threatens Reagan with a “court order against her” – whatever that means.

Then @AnOpenSecret retweets the @gabehoff tweet, spreading the attack to a much larger audience.

The interactions are then featured on the DMT Company defamation show. The gang chime in to reinforce the false narrative, creating strawman arguments to smear and intimidate the victim.

The problem with all this is there is no court-ordered subpoena. All Mr Hoffman’s lawyers have filed is a threatening letter saying that unless anyone objects, in 10 days they are going to request the County court approve an extremely broad subpoena request.

Since Twitter postings are public and anyone can do a search, #6 is just lazy from the attorneys. Or a perjury trap.

There is no guarantee that if any subpoena ever was filed, all this would be approved by the court – who are hearing a Motion to Dismiss from the Defendant on August 13. The document filed with the Court specifically says that Reagan is not a party to this legal matter. What they are asking for sounds like weeks of work, which seems an excessively onerous burden for a county court slander complaint.

Yet on the DMT show Reagan is defamed for “deleting evidence related to a Court subpoena”. Not only is there no Court subpoena, but YouTube videos aren’t evidence and she didn’t delete any videos.

Even more than that, it is against the law in Florida to use a recording of someone you obtained without their consent in a legal proceeding.

Interestingly, the link Mr Hoffman provided to this court document #22 on the Tracking the Leopard Meroz web site is not posted in any of their posts. This suggests Jacquelyn Weaver is hosting this document on her site just to facilitate Mr Hoffman and his accomplices in spreading it.

As we saw previously when they played this move with Zack McQuaid, it contains Reagan’s full name and home address – but in this case, she is not a defendant and has not been accused of any wrong-doing. Doxxing wrapped inside a legal letter to the court is still doxxing, and is a further sign of psychological intimidation and bully tactics being used around these lawsuits.

This gang of people are lying about, discrediting and intimidating a young mother who has done absolutely nothing against them, just because she is a convenient pawn in their broad-spectrum lawfare battles – one of many being fought simultaneously.

Why take to Twitter to share this? Why not just ask the Court for a subpoena – isn’t that the proper venue for this sort of thing? Why tell the Court that you intend to apply to them for a subpoena in ten days, while at the same time filing Motions about an Emergency? So what if Schoenberger left her a voicemail – how did that cause financial harm to the Plaintiff? Was she an investor in Mr Hoffman’s fund who then pulled out?

Speaking For Myself

A few things were raised on the DMT show I want to respond to. Mr Hoffman was conspicuous by his lack of air time on this week’s show, but he was present in the chat and posting things about me in their secret Discord group for the LARPers to cover. Mr Hoffman only called into the show once, very briefly, to alert them to more content about me he wanted discussed.

They have a system for this now.

The LARPers dutifully made sure to cover each item. Sadly for these LARPers, what Mr Hoffman posted in their Discord was specifically discussed in my post already.

Did any of them even read the post, before spending hours on their defamation show trash-talking it? Nope, none of these characters gave any indication that they’d actually read the whole post. Ironically, this was an issue underpinning one of Mr Hoffman’s previous lawsuits, when he failed to correctly read company documents and sued the company for that. Of course he lost, here’s the judge’s take on it:

Source: Casetext

Mr Herman addressed the claim about his security clearances on the show, at first saying it was “bullshit” then clarifying that yes, he used to have them. I was simply quoting his own web site.

For some reason he did not explain his travels behind the Iron Curtain in the 1980’s. He specifically denied having anything Russian on his Facebook page – I point you to the screenshot of him communicating in Russian and wearing a Russian military uniform taken from said Facebook page as the evidence behind me making this claim.

Source: Facebook

Mr Herman seems to have no problem calling other people liars and much worse, but serious difficulties producing any evidence himself. He spent the entirety of the 4-hour+ show looking through 9000 images of screenshots to back his tale of battle with me, but ultimately came up empty.

The LARP genii speculated about how anyone could create technology to search for text in images. Defango said nobody has come up with a system like that.

Another lie, of course. I have technology which is readily available that can instantly search for text in large collections of images. I use it all the time to find screenshots, it works great. It’s quite likely that you’ve used this technology too. Normally I’d just share what that is, but screw these guys. Let them spend hours doing manual searches live on air.

Of course they found nothing, because there is nothing. I never called anybody a “pedo enabler”, I don’t even know what that is. Twitter and Facebook seem to fit the description, but they aren’t people.

Citations or GTFO, guys.

Here’s one I found:

Still nothing about “pedo enabler” or “cocksucker”. Glenn Herman raged at me for multiple hours across three shows, impugning the character of someone he’s never met or spoken to, over an interaction he thinks he had with me that never happened. I’ve proved it never happened, he stated he would produce evidence and he did not. He’s not even blocked, I just checked:

So is this their LARP? Raging at people over imagined slights? It’s like Oscar the Grouch meets Don Quixote.

On Saturday night’s show Mr Herman said someone sent him a picture of a small penis and it could have been me. He then posted this picture in their Discord, making Defango freak out and immediately delete it. Was it kiddie porn? Mr Herman does not explain how he received the image, whether it was through direct message on Twitter (even though he claims he’s blocked), or why he attributed the message to me. Just more of this vague “soft smear”, they never provide any evidence for their nasty allegations and insinuations.

At the end of Friday night’s show, Mr Herman did acknowledge that the part of my tweet about sexual deviants did apply to at least one of the accounts tagged by Lestat, Magaco’s Adam Gingrich.

#MAGA is worldwide

As you can see, the United States represents only about a quarter of the interest in #MAGA over the past 5 years.

Is There a Luciferian Pedo Cult Running the World? Or was Epstein a “Lone Wolf”?

A large amount of time during the show was discussing the alleged “meme” I posted on the Twitter megathread. Someone asked the group who we think is running the world, and I posted this about the Three Popes who run the global power structure.

If you want to see the very definition of online gang-stalking, it is a group of people going through somebody’s Twitter timeline to find things said in conversations they have no intention of participating in, posting links to them in a private Discord group then dedicating large amounts of time on a live stream to discuss said tweets negatively, inaccurately and out of context in order to cast the sender in a bad light. It would be no surprise if they then report the Tweets, add them to lawsuits, send them to the FBI, whatever can be done to create ammunition that furthers their narratives.

Calling me “stinky steve” is merely a schoolyard taunt; calling me “anti-Semitic” is an attack vector this #GayOps gang uses repeatedly to de-platform people. Recently they have even stated their intention to use this angle criminally, exploiting recent changes in Florida law. It doesn’t matter to them whether it’s true or not – just if they can mix enough screenshots and bullshit to create something that sticks. I’ve repeatedly and very publicly informed them that I like Jewish people and only have a problem with racial supremacists, but this means nothing in an InfoWar. Their objective is to take down their enemies by any means necessary, ethics and integrity are only in their playbook as weaknesses to be exploited by the LARPers.

They tried very hard to paint this image as anti-Semitic even though it discusses Catholics, Jesuits, and Freemasons and shows the Vatican at the top of the pyramid. The multi-degreed Leppo seemed to be the only person on the show who understood the diagram, and he is never one to interfere when his colleagues are in the midst of making fools of themselves.

The Israeli flag or the symbol they recognize as “The Star of David” is not even shown on the diagram. The words “Israel” and “Jew” don’t even appear on it. The Hexagram symbol, the Star of Remphan, was used by Christians and Muslims before Jews. It predates the state of Israel and Zionism’s adoption of it. It is mentioned in the Bible as the Seal of Solomon, not David.

It just shows how desperate these LARPers are to create narratives they can use to launch attacks with, they will try to distort whatever they can even if it makes no sense. They show you something on the screen while telling you it says something completely different. They even tell you that they are gaslighting and this is a psyop…and the audience laps it up and sends superchats like a boss Biss.

For the record “Synagogue of Satan” is a quote from the Bible from the Book of Revelation:

At the bottom of the above screenshot Mr Hoffman shows his ignorance of both history and religion with his comment that this image shows “Stars of David”. Here is what the editors of Encyclopedia Brittanica, who have studied the topic, have to say:

The hexagram is known in the Bible as the Star of Remphan. It is an ancient symbol associated with the cults of Moloch and Baal and the Black Cube, the hexagon visible at the North Pole of the planet Saturn.

Image: wikipedia

My tweet linked to a good Quora thread on it:

King David did not have anything to do with the hexagram and the “Star of David” is not mentioned in the Bible.

Remphan is a figure described as “the star of your god whose images you made to worship” in Acts 7:43 of the King James Version of the Bible. Jewish people do not worship images of a god, idolatry is forbidden by Torah.

Source: Wikipedia “Star of David”

In the nineteenth century this symbol was adopted – and adapted – to be displayed on the Israeli flag as Magen David, “the shield of David”. This was long before the nation of Israel was created by Lord Balfour’s letter to Lord Rothschild or the United Nations resolution on partitioning Palestine. The statement that the symbol is the ancient 6-pointed Shield of David specifically distances it from the Star of Remphan.

The Israeli flag has distinct blue and white colors, like something else Isaac Kappy talked about that has been in the news a lot.

Those colors are not shown in the diagram I tweeted (but did not create). So what do they actually allege is anti-Semitic?

To be against “political Zionism” is not anything to do with being against Judaism or Jewish people.

Mr Herman argued in the show that “Zionism is simply a movement to give the Jewish people a homeland because they were expelled from so many countries”. This is false, and deceptive – although the part about many expulsions is historically true, simply stating the number of countries Jews have been expelled from is considered hate speech by the ADL.

If this was all Zionism was about then the political movement could have been dissolved in 1948 when Israel was established. Amirite?

I have no problem with the nation of Israel or the religion of Judaism. I note that 25% of Israelis are not even Jewish, and many Jewish people in the United States and around the world do not support Israel.

In fact some Orthodox Jews consider the nation of Israel in itself to be a form of heresy and idolatry:

Source: Wikipedia “Anti-Zionism”

The majority of American Jewish people are critical of Israeli policy, support for the hard-line right wingers of Likud and corruption scandal-embroiled Netanyahu is waning:

Source: Times of Israel, Feb 4 2020

I believe in a two-state solution, the Palestinians deserve freedom and self-governance and their own country too. I am against apartheid, ethnostates. eugenics, and all other forms of racism.

The Synagogue of Satan is a Messianic end-times blood cult that believes in their own racial supremacy as “God’s chosen people”. “Babylonian Money Magick”. This is bad no matter what religion they say they are or practice in secret. The diagram I posted shows MANY religions and institutions in the world being connected by this secret society. There is ample evidence for all of it, but hard to explain in a Tweet. Video is better.

“Anti-Semitism” was a smokescreen created by this group to attack their enemies and cover their actions. It was popularized (weaponized) by Zionism’s official founder Theodor Herzl, as we discussed in this episode of my Cryptobeast podcast:

In this interview we discuss the connections between #Pizzagate and the founding of Zionism in the 19th century (!), as well as the role played by Lord Palmerston and the precursor of DARPA, Freemasonry’s Research Lodge Quatuor Coronati. The Third Temple ushers in the Fourth Kingdom.

Will a post where I specifically state that I like Jewish people get me de-platformed for being anti-Semitic? That would be the ultimate irony in these crazy times.

#LARPwars Part 7 – New Developments


Previous Coverage:

#LARPWars Part 1 2 3 4 5 6

#QAnon Part 1 2 3 4

Isaac Kappy Part 1 2 3 4 5 6 (7)

A new version of “Isaac Kappy’s Deadman’s Switch” is circulating. This video from THe THeorizing THeorist, aka Julio Hawkes All American Cartel highlights it.

The guy in the sunglasses is Michael Fisher, who calls himself a friend of Michael Dade. He definitely triggers my LARPdar. Why now, though? More than 14 months after Kappy’s death, why would some dude come forward saying he knows the family and all these details and smearing Isaac? Just for shits’n’giggles on an old story?

It’s almost like somebody is trying to surround this event in a field of disinformation. What is going on in the world at the moment related to Isaac Kappy? There is no investigation into his death, so it must be something else. It would have to be something pretty big to have such a sophisticated, multi-dimensional LARP campaign being conducted.


Twitter has just banned #QAnon.

One of the largest Q accounts, Inevitable_ET with 338k followers had just sent a massive amount of web traffic our way by linking to our post Michael Aquino Dead. Was Leppo His Last Interview? in one of his very last Tweets.

Twitter’s move comes after Chrissy Teigen, wife of musician John Legend with more than 13 million followers, was in a very public spat with the #QAnon movement.

The Real Story of Q, Version #17

Now we have this detailed story, allegedly a confessional from Q. #YMMV – before you get too invested in it, I’ll give you a spoiler alert that the last paragraph says “maybe this is nonsense”. It still makes for a good read. Why this, and why now? Why the new Kappy information operation at the same time as a new Q one – right as Ghislaine is getting all the media attention?

The Great Awakening

You have arrived.

It’s been a long journey. Take a moment. Take a deep breath. Get a glass of water and sit down. This is going to be long. It’s going to make you uncomfortable. It’s not what you thought it was going to be, but it’s what you didn’t even know you needed to hear. The totality of this is greater than the sum of its parts and I implore you to read all the way to the end. It’s going to make you angry. It’s going to make you feel a lot of things you don’t want to feel, but you wanted to wake up and this was the only way. You are going to want to dismiss it. People will tell you not to read it. Belief is the most powerful force in this universe, and your belief is about to be challenged in a way you didn’t expect. Fortunately, you don’t have to actually believe anything written here. All you have to do is read it with an open mind. If you get to the end of this your thinking will change. You will be one step closer to being free, and then you can then go on to free the others. Where we go one, we go all.

Before we go any further, we need to set some ground rules:
1) The language here is going to seem really… off, but I promise you it will make sense by the end. This document is designed to be interpreted _literally_. I can’t stress that enough. Do not look for hidden clues—there are none. There is no misdirection, no deeper meaning, no numerology or special calendar to look at. This is the end of the line. This is a 1:1 conversation, speaking as open and honestly as possible. We are just two people having a chat. Any other meaning you try to derive outside of what is written here is on you.
2) Much of this is about language. To some, the language is going to seem very strange, crude, cryptic, nerdy, or childish at times. I’m trying to be as authentic as possible. Please understand it is not meant to be interpreted as racist, sexist or bigoted. Internet culture, “the chans” in particular, have a kind of language that is systemically all these things, but people do not interpret the language literally in use. I will try to keep it as civil and digestible as possible.
3) Be kind to yourself. Be kind to each other.

And before we even really get started, we need to everyone on the same level, with something that approaches a fair knowledge base. Over the past three years people have joined this movement from all around the world. Q Drops have been translated into dozens of languages. There are now mobile apps, shirts, hats, podcasts and documentaries. QAnon means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. As I’m writing this, former military generals are swearing oaths to QAnon. The movement has grown beyond anything I could have possibly imagined. Many people are joining the QAnon movement, but they don’t really understand what they are reading. They are confused. I want to talk just briefly about the history of a part of the internet where QAnon comes from, not in an attempt to legitimize myself as some elder sage, but to build understanding. To truly understand all of this you need context. Context about the people and platforms that now bring you your information—and ultimately, your news.


Some of you go all the way back to the Something Awful forums and the days when platforms like IRC and ICQ still felt new.  Some of you literally just joined yesterday. I am going to give you an abbreviated history of the chans as it pertains QAnon. Most people know 4chan and 8chan as the place where Q lives online, but they don’t really understand them. “No outside comms” seems to be what the 99% of QAnon understands—that these are the “official” channels where Q posts. But have you ever been there? Have you ever really gone to boards and looked at them? Some you have, but the vast, vast majority of QAnon followers have not. Perhaps that is no surprise, as they aren’t easily comprehensible. So, let’s talk briefly about three things: Something Awful, 4chan, and 8chan/8kun. And I do mean briefly. You could write a book about each of these, but we can move forward with some broad strokes that should give you the context you need to truly understand Q.

We have to quickly go back to 1999. In 1999 someone known as “Lowtax” created a website called Something Awful (which I will refer to as SA going forward), which still exists today. You can go and check it out if you like. Before Facebook and Twitter, before YouTube even existed, and even before most people knew what Google was, there was Something Awful. SA has been a lot of things over the years, but it is mostly a forum—a message board. On SA everyone was mostly anonymous because, at the time, no one other than academics used their real name on the internet. SA was a semi-private board. It was the internet’s first large “secret society” of sorts. It was mostly focused on video games and Adobe Flash content, and it birthed some of the internet’s very first memes. It was a trollish but a (mostly) well-meaning community of nerds. Some members, known as the “GoonSquad” or just “Goons” would often group up and bombard players of the early MMORPGs to troll them. It was (mostly) harmless fun and pranks. In the late 90’s and early 00’s only nerds were on the internet anyway, so it was mostly nerds trolling other nerds in video games. You could identify other Goons by asking as simple question: “Do you have stairs in your house?” If someone answered, “I am protected,” then you knew they were a fellow Goon.

Why am I talking about this? Well, if you had to pick a place to put on a birth certificate for where internet culture itself was born, Something Awful would be that place.

A few years later someone known at the time only as “moot” created a website called 4chan. 4chan is a fully anonymous (seemingly, anyway) message board, based on a Japanese message board design known as 2chan. It’s actually better described as an “imageboard,” since you have to upload an image with every post. 4chan was open to all. There were few rules, and on some boards—none. Post whatever you want, do whatever you want. For the most part, everyone except moot himself was simply labeled as, “Anonymous.” This is where the “Anon” in QAnon comes from.


Like SA, 4chan was originally a haven for nerds talking about video games and anime. But its anonymous and open nature allowed to build its own form. The most iconic memes, from lolcats themselves to Rickrolling and beyond, started on 4chan. SA might have birthed internet culture, but 4chan gave it form—and it still powers much of the creativity of internet itself to this day. The anonymous nature of the form allowed for a kind of collaborative creativity that—and I truly believe this—has changed the world for the better. It’s a special kind of creativity and one that you really need to experience if you want to understand it. On 4chan you will see new creative concepts born and shaped in real time, and you can watch them spread around the world. You can contribute whenever and whatever you like, and the community then gets to riff on your contribution. 4chan has even birthed new formats and new types of creativity. I want to talk about some of these specifically, to provide some kind of context for what “the chans” are really all about it, but we are just scraping the surface here. You might have to Google around for quite some time to truly understand this if you are new.

Among the myriad of things that get posted on 4chan, one of them is known as a “green text” or “green text story.” A green text is a short story format that includes green colored text and a small picture, often a meme of some kind, like a Pepe. It can be pages long or just a few lines. It is often written in broken sentences and shorthand. They often start with the line, “be me…” and then launch into a short narrative. They can be true or fictional or somewhere in-between. They are often designed to be shocking, depressing or trollish, but they can also be uplifting. It is perhaps the simplest and most pervasive form of content on 4chan other than image macros themselves. I’m going to coin a new phrase and call this a form of Creative Anonymous Fiction or CAF for short. The anonymous nature of the platform lets you tell a story in a new way. Often times people will take green texts and remix them, giving them a different ending. I could post examples, but I’d be doing you a disservice. You are better off looking them up and reading them yourself until you understand it.


Green texts can sometimes end with what’s called copypasta, which is a type of bamboozle. Copypasta is a snippet of short form copy that gets reposted over and over again. A bamboozle is a type of switcheroo—you start telling what the reader feels is a novel story, building to some climax, and then end it with a classic copypasta for that “gotcha” moment. It is, essentially, a prank. A text based prank. This sort of content now exists all over the place, far beyond the reaches of just 4chan. You might be wondering where all of this is going… we’ll get to that. In some ways this is actually the most important part of this entire document. I wanted to make sure that everyone has some context for what is to come, but I can assure this is going somewhere. Please do not let this extensive clarification distract you from the fact that in 1998, The Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell, and plummeted 16 ft through an announcer’s table.

So that’s a quick overview of the playful side of things. But on 4chan you will also see some dark and disgusting shit. With the good comes the bad—and the bad can be really bad. Because everyone is anonymous, everyone subject to being hassled by other anonymous posters. Everyone is gay, a fag, a retard or an autist. A thread without insults is a failed thread. The more people who tell you how gay and fake your shit is, the more people actually like it. 4chan may have given us lolcats, but it also ended up being a place for violence, misogyny, bullying, extreme racism—and even far more heinous things. For 12 years moot moderated the site. May criticized him at the time, but I think we can all look back now and know that he really did a fantastic job. For over a decade he was the beam scale that balanced free speech against the darkest depths of humanity—and I meant that literally. He developed a system to help identify “anonymous” posters and worked with the FBI to put away pedophiles, child pornographers, and even would-be domestic terrorists. He did this all while being told constantly how gay he was and how many dicks he sucked (as is the way). Moot was a hero we never deserved.

The two most popular boards on 4chan are /pol/ (for politics) and /b/ (which stands for random). People who post on these boards are often referred to as /pol/tards and /b/tards respectively, with /b/ being one of the more nefarious (but also one of the more creative) boards as it had essentially no rules on what you could post. If “tard” sounds harsh, know that it is said lovingly. Even seniority within the community itself is derogatory. There are “oldfags” and “newfags,” where being called an oldfag is an informal compliment and recognition of seniority. Opinions will differ, but oldfags are generally recognized as being those who were around 4chan since before the pool was closed—one of the very first large raids. In 2006 a sort of prank was organized on 4chan by a group of Anons to “raid” the Flash game Habbo Hotel. Hundreds of people created black avatars in the game and went around spamming the chat with racist and anti-Semitic nonsense, drawing swastikas and blocking off the pool area in the game, declaring that the, “Pool’s closed due to AIDS.” Why? For laughs. The average age of the userbase for this game was around 15 years old. Then again, the average age of the then Anons was probably the same. There is a lot more to this story, and I encourage you to look it up if you have the time, but the point is that this event eventually lead to 30 seconds in the spotlight on some news outlets. This was the first big event that was attributed to 4chan and Anonymous as a group. It was the first time that most people outside of the depths of the internet had ever even heard of 4chan.

After this, more newfags joined. 4chan grows and the subgroup of /b/tards and /pol/tards that would come be to known more formally as “Anonymous” starts to take shape. All the while, moot is trying to balance what content stays and what content goes. The rest, as they say, is history. You start to see all kind of digital activism being organized on 4chan. Raids turn into DDoS (Distributed denial of service) attacks that shut down websites. People get arrested. Splinter groups form. Anonymous becomes more political. /b/ and /pol/ start to leak out of the internet and into the real world. People start protesting various things, like the Church of Scientology, wearing the iconic mask that the character V wears in the movie V for Vendetta. Logos are created. Anonymous comes into its own as a digital force. The group aligns itself with what DnD players call, “Chaotic Good.” Anons enjoy playing a character that is either an anti-hero or anti-villain. Sometimes Anons will pretend to have some super elite hacker ability, and while that is sometimes true it is mostly embellishment. Some people refer to this as Live Action Role Playing (LARP or LARPing), but it is not quite that. LARPing is when people take their Dungeons and Dragons game to the next level or dress up like Harry Potter characters and roleplay out in the woods. What happens on 4chan is very much a form of roleplaying, but one specifically shaped by the anonymous nature of the platform. I’m going to coin a second term here—Creative Anonymous Role Playing, or CARPing. More on this later.

Moot continues to run 4chan until 2015. During that time, it gets harder and harder to manage. Anonymous becomes more unruly, and the site starts to spiral. Cyberbulling goes to a whole new level. There are celebrity nude photo leaks. Gamergate. A series of actual murders and killings get posted on 4chan. 4chan didn’t cause them, but that’s where the content ended up living. The site starts to become unmanageable with the old rules in place. Why moot bothered to keep it going I’ll never understand. There was never much money in the site itself and it always seemed like a huge headache. But the site starts to take moderation more seriously as harassment ramps up.

Boards like /pol/ start to get more strict rules. Even /b/ starts to see more and more threads get removed. In 2013, a piece of shit Anon known as “Hotwheels” doesn’t like what’s happening to 4chan decides to splinter the group and starts 8chan.  While moot is trying to wrangle 4chan into something better, Hotwheels goes in the reverse direction and starts empowering (and in some ways, encouraging) harassment with things like Gamergate. 8chan doesn’t remove anything. No morals. Doesn’t matter who gets hurt. Free speech above all.

This stance obviously has consequences. While moot would work with law enforcement, Hotwheels gives them the proverbial middle finger. As a result, all of the bad actors now had a new platform. You see swatting become a popular tactic. More and more violent threats. While moot would work with the FBI to help track down pedophiles and terrorists, Hotwheels decides to relocate the site to Philippines (where the age of consent is 12, mind you). He can barely keep the site running. No one wants to host this content; he can’t even keep the .com anymore because the registrars don’t want to work with him. Hotwheels finds some other shitstain in Manila who runs a pig farm and a porn site designed to get around Japanese pornography laws. They partner up. After three shootings (Christchurch, Poway, and El Paso) in 2019 where the shooters posted their manifesto to 8chan, Hotwheels finally admits the site got away from. The site shut down for a while, but the pig farmer and his son started it back up and rebranded it as 8kun after finding a Russian hosting provider who was willing to host the content. It is now a safe harbor for literally the worst of humanity, and you don’t have to take my word for it. Even Hotwheels himself now advocates for shutting the site down, but the pig farmer and his son have run away with it.

This is where your information comes from. This is where it lives.

Now that you have a better understanding of who is creating this information—your news—it is time. This next part is going to be hard.

You have been bamboozled. QAnon is a hoax. It may well be one of—if not THE—greatest, most pervasive, hoaxes of all time.

How do I know this? Because I am Q. In fact, I am the original Q. One of them, anyway.


This is the point where many will stop reading. You are likely either angry or starting to feel embarrassed. I’m going to ask you to try and put those feelings aside for a moment and keep reading. You have absolutely no reason to feel embarrassed. This isn’t your fault. You did nothing wrong. You got caught in a world you didn’t fully understand and there are people now trying to prey on you at every corner to sell you hats and t-shirts.

If you are willing to go forward, allow me to explain.

What has happened here is what I’m going to call a “Galaxy Quest” moment. There is a lovely movie that came out in 1999 called Galaxy Quest. If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s worth a watch. It’s a family friendly comedy about an advanced alien race who watches a TV show made on Earth called Galaxy Quest. Galaxy Quest is a TV show, but the aliens don’t know it. They refer to the TV show as the, “historical documents.” They built an entire civilization around the historical documents, never realizing it was a TV show. It’s a fun concept. If you haven’t seen it, watch it. Anyway, the aliens weren’t stupid. In fact, they were the furthest thing from stupid as they made all the science fiction from the show come to life (although they are portrayed are dumb for the sake of comedy). The aliens simply did not have the context necessary to understand what they were seeing. They didn’t realize it was fiction. They didn’t know what fiction was. That is what has happened here with QAnon. You have read things on platforms you didn’t fully understand, and you brought your own context and understanding to it. You read fiction as non-fiction and no one has bothered to explain to you how or why this content even exists.


We are going to go back as far as I can remember. I ask that other Anons corroborate what follows, not for me, but for those who are trapped by what has become a truly insidious ideology.


This all starts in the summer of 2016. Someone on /pol/ makes a post pretending to be someone working with “intimate knowledge” of the “Clinton case.” They made a post in the style of an AMA (which stands for Ask Me Anything, a form of Q&A popularized by reddit). This is just another form of CARPing (Creative Anonymous Roleplaying). The first two responses are: “Will the Hillary get Pregnant again?” and “Why are you on 4chan on a Friday night?” This thread almost instantly devolves into what is commonly known as a “shitpost.” It is nonsense. You might say to yourself, “Why would someone go on the internet and tell lies?” Well, this person isn’t really lying, they are shitposting. It is a form of artistic expression. It’s an attempt to get someone to suspend their belief for a few moments. Any seasoned oldfag or /pol/tard knows exactly what this kind of thread is. No one takes this literally.

However, at the time /pol/ is growing. You’ve got new people coming in daily. Much of /pol/ favors Donald Trump, broadly for his trollish nature and memeability, but also for his politics. Months later, someone cites the AMA as the FBI source behind the Pizzagate theory. This finds its way to Twitter. No one actually understands what they are reading, and no one checks the sources. Someone actually thought a months old shitpost on /pol/ was some kind of real leak. Long story short, someone goes into a Comet Ping Pong pizza with an AR-15 and starts shooting. A Friday night shitpost turned into shooting.

Fast forward about six months.

Someone on /b/ posts a depressing green text asking for recommendations on a new cult to join after they found out their girlfriend was cheating. Someone mentions that OP should become a Tibetan monk, because Tibetan Buddhism is a really great cult (e.g. because you can “light yourself on fire if you ever get too depressed OP”). Tibetan Buddhism goes on forever because the Dalia Llama gets reincarnated infinitely, so maybe if you are lucky you get to be him one day. This is the thinking. This isn’t exactly enlighted discussion. I respond suggesting that I have a great new cult that OP can join (which is loosely based on Heaven’s Gate, I’m just making this up on the spot). I had recently listened to a podcast about Heaven’s Gate and I was riffing on it. I loved the absurdity. OP asked for more sauce, but I decided to start a new thread instead.


Warning: This about to get really nerdy.

I started writing some shitposts with pseudo biblical writing, talking about saving humanity. I’m actually more embarrassed about it now than anything, as it was not my finest work. I would refer to “the awakening” as being the time when I would deliver the evidence that would let people “wake up” and realize we were in a simulation. Have you ever seen the Matrix? Yeah, like I said… not my finest work. I signed my posts as Q. Where did Q come from?

Well, initially, because of John de Lancie’s character of Q on Star Trek: The Next Generation. The character of Q was omnipotent and omnipresent. In the show he would speak to Captain Picard of the U.S.S. Enterprise in his own form of strange riddles. Q took a particular interest in humanity as a whole and would appear as a jester-like sort of mix between an anti-hero and anti-villain, always giving Picard hints on how to expand his mind to solve a problem, usually to save all of humanity. So, this was my model.

The goal was to get a few believers and then set a date a few weeks later and reveal “the awakening.” The Awakening was just supposed to copypasta. It was a bamboozle. I was trolling I never even did it because I got bored with it. Most people could see through it (fake and gay) anyway. But someone was watching. Someone who likely called me fag and told me to choke on a bunch of dicks and kill myself was watching.

A few months later I start to see the first “Q” posts, which would eventually be called “Q Drops.” It migrates from /b/ to /pol/. Wow, so original. You took one shit idea from /b/ and made it political. Round of applause.

This person knew exactly what I was doing, not that what I did was that original either. Star Trek is pretty popular among internet nerds. But this is why Q has always talked the way he does. This was the model. This is where Q comes from.  The “Q Clearance” stuff that came later is, well… coincidence. But not even a good coincidence because it doesn’t even really make sense, as that is a clearance for the Department of Energy.


The Q from Star Trek also exits as what is known as the “Q Continuum”, where there are other omnipotent beings, and everyone is referred to as Q. This is where the habit of Q referring to himself as “we” comes from. It’s a Star Trek fan, just like me—only one who managed to make a piece of creative anonymous fiction into something political. Likely for lulz at first, because lets be real no one thought it would turn into what it has.

I suspect that Q has been played by many different people over the last couple years as the tripcode has changed, but likely all of them are Star Trek TNG fans. You can really see it in the writing and the constant talk about “humanity.” It’s also possible that the person currently playing Q is the same as the person who was shitposting in my original thread. It doesn’t even matter.

So that’s it. That’s Q. Q eventually moved from 4chan to 8chan and then 8kun. It should be obvious who controls the narrative now. There is nothing truly anonymous or secure about 8kun. We have technologies for that (i.e. tor, torrents, modern cryptography) and 8kun ain’t it. QAnon is the cash cow for the pig farmer and his son in the Philippines who run 8kun, giving a platform to future terrorists and pedophiles. There is a reason for “no outside comms” and “no dates”—control the narrative and keep the machine rolling as long as possible. Why? Money. Between ad revenue and merchandise QAnon is now a profitable venture. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, and eventually you will make some prediction that will feel real enough, even if 99% of everything you say is bullshit, and keep the train running. In fact, it’s much easier than you think.

Take the twitter account, for example.

In early June I saw a number of trending hashtags around #JFKJRRETURNS. I could not believe the amount of people who were latching onto this. I watched the account go from zero to tens of thousands of followers in a day or so and then disappear. Everyone was saying that Twitter “banned” him. But when Twitter bans an account the language on the page says that the account was suspended. The account page for this account said that “This account doesn’t exist.” That means one of two things: 1) the account holder changed usernames; or 2) the account holder deactivated the account. When you deactivate an account, it puts it into a 30-day limbo period where you can recover it. I thought to myself, “If I could get ahold of this account perhaps, I could do something good with it.” I never thought I’d actually be able to do it. Low and behold, thirty days later I went to see if the handle was available and it was. Now I would get to play Q once again.

I just started riffing on whoever was playing Q with the account before me. No idea who that was. The envelopes were just responses from various government departments, nothing more. The postmarks are meaningless. Turns out if you write a letter to a government agency they will respond, and you get some cool looking envelopes. You can try it if you want—pull a FOIA request on yourself. July 22 was a date I pulled out of my ass. HUMAnity and ALl GOod ThiNGs are just more references to Star Trek TNG. The last episode of the show is called All Good Things, hence ALGO TNG. The very first Q Drops on record talk about Huma Abedin, and I thought maybe someone would try to make a connection with, “HUMAnity.” The last post from !!Hs1Jq13jV6 also mentioned “humanity”, but I didn’t even make that connection. It’s really not hard for those coincidences to pop up when you are all playing the same character. Manila, well, you know what that refers to now. St. Augustine is a reference to St. Augustine, Florida, where the largest QAnon merchandise operation is run from. The mentions of Hotwheels, moot and having stairs in my house was my way of gauging to see if anyone really had any idea about anything. The strange code in my location was just a Google Maps Plus Code. I picked a spot in the middle of the ocean off the Cook Islands and pulled the code for it. Turns out I didn’t even do it right, so it shows a different answer for everyone when you plug it into Google Maps.

So that’s it. That’s the whole thing. Beginning to end. Call it whatever you like, but that’s the story. The story of the chans, of QAnon and how Q became Q. Do with this what you will. Believe or don’t believe, it doesn’t matter.

Maybe this is all 100% true. Maybe it’s all 100% nonsense. Maybe truth is somewhere in the middle. What’s important is that you have more information today than you did yesterday. Where we go from here is a choice, and one I leave to you. What will happen to me? Well, I’ve been at a standing desk for 14 hours straight in order to bring this to you. I have done what I set out to do over three years ago and fulfilled my purpose as Q. My palms are sweaty. My knees are weak, my arms are heavy. It’s starting to fall out of my pockets already.

Mom’s Spaghetti,


In Other LARP Drama…

In other LARP drama, Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman have filed paperwork claiming Ghislaine Maxwell paid them $25,000 to smear Epstein victims.

Just like people who get in major trouble often hire lawyers who are always on the news, if you needed some LARPer smear merchants to defend your small country’s intelligence and trafficking operations, who you gonna call? It’s probably a pretty small list. Maybe they read this blog for ideas…

Strange Connections Between Bill Gates, Jeffrey Epstein, Jason Goodman, Isaac Kappy


The Internet recently marked the one-year anniversary of Isaac Kappy’s mysterious death. See Part 1 2 3 4 5 6 and why I had to walk away.

I have indeed walked away from this investigation. During the global COVID Lockdown I’ve been working on something else which I can’t wait to tell you guys about. It’s nearly ready and is going to take up quite a bit of my time for the foreseeable future. People all around the world need help, this crisis is far from over. It is an attack on our health system, our economic system, our food and medicine supply, our civil society, our morale, our culture, our relationships.

I plan to continue with my hobbies, of which this blog is one and my YouTube channel Crypto Beast another. I will add to them when I can. Both are about sharing my historical research; follow me on Twitter @steveouttrim to see things I’m looking at closer to real time.

Sometimes things are going on upon the world’s stage that are just so obviously staged that one can’t help but think about it, look into it, and share one’s opinions about it. This is one of those times. So I took a brief break from my other project to share my thoughts on the latest developments.

Social Engineering on the Electronic Frontier

I’ve been studying social engineering on the Electronic Frontier for more than half my life. When I say studying I’m talking about from the front lines, not some 6-pack armchair observer vlogging from a village.

The LARPWars I have been writing about for years now (see LARPWars Parts 1 2 3 4 5 6) are heating up as we get closer to the election…as I predicted last year. [See my recent post Q Part 4 – #MuhDiscord Reveal – LARPers Gonna LARP]

The networks that we’ve been digging into since 2016 are now operating less covertly. Information operations are casting off any pretense to be something else and going full tilt on narrative shaping. Conspiracy theory is being weaponized, as simultaneously the evidence of a massive and unprecedented actual political conspiracy is being revealed by a reluctant mainstream media – dragged there kicking and screaming by events too big to ignore.

When will there be indictments? “The first indict [unseal] will trigger mass pop awakening. First arrest will verify action and confirm future direction“, said Q. I would argue that Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest on July 4 2019 fits that criteria…but Q posted that in December 2019.

As a supporter of the Pro-Trump #QAnon Information Warfare operation (aka psyop) from the beginning, I can see why it is needed now more than ever. Trump effectively used Twitter to bypass the “Mighty Wurlitzer” spin machine that is MockingBird media. Now Twitter and Facebook are trying to censor and “fact-check” the President and anyone who supports him.

#QAnon has come under unprecedented MainStream Media attack, just like #PizzaGate. We see the same players involved in both attacks. We’ve seen the various waves of infiltration with this peaceful movement which encourages people to do their own research, and how it turned ugly with “#QSlayers” and their talk of patsies and bounties, gun murders in New York…et cetera.

This story will cover all of that and more. I’m going to talk about:

  • my history with Bill Gates
  • Jason Goodman’s “viral vaccine video” with Alan Dershowitz
  • InfoWars

.Me and Bill Gates

I’m suspicious of Bill Gates’ role in the current global crisis, which miraculously was breaking out at the exact same time his foundation was running a simulation about #coronavirus at Johns Hopkins University. My suspicions stem from my own research, which you can follow at this Twitter thread…

…but also from my own direct experiences competing against him as rival tech CEOs when the Internet was launched in the Nineties. He was Goliath to our David, but we were able to succeed despite his efforts to crush us. I will share some of those stories here, before we get into the latest developments and strange connections behind the scenes of the alt-media.

Gates of Hell

As a kid growing up in the era of personal computers, I used to idolize Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Two young guys who dropped out of the system and became millionaires in their twenties – footsteps I aspired to follow in.

I used Microsoft’s Visual Basic to write the first couple of versions of my web authoring tool HotDog, which made that dream come true for me.

I taught myself to program using the GW-BASIC language. I always thought of it as “Gates, William”; the guy that actually wrote it was called “Greg Whitten” but even he’s not sure if Gates named it after himself.

You can hear me in this 1996 video speaking about competing directly against Microsoft. Ours was the superior product…

Our users could tolerate a few bugs in the first versions of our software because we were very responsive to our customers. Our lean development model meant that we could use the Internet to get minor improvements out very quickly. These days it’s called “agile” development, but that didn’t come until much later; back then we were making it up as we went. Necessity is the mother of invention. We take for granted now that a new update to Zoom can be available every time we use it, we just click and it upgrades and restarts without having to leave the app. None of this existed back then, we had to create it ourselves from scratch. I built the App Store twelve years before Steve Jobs did, in-app purchases we called “snaglets”.

In 1995 I was part of the Microsoft Developer Program, which included Beta versions of their new Windows 95 Operating System. Every time they fixed some bugs and had a new version, they burned multiple CD-ROMs and FedExed them out to 35,000 developers around the world. Sometimes I would get more than one package a day from them. By the time you’d installed it, another one would arrive. They ended up shipping Windows 95 with 36,000+ known bugs. They eclipsed this record when they shipped Windows 2000 with 63,000+ bugs. They were still fixing bugs in DOS in 2014 and 2018.

We had to switch to another language (Borland Delphi) as Microsoft’s software was too buggy and our product was immensely popular, a smash hit. When our product failed due to their bugs, our users would blame us.

When I announced this switch in the IT section of the local media, Microsoft’s head of developer relations for the region called me up to threaten me personally, mafia style: “you know we can make it very difficult for you in the United States”. He wanted me to retract and withdraw my statements to the press, re-write the code for the new release, and offered no upside in return. Only bullying. I remember thinking at the time that it was like the mafia except even they offer you “plata o plomo”, you can choose silver if you don’t want the lead.

I don’t like bullies, even if it’s Bill Gates. I told them to fuck off and hung up. In less than a week a pending deal with a Top 5 Internet Service Provider in the U.S. was suddenly canceled, out of the blue at a final stage and with no reason given. The deal was so crucial to the year-end results of our publicly traded company that this was very nearly a death blow to a tiny Australian startup with 100 people. As software developers who used their tools to create the #3 most popular program on the Internet, you’d think Microsoft would want to promote us as an example in their “developer relations”, not threaten and try to destroy us.

Fortunately I was able to salvage the deal, stick to the code that worked, and compete like Hell against Hell itself: directly with Microsoft. Their product was given away for free with Microsoft Office, which was a bundle where you got Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Access and a bunch of other stuff – including Front Page, their web authoring tool they bought from Vermeer for $130 million.

We were told in 1999 at an Internet conference by Front Page’s product manager that we were the #2 in the web-authoring market after them. Our software was only free for 30 days, then you had to pay. $29.95 for the consumer version, the Professional one was $99.95 and we kept nudging that up as we added more features. Theirs was given away free in the most popular business product of all time. To get to that #2 spot we had to beat everybody else, which included some of the biggest companies of the time like IBM, Symantec (Norton), Adobe, Netscape. We couldn’t even afford to buy the market data, which Microsoft probably spent hundreds of thousands on. We took their word for it but wondered how many of their “users” actually used the product.

I was at Microsoft’s headquarters in 1995. Their sprawling campus is in Redmond, Washington, just outside of Seattle. While there I met a special forces/military intelligence guy who sold a video platform to them for $400 million. He was pretty cool but he complained about having to work there as an employee in a cubicle for 2 years as part of the acquisition as “incarceration”. A few of the guys who worked for me went on to work for Microsoft, and I believe the culture today is a long time past the Gates/Ballmer era, a different beast. At least, I thought that until they released a new ad with Marina Abramovic on Good Friday 2020 and images surfaced of Gates’ wife wearing an upside-down cross.

Twitter research thread on Marina Abramovic’s objections to being called a “Satanist” here:

I’ve never been invited to Bill Gates’s house, the world’s original smart home, but I’ve spoken to a few people who’ve been there. One reported the disconcerting feeling of dining in a room where the walls were ultra hi-definition views of a Brazilian rainforest…then the next minute it would change and you’d be in the middle of Times Square. This doesn’t sound so remarkable in 2020, there are probably nightclubs and amusement parks you can go to for experiences like this; but back in the 90’s there was nothing like this in the world.

My own smart home, built after my first retirement in 2000, was a tenth the size, and probably a thousandth the budget. We sure had some fun there, and the technology we created is still ahead of its time.

A recent thread reminiscing on some aspects of that journey:

In December 1995 I had traveled from Melbourne (Australia) to Redmond WA for a developer conference which turned out to be quite a famous moment in Microsoft’s history. Gates had pooh-poohed the Internet, saying it would never amount to much. At this conference he announced Microsoft would employ their “embrace and extend” strategy (likened to the Borg from Star Trek) to the Internet. It came out in their anti-trust trial that Gates had actually sent a memo about the “Internet Tidal Wave” to senior execs on May 26 1995; the December developer conference was their public announcement.

A strategy “pivot” is something common for Silicon Valley struggling start-ups to do; but in 1995 Microsoft was a company at its peak, a Behemoth. Their launch of “Windows 95” featured $12 million paid to the Rolling Stones to use the song “Start Me Up!” to promote the START button – ironically (perhaps Satanically?) the part of the interface you had to click if you wanted to actually STOP the computer. Microsoft and their partners spent more than $500 million on advertising, more than had ever been spent to launch a product of any type in history.

Pivoting for a company this size was unprecedented, but over the course of less than a year Microsoft went from “the Internet is meaningless” to “the Internet is everything”. We were competing with their flagship Internet product. They ended up bundling “Spyglass”, the browser technology behind everything on the DARPA weapon called the Internet, with the Windows operating system. They were ordered to break their “Internet Explorer” apart as a separate app in an Antitrust suit they supposedly lost. Unlike other companies prosecuted in bygone eras for Antitrust, Microsoft did not have to actually break its business up to avoid exploiting their monopoly. Instead, they were allowed to protect their monopoly.

I experienced this abuse of power first-hand. They put code into Internet Explorer – and therefore into Windows itself – that warned people against installing our software. It said something along the lines of “WARNING! Malicious code has been detected in this software which may cause your system to be corrupted and you may lose all your data. Would you like to continue? OK/Cancel” . The initial reaction of most people to seeing a message like this when installing something they’d just downloaded from the Internet for free would be “Cancel”. Who wants malicious code or to risk losing all their data? We were able to prove that we were being unfairly targeted by this: if we changed the file name from hotdog.exe to blank.exe, there was no error message. This means there was not any detection of “malicious” code going on; they were detecting the name of our product, which according to Microsoft was their biggest competitor.

The Stuxnet virus has been revealed as a cyber-weapon developed by a foreign country and the US military under the code name OLYMPIC GAMES. It used 4 “zero-day” exploits in Microsoft’s Windows Operating System – suggesting that holes get deliberately put in the OS for military weapons to later exploit. This is not the only example of this, nor are Microsoft the only big tech company working hand in glove with military/intelligence.

Around 2000 I was asked to be the keynote speaker at a conference in New Zealand. The conference organizer told me they’d spoken to Gates and specifically asked him about me. Straight away he said “oh yeah, the HotDog guy”. So he knew who I was, but I’ve never met him. I did meet Yahoo! founder Jerry Yang and SUN founder Scott McNealy, both of whom were super-cool. I never met Jobs or Woz but I met Mike Markkula, Apple’s first investor and CEO. He invited me into his smart home, which was impressive and lovely. I also met Richard Branson and Donald Trump. All these people were polite, gracious, interesting, charming, positive. I was always thrilled that anyone like this would even give me the time of day, let alone chat with me for a long time. Hollywood celebrities can be stuck-up assholes, some of them are really cool and down to earth; but it has been consistent in my life that entrepreneurs want to help other entrepreneurs.

My view of Bill Gates is that he is a ruthless competitor, prepared to fight dirty and with no hesitation to crush and destroy those weaker than himself. But he can be beaten. If I could do it when I was in my twenties and just starting out, We The People with the full power of #truth can definitely do it now.

Fingerprints and Ghosts

I bring this all up to say that my life on the front lines of the Internet is well established. It’s historical fact, you can look it up. Public companies making announcements to stock markets, journalists doing in-person interviews with me, speeches to thousands of people, lectures at Universities, TV and radio appearances, newspaper front pages, even tabloid gossip. A life leaves fingerprints.

Jason Goodman’s career in Hollywood since the early 90’s is much more mysterious. See Insane in the Ukraine Part 3 – Sheep Dipping the Truther? 20 years in Hollywood before his first IMDB entry…doing what?

Goodman’s recent “viral vaccine video” with Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyer Alan Dershowitz, promoted heavily by Alex Jones, raises more questions than it answers. Is Bill Gates the mastermind behind Jeffrey Epstein? To me, this question is an enormous red herring, a logical fallacy, a disinformation distraction.

The specter of mandatory vaccinations fired up the alt-right, just in time for “white AntiFa” to set cities on fire.

“I Have Become Something of a Public Figure Myself”

Despite all the cross-platform media attention – even Fox News – for over 2 weeks, Jason’s original clip only has around 50,000 views as I write this.

Dersh felt “ambushed”, a “victim” of “anti-Semitic anti-vaxxers”:

After the interview, Jason sent Dersh a groveling email then followed up with a phone call.

When Dersh was rude to Goodman on the call and hung up, he was suddenly magically transformed into one of the dreaded “social engineers” that we hear so much about on Jason’s channel – and “a liar, a coward” to boot!

Jason whines that Dershowitz did not actually name him in Del Bigtree’s interview, then he says accusingly “you told Del that his questions were thoughtful, that implies mine were not”. Dersh hung up on him, punctuating that point – thus clearly implying that he thought Jason’s questions were not thoughtful. Jason then says that he is going to argue with Alan Dershowitz about vaccines before the Supreme Court.

Dershowitz did a follow-up interview with Minister’s son Del Bigtree, producer of the excellent movie Vaxxed. Del then went on Jason’s show to discuss it.

Del Bigtree’s Dad is another colorful character. Source: Unity of Boulder

Alex Jones, Alan Dershowitz, Jason Goodman

The Dersh/J.Go interview was propelled to virality through a few social media accounts and Alex Jones’ InfoWars platform. Jason did not actually promote it much on his own channel, in fact the InfoWars interviews are not available there.

When he spoke to Jason Goodman, Alex Jones revealed about Epstein/Dershowitz “I’m told to ‘leave this alone’ so I do”. This confirms what has previously been said about Alex, that he is part of a bigger operation and not necessarily calling all the shots about who is on his show and what narratives get promoted on his platform. He can usually spin any guest back into his overarching narratives and be the dominating force in any interview, which gives the illusion of control. Alex Jones definitely deserves credit for building the machine from his cable access TV days to the juggernaut it is now, able to get Presidents elected…but it seems to have taken on a life of its own, bigger now than any one person.

I can’t emphasize enough how important this clip is. “I am just a small part of something much bigger than myself”. Steve Pieczenik had been on InfoWars many times since 9/11, an event that contained elements seemingly based on one of the books he co-wrote with Tom Clancy. He never showed his face…until 2016. The story he tells in this video is the narrative of #QAnon also. He specifically mentions Weiner, Epstein and the Lolita Express – which ended up being where Jeffrey was arrested.

Jason Goodman and George Webb named their Port of Charleston LARP “Clear and Present Danger” after a Clancy/Pieczenik novel. It contained elements that Jerome Corsi had written about in his 2005 book “Atomic Iran” and narratives relating to South Carolina that Lindsay Graham had previously promoted on the Alex Jones show.

The impression I got was that Alex had to have Jason Goodman on his show to talk about topics that Jones had previously been told to stay away from. It seems like it was all part of the mission, and Alex is a loyal officer in the Info War. That’s an observation, not a criticism.

Why was Jason chosen to deliver this message from Dershowitz? The 81-year old Harvard Professor Emeritus charges a lot of money for his time, defending clients like Donald Trump, Julian Assange and Harvey Weinstein…so why give Jason so much of it?

Is Goodman being groomed as the new “go to guy” for Deep State scandals? A smooth fixer who can be relied on to muddy the waters, divert the narrative in directions away from the core? He talked about Dershowitz as “obsolete”, scoffing at his understanding of the law. Dershowitz has been a Harvard Law professor since he was 28, the youngest ever in that field. I’m no Dersh fan, but let’s look at this objectively. Is there anyone else who even questions his understanding of the law – let alone claiming their own to be superior despite no law degree, having experience only as the Defendant in multiple cases?

Alex Jones has clashed horns with Alan Dershowitz before. Arguably Alex’s greatest ever moment of Discordian culture jamming was his live interview on CNN with Piers Morgan – a previous winner of The Apprentice who recently dropped off the list of 47 people President Trump follows on Twitter. Alex went on a rant about the second amendment and gun control that went viral, he made himself look foolish knowing that the system wanted to promote that narrative and therefore would propel it.

For Alex this was a win – he promoted his brand globally and picked up many new followers. Dershowitz used it as an opportunity to attack Jones.

MEGA Omissions

Alex pushed Jason pretty hard to “put a finger on who runs all this”. Jason didn’t bite with anything specific, saying “it’s a James Bond style criminal organization” then listing Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos and George Soros with their combined net worth of $400 billion as the masterminds.

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were spying on behalf of Bill Gates? Really? That’s your theory, Jason and Alex?

There was one name conspicuous by its absence in all Jason’s recent Dersh/Epstein related exposure: the MEGA Group. How could any legitimate researcher into the Epstein case not bring this up even once when discussing the matter for hours? MEGA is connective tissue between Epstein, NXIVM and Pizzagate.

Genesis of an Info War Attack

The Phoenix Enigma and Sheriff Joe

A few weeks ago the researchers at connected some dots between frequent Jason Goodman guest Larry Klayman and Arizona’s infamous “Sheriff Joe” relating to failure to investigate cases of child abuse.

On the recent “Isaac Kappy Tribute” stream people wondered about the investigation The Phoenix Enigma had claimed he would be taking to the appropriate authorities. He specifically said his intention was to take whatever his findings were to Sheriff Joe.

Their stream of disinformation, starring self-admitted criminals and witches, was disrupted when Pirate Admiral Titus Frost started spitting truth in the chat:

This happened on Monday, May 13, 2020 – the one year anniversary of Isaac Kappy’s death.

On May 16, just a few days after Titus’s chat comments and Tweet calling out Dershowitz’ ties to Cernovich and Kappy’s Matrix – Alan Dershowitz is on Jason Goodman’s show for almost 45 minutes, the story is blown up all over InfoWars, then Jason is given two long guest slots and promoted as a “new regular guest”.

[Updated version. Names in red not added by Isaac Kappy]

Jason Goodman became very upset that a video clip from his interview with Dersh was shared by Lift the Veil and Infowars without showing his “tipping the scales of justice” logo. InfoWars seems to have played the clip from Nathan’s tweet, not Jason’s YouTube video.

I find it interesting that Jason seems to be promoting a hashtag I haven’t seen before, “#DeadEp”. This campaign would seem to be designed to subtly reinforce the message that Epstein actually is dead, even though the one set of photos we have seen by Larry Celona at the New York Post have been challenged publicly and vocally by, you guessed it, one angry little New Yorker named Jason Goodman.

Dershowitz’s controversial claim on Crowdsource The Truth that the Constitution empowered the government to perform mandatory vaccinations triggered Alex Jones, who tells us that he fires projectiles of truth and compared Dershowitz and Bill Gates to Hitler:

Jason’s Dersh interview even made it to Fox News’ flagship show Tucker Carlson Tonight. They too wanted to distance the controversial content created by Dersh from the controversy-ridden platform he chose to provide it on.

Jason was then rewarded with a 30-minute spot on the Alex Jones channel, on David Knight’s show:

Epstein was funding COVID research? And Epstein was connected to Bill Gates…therefore we can blame Epstein for the #Plandemic? This sounds like another lame attempt to spin the narrative away from the MEGA Group and the nation they support. I’m not buying it.

The Big Kahuna for J.Go

Alex followed David’s interview up with almost an hour of air time for “Jason Goldman” on the main show.

Alex Jones praised Jason Goodman effusively, saying “Where has he been all my life?” and “You judge a tree by its fruits, you have done amazing work.” Alex told us he wants to have Jason back on as a regular guest. Is that because he recognizes him as an operative…or because he doesn’t?

The segment starts at 1:34:27 below and runs to around 2:16:00. Alex Jones gave about as much airtime to “Jason Goldman” on his channel as Goodman did to Dersh on his.

Jason Goodman falsely stated on this show that Robert Maxwell and Rupert Murdoch were friends. They were in fact bitter enemies, their rivalry has been well documented. Once again we see that Jason’s process of “crowdsourcing truth” doesn’t include even a simple Google search…or, deliberate disinformation is being disseminated in the direction of specific targets.

Goodman also stated that he didn’t believe Epstein was actually dead, which makes his promotion of the #DeadEp hashtag even stranger. If you want your own hashtag to respond to the immensely popular #EpsteinDidntKillHimself, why not #EpsteinsNotDead? #DeadEp seems to lead people in the complete opposite direction of what Jason himself believes…so, why?

Full-Spectrum Information Warfare

InfoWar is all about propaganda. “There’s a war on for your mind” references Michael Aquino’s MindWar.

Growing up in a military family, I always had an interest in warfare and strategy. This intersected with computers around the area of information warfare. In my business career I have applied tactics of irregular warfare to building brands and communities online. “Guerilla marketing” is a more common term to describe this, but in fact guerilla tactics are not the only tactics of asymmetrical info-war. “Full spectrum dominance” is the doctrine of modern warfare.

See Latest Weapon in the InfoWar – Data Maps

I have been an Alex Jones fan since well before the Y2K debacle and I’ve enjoyed watching the evolution of his operation over the decades. When he launched his monthly subscription “” video service in 2004, I was a paying subscriber from day one. I’ve bought the coffee and the supplements and the t-shirts to support the mission.

Alex makes no secret that he is waging information war and culture jamming. I’ve learned a great deal from the guy. Is it State-sponsored propaganda? If so, which State? Or is it the Hydra, the Deep State, the transnational Secret Societies that pull the strings of the puppet politicians?

We dug into this in CryptoBeast #14, with the incomparable David Livingstone:

…and further digging into the “alt-right” in Q Part II – Alexsandr Qgin and the Qouncil for National Policy and CFR vs CNP.

Also see Matthew North and Adam Green’s investigation:

and Josh Reeves’ excellent The Spellcasters (well worth purchasing):

Wizard Powers

Bill Gates calls himself a “minor wizard”. His associations with Epstein create a double meaning there that is quite disturbing. See New York Times Bill Gates Met With Epstein Many Times, Despite His Past

Owen Benjamin talks a lot about his training in the Ancient Art of Wizardry. Alex Jones is most definitely a wizard, one of the most powerful ones in the world. He seems to be a good one, on Team Trump who is the greatest of all wizards…but what team is he really playing for? Epstein is CFR, like the Clintons and Rothschilds; acceptable targets for Jason Goodman to bash on the CNP’s InfoWar weaponized propaganda platform (see CNP v CFR and Q Part 2: Aleksandr Qgin and the Council on National Policy).

NXIVM was an Epstein-like compromise, espionage and child trafficking operation, funded with at least $150 million from the Bronfmans. They had a number of mind control-related patents including one on Determining Luciferian Tendencies.

Alex Jones shared a lawyer with the Bronfmans (MEGA Group, NXIVM), Roger Stone was a lobbyist for NXIVM, Jason Goodman is the only YouTube “journalist” known to have attended a NXIVM seminar.

Alex Jones was pictured with Charlie Sheen and had him on his show after it was known publicly that his ex-wife Denise Richards accused him in court documents of having child pornography on his computer. Sheen was recently accused of abusing Corey Haim.

Jones was busted on-air with kinky porn on his smartphone. For the allegations about Jason Goodman’s proclivities, see documents on the record in multiple of his court cases.

Sheen sounds pretty wasted in this 2011 interview where Alex praises him for being “at the top of his game” and Charlie threatens to “murder violently” which Alex hastily deflects with “in the InfoWar”:

Engineered To Go Viral?

Was this whole Dersh/J/Go/AJ LARP something purely organic? Or was it a carefully planned “active measures” information operation…perhaps a “trial run” to test the idea of forced vaccinations amongst the “Alex Jones YouTube conspiracy theory crowd”?

I’ve often wondered if Alex Jones is used to “soften the public up” for things that the military/intelligence complex has coming down the pike. Things like government drones operating in domestic airspace, posse comitatus being rescinded, the Patriot Act, FEMA camps, National Guard enforcing checkpoints and no-travel zones, metal detectors in sports arenas and shopping malls. As a 20-year+ follower, I can recall many occasions where Alex said “I’m gonna tell you what’s coming, what’s in their plans” and then that did indeed come true a few years later.

Austin Powers

The Institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert Politics, which I consider to be an excellent research site, has done an in-depth look at Alex Jones and his family connections. To be fair to Alex, he has disclosed much of this to his audience himself.

This chart came from the Internet FWIW, it does seem to fit with many of the stories Alex has told about his family over the years.

This 1998 interview Libertarians on TV with 24-year old Alex when he was one of about 20 rising stars of the Austin cable-access TV scene is very interesting. He mentions his little sister being Korean, her name is Marley. The chart above shows Verna Grayce Chao as his cousin. Was adopting Asian children just a regular thing for this family?

Both Alex and David Knight played clips of Jason’s on their show without showing his logo. So did Tucker Carlson – another probable Information Operative, since his Dad ran Voice of America which is the primary State-sponsored propaganda outlet of the US.

Lift the Veil, who cropped the logo out of Jason’s clip first and got more than a quarter million views on his viral tweet, was broadcasting from Austin, Texas – coincidentally the same place as InfoWars, Stratfor and the Army’s 344th Psychological Operations Company and 17th PsyOps battalion.

[As this story is being published, LTV has just left Austin to return to California]

Alex Jones’ intern Molly Maroney was formerly of Stratfor. She has been accused of being a double agent for a certain foreign country.

Back even before my days of the Internet, the Illuminati BBS was launched in Austin in 1986. [See A Brief History of the Illuminati BBS] This was the same time that Burning Man and the Internet were launched [see our Shadow History series]. The Illuminati BBS was owned by Steve Jackson Games, who also produced the infamous Illuminati card game. When the Secret Service raided the Illuminati Bulletin Board System, this became one of the major cases that established John Perry Barlow’s Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Nathan Stolpman aka Lift the Veil has some fans within the InfoWars operation, I suspect that is how Alex got to see the Dersh clip in the first place and why it was shown without Jason’s logo. They just showed him the video from Nathan’s twitter post and Alex or one of his team said “put that on air”.

The questions remain: why was Jason so upset by his logo being removed, when his face was shown? Why did Jason get so much airtime on InfoWars, and why in all this discussion of Epstein and Dershowitz was there no mention of the MEGA Group?

Austin’s 17th PSYOP Battalion psyop tanks
Austin’s InfoWars psyop tank

InfoWars got their armored vehicle just in time for this election’s summer of civil unrest.

in 2006 Alex Jones appeared with Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder, Woody Harrelson and Robert Downey Jr in Austin Film Society founder Richard Linklater’s dystopian sci-fi flick A Scanner Darkly, based on a Philip K Dick story. It’s worth noting that Woody Harrelson’s dad was a CIA hitman from Texas and Winona Ryder’s dad Michael Horowitz is the curator of CIA/FBI operative Timothy Leary’s archive [see my Epstein twitter thread for all the many connections around this].

In this movie Alex’s character drives around town broadcasting from a vehicle with twin mounted loudspeakers. Life imitating art? Or an operation signaling their plans years in advance?

LARP Warriors with Info War Missions

Mandatory vaccinations! As if “rape trees” wasn’t bad enough…now we have “rape needles”!

Alex is outraged, we’re all outraged, but how outraged are we really? “Grab yer guns” level? Or just “how dare They” level? Thanks to this operation #DeadEp launched by Alan Dershowitz on Jason Goodman’s channel and propelled by InfoWars, The Powers That Shouldn’t Be now have some metrics. Can they change the conversation from child trafficking to vaccinations? Can they change the boogeyman from the MEGA Group to Bill Gates and Rupert Murdoch? Can they convince us that irrespective of whether he killed himself, Epstein is dead?

130 children of Jeffrey Epstein have now come forward with lawsuits. This is eerily reminiscent of the story told in Shadow Billionaire, where DHL founder Larry Hillblom lived on a remote island, was a serial pedophile with a predilection for young girls, was involved in logistics with the government, and died mysteriously with more than 40 children pursuing his trusts. Hillblom founded DHL in 1969 as a student at UC Berkeley – where Timothy Leary and the Unabomber Ted kaczynski both were young professors.

The conversations Jason Goodman has been having for this Dershowitz story are mostly about vaccines, which he is now talking about like he thinks he is an expert (as with the law). Nanotechnology, RNA, 5G. Goodman accused “Lift the Veil” of showing clips about vaccines to cover up the bombshell Epstein revelations in his interview, but he never explains what he thinks those were. There’s an occasional mention of Epstein but only in relation to widely known aspects of the story. They’re talking about old stuff, Bill Clinton and Mena, Arkansas – well outside the statute of limitations. Do they really think In-n-Out Burger conspiracy theories are more relevant than Ghislaine Maxwell’s TerraMar Foundation wanting to issue passports?

Does Jason keep bashing In-n-Out Burger because they print Bible verses on their wrappers?

The conversation is conspicuously not about the ongoing operations conducted by the MEGA Group for more than 30 years and most likely continuing today.

Billionaire Bond Villains are Behind Epstein?

At one point in the interview, Alex asks Jason Goodman who he thinks is behind Epstein’s activities. Rather than the MEGA Group, Goodman says it is billionaires LARPing as James Bond villains, specifically naming Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet and George Soros. Jason also names Rupert Murdoch as being connected to Epstein because he owns the New York Post, which for some reason Jason accuses of covering up the Epstein story even though they have written more about it than any other publication.

The connections between Epstein’s pedo ring and the MEGA Group are very real. Look at the superb journalism of Whitney Webb. Why hasn’t she been on Jason’s channel? Why hasn’t Whitney been on InfoWars?

Why did Alex share with us that he wasn’t allowed to talk about Epstein and Dershowitz on his own show – yet Jason Goodman is suddenly given multiple spots and huge airtime to do just that?

Dershowitz flatly denied any knowledge of any intelligence agency connections to Epstein. Goodman doesn’t press him on this, and later on InfoWars he downplays it, saying “5 eyes…it’s all one big group”.

You can read about the mix-ups between tail numbers of Epstein’s aircraft, Dyncorp (a mercenary company frequently linked to child sex trafficking and early stars of George Webb’s “investigation”), and intelligence agencies at Steemit. The Lolita Express flight logs document Epstein’s aircraft landing many times at military bases. This plane was equipped with rear “air stairs” that can be open in flight for special operations paratroopers or disposal of bodies at sea [See When the CIA Proved a Boeing 727 Can Do Airdrops].

The 727-31 aircraft, tag number N908JE, has also been repainted on the outside from it's early silver and black color (pictured). Today it's all white with thin stripes
Image: Daily Mail

Jeffrey Epstein has been linked to Dyncorp human trafficking in Serbia, where Marina Abramovic hails from. He purchased his former pilot Nadia Marcinko from the Balkans from her father when she was 14. “Gulfstream Girl” Nadia had to change her stage name after a lawsuit. She is running an aviation business “Aviloop” out of an apartment owned by Jeffrey Epstein’s brother Mark [See Women With New Identities Run Firms From Epstein-linked Property, the Guardian 2015]

r/Epstein - Do you think we'll ever hear again from Nada Marcinkova aka Nadia Marcinko?

Epstein’s other pilot, Captain “Big Dawg” Larry Visoski , was featured in the Daily Mail, July 2019 along with Jeffrey’s $80 million fleet of aircraft:

Posing with his employer's $80 million fleet of aircraft, this is Jeffrey Epstein's long-time personal pilot Larry Visoski and the man many believe could hold the key to the billionaire's sordid lifestyle
This comes as DailyMailTV can reveal a series of new photos taken of the upgraded interior of the 50-year-old 727 jetliner. Victims have since claimed Epstein had a large bed installed on the jet where guests had group sex with young girls, fulfilling their warped fantasies
Epstein’s luxury aircraft was built in ’69 and got a refit in 2014
The FBI has identified dozens of alleged young abuse victims over the years and one claimed she was abused in 'international airspace on Epstein's private planes'. It's alleged Epstein used the plane to shuttle underage girls between his residences in New York and Palm Beach
The luxury aircraft built in 1969 has been modernized and boasts plush furnishing and recessed lighting in these exclusive shots. Our photos also show a circular shaped lounge filled with beige comfy chairs (pictured)
In a deposition taken during a slew of civil cases against his boss Visoski has admitted that he regularly flew high-profile figures for the mogul, including former President Bill Clinton, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, former Colombian President Andres Pastrana Arango, Clinton, and Hollywood actors Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker
The luxury commercial jet has once again come into prominence following the arrest of Epstein on two charges of child sex trafficking
In one room that looks like an office, an Apple laptop computer and Apple iPad sit on the desk and the room has a red velvet chairs and a sofa
According to FAA records the 727 was registered to JEGE INC, Epstein's Delaware firm, in 2018 and the registration appears active. However, a recent report claimed court filings showed that Epstein sold the aircraft weeks before his July 6 arrest

Epstein also had a $6 million Bell 430 helicopter and a Gulfstream IV – both painted black.

For shorter hops Visoski pilots a sleek jet black Bell 430 executive helicopter - a four-bladed, twin-engined, nine-seat aircraft marketed as a high-speed corporate chopper capable of speeds up to 257km/h. The Bell 430s are sold for around $6million
In the $80 million collection is a jet black Gulfstream IV - a gleaming $3.7 million twinjet private jet. He also poses in front of an impressive blue G550, an uber luxurious business jet that can cost a whopping $60 million new. Pictured: The Gulfstream and G550
Gulfstream IV, Left. According to a deposition by Jeffrey Epstein’s brother Mark, Donald Trump flew on this aircraft once in the 1990s

Images: Daily Mail

Satan’s Legions

Epstein’s own personal logo had a pitchfork made from the letters JE:

From 2005 raid of Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion

…and the brand for his Zorro Ranch in New Mexico had a pitchfork in the tail


The “Temple” on Epstein’s Little St James island had owl and Pan statues, a labyrinth, a sundial with stones, and other occult elements. His Zorro ranch also had a labyrinth:

Source: Twitter
Jeffrey Epstein's Little St. James Island: What We Know

Here’s Ghislaine Maxwell showing off one of the paintings in her house, which is covered with pedo symbols (per FBI wikileaks document):

Source: Twitter

…it’s reminiscent of Marina Abramovic posing with Lord Jacob Rothschild in front of the painting “Satan summoning his legions”

Source: Twitter

Epstein allegedly threatened journalist Vicky Ward – who has been photographed with Ghislaine subsequent to Epstein’s first imprisonment – that he would use a witchdoctor to put a curse on her and her unborn children. Ward has been photographed with Ghislaine Maxwell and Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter disputes her version of events.

The Devil’s Advocate

Out of the blue Jason had what appeared to be a huge fight with Jerome Corsi and his attorney Larry Klayman, two of the biggest voices on his show. Dr Corsi was formerly the InfoWars Washington bureau chief, but had a large falling out with Alex and appears to have betrayed Roger Stone over WikiLeaks.

This couldn’t all be staged, could it? Get everyone fired up about the vaccines, but not looking at where all this stuff is coming from, who’s truly behind it: the MEGA Group. It wasn’t mentioned a single time in any of Jason’s recent interviews, which in itself says everything you need to know about this story.

The timing of Jason’s fight with Corsi sure turned out to be convenient for his big viral break with the Dersh story on InfoWars two weeks later. If he was still publicly close to Dr Corsi (who recruited Jason and George in the Harvard Club) this may have discouraged Alex from picking up the #DeadEp op.

Suddenly Jason is lecturing one of the most prominent attorneys in the United States for more than 50 years about the law? A guy who went to film school for 5 years (allegedly) lecturing a Harvard professor who just successfully defended the President from impeachment? Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyer is on Jason’s show, creating a viral incident to take the tale in a new direction...#SoundsLegit.

Dershowitz has been called “The Devil’s Advocate”.

Image: Barry Blitt, the New Yorker

Did you know that Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein and Julian Assange had the same lawyer? Yes, Alan Dershowitz. Here we have yet another Wikileaks connection.

The Pentagon Papers was exposed as a limited hangout by Fletcher Prouty in his must-read book The Secret Team. Some suspect that WikiLeaks may be the same sort of operation, as they have never exposed anything damaging to a certain small country.

Dersh has defended both Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein. He also defended OJ Simpson, property magnate Leona Helmsley and junk bond king Michael Milken (pardoned by Trump), Claus von Bulow (the Glenn Close/Jeremy Irons movie Reversal of Fortune was adapted from Dersh’s book), rapist Mike Tyson and CIA Torture. He has endorsed Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and denounced President Trump even though he was part of the legal team (without making money) who defended him successfully from impeachment. He is a fierce advocate for a certain small country.

Source: YouTube

SDNY – the Pink Umbrella and the Black Cube

I first heard about the Goodman/Dershowitz story when it was covered at

Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, and Anthony Weiner have all been prosecuted in the Southern District of New York. See also my coverage of NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, linked to NXIVM and the Clintons. Jason Goodman is also the Defendant in a Court Case in the Southern District of New York. By his own admission Goodman has used the Internet to transmit content that would “make Weiner blush”, and he once even lived in the same apartment building as Weiner. Hopefully not the one where a woman was found dead in the garbage chute.

Young Weiner, Barak
Barak leaving Epstein’s $70 million New York townhouse Jan 2016

Thread on Barak and Epstein’s investment in the “Carbyne911″ startup, people tracking and emergency communications:

Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell at Princess Beatrice’s 18th birthday. Epstein is wearing Navy SEAL dress uniform with a SEAL trident, Navy Cross and Silver Star
Source: The Guardian

Masonic Hand Gestures

Alex Jones performing a Masonic hand shake with Danney Williams, alleged son of Bill Clinton. Clinton was De Molay, the elite youth league of Freemasonry which Burning Man founder Larry Harvey’s brother was a part of. Source: Fitzpatrick Informer, Twitter

Epstein’s Crowdsource Connections

Jeffrey Epstein, the sex offender in plain sight | Financial Times

We’ve previously established that Jason Goodman’s accomplice, Abel Danger’s David “Squawkins” Hawkins , claims to be an expert in Artificial Intelligence and said that he was Marvin Minsky’s boss when he worked at Schlumberger. Minsky, who unlike Hawkins actually is recognized by others in the field of Artificial Intelligence as an expert, was funded by Jeffrey Epstein and dedicated one of his books to him. Epstein was behind “Sophia the Robot” and its infant version, “Little Sophia”. Sophia was the first A.I. to be granted Saudi citizenship, and Epstein was found with both Saudi and Austrian passports.

Hawkins also claimed to be friends with the former head of the BBC – wasn’t that the guy who covered up for Jimmy Saville?

Some of Goodman’s early reporting on the Epstein case was questionable:

The recent Jason Goodman show starring Epstein’s attorney Alan Dershowitz was not the first time we’ve seen a pro-Dersh stance from Jason.

In this episode he gave Dersh a platform to speak relatively unchallenged for almost 45 minutes. Dershowitz completely denied any involvement between Epstein and any intelligence agencies.

This is eerily similar to Jason Goodman’s vehement denial that Larry Klayman and Jerome Corsi have ties to a foreign nation’s intelligence services, despite clear statements from both men admitting it.

George Webb has claimed to have attended some of Epstein’s parties, where the catering staff became S & M prostitutes after supper was served; and that he had a room-mate who was part of the compromise operations there.

Jason Goodman rode George Webb’s coat-tails to create his own fame within the alt-media. This culminated in their “Peak LARP” moment in 2017 where they shut down the Port of Charleston from a YouTube Live stream using information that seems to have been “Fed” to them by some sort of FBI program. This news broke first on my YouTube channel and now has been confirmed in legal documents and by the LARP participants themselves.

LARPWars Have Real Casualties

Just a recap on some of the strange deaths around the story of #Pizzagate and politics we’ve been covering for the last few years:

Isaac Kappy (highway accident), Tracy Twyman (hanging), Jen Moore (unknown, covered in bruises), Ian Murdock (hanging/wellness check), Sam Fullerton (police shootout/wellness check), Himmmm from Crazy Days and Nights (unknown), Chris Cline (helicopter crash), Kobe Bryant (helicopter crash), The Standard Hotel management team (helicopter crash)  Andrew Breitbart (heart attack), Joe Hagmann (overdose/murdered), Max Spiers (overdose/poisoned), Seth Rich (gunshot), Shawn Lucas (overdose), Michael Hastings (car explosion), Beranton Wisenant (gunshot), Senator Linda Collins-Smith (gunshot), Bruce and Nancy Schaeffer (shootout/murder-suicide), Monica Peterson (hanging),  Jeffrey Epstein (hanging), Anthony Bourdain (hanging), Kate Spade (hanging), Chris Cornell (hanging), Chester Bennington (hanging), Aaron Swartz (hanging), Robin Williams (hanging), James Dolan (hanging), John Perry Barlow (heart attack; old and sick), Larry Harvey (stroke; old), Jim Channon (heart attack; old), John Jones (jumped in front of train), Michael Ratner (complications from cancer, old), Gavin McFadyen (fast acting cancer, old), Dave McGowan (fast acting cancer), Arjen Kamphuis (kayaking accident, body never found).

This would be unusual if the cast of characters connected to these people were all just a bunch of unemployed YouTubers in their mom’s basement. It would be more normal if there was organized crime, secret societies and intelligence agencies involved in the shaping of narratives on the Internet.

Mobbed Up LARPers?

In Alex Jones’ recent interview with Jason Goodman, Jones refers to Dershowitz as “mobbed up”. Does the mob employ YouTube LARPers now?

Someone is organizing and directing these LARPers. Is it the US government? FBI COINTELPRO? JTTF? Foreign powers? Religious groups?The open allegiance many alt-media LARPers demonstrate to a certain foreign power sure seems to be a glaring big clue.

Ukraine is home to the Odessa Mafia, long linked to Florida and trafficking [See Insane in the Ukraine Part 1 2 3]. One of Jason Goodman’s ex-wives Tatyana, “professional entertainer” and “glow stick specialist”, lives down there in a hotel full of Russian-speaking girls and allegedly “left the circus to join Donald Trump”. Jason introduces them as a “trio”:

The story George Webb told in 2018 about trafficking of Ukrainian babies from factories recently hit mainstream news thanks to #Coronavirus.

Florida itself has a large number of major crime families, many with a history of doing business together. If you can accept that the CIA and US military were involved in narco-trafficking (for example, Iran-Contra or American Gangster or Barry Seal or Carlos Lehder or this Gulfstream found with 4 tons of cocaine or the massive poppy fields guarded by our troops in Afghanistan) then you can understand that those same groups were involved in building Miami and the surrounding areas into the bustling modern metropolis it is today. Banking, shipping, air charter, transportation, offshore finance, insurance…how do you know which business in these industries is legit, which is a government contractor or infiltrated by informants, and which is in league with the Combine?

Disney World was built with help from CIA bag man Paul Helliwell and OSS founder Wild Bill Donovan. Both Disneyland and Disney World were designed by Defense contractor the Stanford Research Institute.

Political dirty trickster extraordinaire and Roger Stone and psyop chief Dr Steve Pieczenik are both in Florida. Steve Bannon has been accused of running a meth and porn “party house” down there.

Florida is also home to MacDill Air Force Base at Tampa where the US Special Operations Command operates from and former CIA director Richard Helms‘ nTrepid runs trolls and sock puppets to manipulate social media.

The Bronfmans go back a long way in the underworld.

The name Bronfman is Yiddish for “Liquor Man”. Their fortune began with being bootleggers during the Al Capone days of Prohibition selling booze and calling it medicine. They hail from Moldova, right next to Odessa. They were connected to the Lansky Syndicate and rumored to be connected to Capone [Source]. Viacom CEO Sumner Redstone (Army Intelligence), was born Murray Rothstein, rumored to be related to Bronfman partner Arnold Rothstein.

Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey’s uncle was linked to the Lanksy syndicate and gun-running to Zionist gangs (JSTOR, RD Calhoun 2007).

Source: Scribd

The Bronfmans also go back a long way with the Rothschilds. The address of their $10 billion joint investment firm Bronfman-Rothschild‘s attorney has been linked to Alex Jones’ operation. Lynn Forester de Rothschild introduced Jeffrey Epstein to Alan Dershowitz – according to Epstein victim Maria Farmer, this was part of a bizarre annual gift ritual that Rothschild gave to Epstein. Lady Rothschild is on the staff of the McCain Institute, along with Ashton Kutcher and Cyndi McCain (see #govLARP). Cyndi’s family fortune came from brewing, her father was connected to Meyer Lansky and the Bronfmans.

Timothy Leary once said “liberal CIA…that’s the best mafia you can get in the 20th century”. He should know, since he was both a CIA agent and an FBI informant.

Another alleged mafia link in this story is the alleged involvement of an Italian nobleman with the ITNJ, as detailed by their former social media specialist LouderThanLove before two thugs tried to break into his house and he got de-platformed from Twitter, YouTube, PayPal and Patreon. Frank Bacon aka Tyroan Simpson is part of a gang of occultists stalking me. He was allegedly ITNJ honcho Sacha Stone’s tech lead and allegedly ran web sites for ITNJ spook Robert David Steele. He introduced George Webb to Steele.

Trump has been cracking down on the Ndrangheta from Calabria, rivals to Sicilian mafia. Italy was hit particularly badly by coronavirus, creating new opportunities for the mafia.

Phoenix Enigma’s girlfriend Alicia calls herself “The Sicilian Witch”. She’s the last person known to have seen Isaac Kappy alive, other than a brief wave goodbye as he sped off from his landlord The Christmas Lady – who was promoting Ivermectin as a cure for Morgellons before COVID-19 was a thing.

Kappy has been connected via his “brother” Eliahi Priest to another shady group, the Southern Cross Templars of the Order of the Temple of Solomon. Kappy was a major promoter of #QAnon, even before Roseanne (closely aligned with Zionist interests) came out promoting it. Kappy’s Hollywood influence and LARPing antics which got him onto TMZ, helped push Q to the masses…in a way which seems in hindsight to have been perfectly set up for David Brock’s Media Matters, Will Sommer and the #QSlayers to ridicule him, the whole movement, and anyone thinking there’s organized pedophilia in Hollywood, D.C. and other centers of power.

The head of the Gambino crime family was slain by someone claiming to be a Q follower [Daily Beast]. The Gambinos have been under attack with Trump as President, just as they were in 1986 when Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani was the New York Attorney General and went after the Five Families. Trump has been co-operating with the FBI to go after some factions of the Mob since 1981. Remember when Trump was involved in all those Atlantic City casinos? That’s when the mafia was going down. Remember when Trump was President? That’s when the mafia was going down. Is the swamp really being drained? Or is the old mob being swept out and replaced by the new?


So we have Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyer appearing as a frequent guest on Jason’s show, and this being used to catapult Jason Goodman into the spotlight as an expert on vaccines and the law, just in time to become a regular guest on InfoWars and stoke alt-media outrage before riots break out in a synchronized manner.

How many coincidences before mathematically impossible?

This seems to me to have been a planned operation to make Jason Goodman “go viral” and change the narrative away from Epstein’s intelligence ties and the MEGA Group and towards this red herring of mandatory vaccinations – which Trump has already told us he’s not going to do.

Trigger those who distrust the Government. Then the “protestors” with bricks and molotov cocktails can be grouped in with Alex Jones and Jason Goodman’s audience. It’s not just AntiFa, it’s “White Antifa”. The Resistance (“La Raza”) gets to broaden their base, using the platforms of the truth community to deliver and amplify their message.

The suspicious “falling out” Goodman appeared to have with former InfoWars staffer Jerome Corsi seems a little too convenient now we can look at the timeline with the benefit of hindsight.

We don’t know what the topic of Jason Goodman’s first ever YouTube episode was, it’s been memory holed. But we do know that he was originally openly anti-Trump. He followed Hillary Clinton to New Zealand in 2018 and was mysteriously allowed to livestream her entire $300-a-ticket, 3 hour long event.

Is the bugbear of forced vaccinations being used as a distraction away from Epstein’s MEGA intelligence operation, and the links the people behind it have to the alt-media?

Is Jason Goodman just another suicide bomber in the LARPwar, being positioned within the realm of Clinton haters only to “blow up” with a “LARP too far” that is then used to discredit their entire audience and anyone connected to them?

We report. You decide. #DYOR

[thanks to Ghost Crab, JAnon and others who helped with research and perspective for this story]

“I Am Not Mossad”